Last name: Ramsey

This distinguished surname, having no less than ten Coats of Arms, is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is a locational name either from Ramsey, a market-town and parish in Huntingdonshire, or from the parish and village of Ramsey, south west of Harwich in Essex. The former place, recorded as "Hramesege" in the Saxon Chartulary, dated circa 1000, is so called from the Olde English pre 7th Century "hramsa", wild garlic, ramson, with "eg", island, piece of firm land in a fen, or land situated between streams; hence, "Wild garlic island". The latter place, appearing as "Rameseia" in the Domesday Book of 1086, and as "Rammesye" in the 1224 Feet of Fines for Essex, shares the same meaning and derivation. The surname has the distinction of being first recorded in the early 11th Century, prior to the Domesday Book. Simundus de Ramesie, the first of the name in Scotland, was a Norman baron from Huntingdonshire, England, who was granted lands in Midlothian by David, Earl of Huntingdon, and brother of Alexander 1 of Scotland, circa 1140. Another, Neis de Ramsey, physician to King Alexander 11, was granted lands near Banff in 1232. Other recordings include Anttony Ramsey and Ann Wickes, who were married at the church of St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey, on February 20th 1603. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Aethelstanus de Rameseia, which was dated circa 1036, in the "Old English Byname Register", Essex, during the reign of King Harold or Harefoot, known as the Dane, 1035 - 1040.

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Ethan Bingham (Ramsey)
is there a difference between Ramsey and Ramsay?? i am doing research on the family and i heard that the Ramsey's are related to Robert The this true?

Sean Ramsey
well this is a twist to my research into my last name we are a Irish family only Scottish on my mother side from what we know trying to trace my family tree its hard lol so many Ramsey"s

Sheila Watson (nee Ramsey)
Can't believe I have found this web site lol, my name before I married was Ramsey, and I spent some time tracing my family tree and learned that my ancestor(s) did indeed fight for the cause and shoulder to shoulder with Robert the Bruce, I often doubted my research but this has been a strange, random find and I am happy to agree with Arthur, thank you.

I did a little research and apparently a Ramsey supported William Wallace (among others) in Scotland's rebellion against England. This Ramsey also supported Robert the Bruce in the successful coup against the English. I am not sure how accurate this source is so if anyone knows anything else in relation to this, chime in.

William Ramsey
To ES no that would not change the origin of the name. Origin isbased back to when the name was first used from or in other words where it was first recorded

If a Scottish family goes to India and brings up children in India, that doesn't mean the name's origin changes, does it?

Errol Rose
This message is for Evil Scotsman, If you knew your history and knew that the British & Scottish went to Bristish India and had families there, you would not put a silly comment like that. Are you related to kerri from the above comment?

Evil Scotsman
Jeeso, what is this site's obsession with names being anglo-saxon.....Ramsey/Ramsay is Scottish in origin.

Clyde Rose
This message is for Kerri. For you information, I do know Diane's parents and grand parents. Diane has given me adequate information.

Errol Rose
Hi Diane, (5/7/2011) One more detail according to my search and I'm not 100% sure Earnestine married a Joseph Ramsey in 1948 (in India) and Joseph's father's name was John Henry Ramsey.

Errol Rose
Hi Diane, I don't know anything about your grandfather but heres an interesting fact. My father's name was Sinclair Rose and he did have three sisters, Ernestine (married a Ramsey), Eugene (married a Chapman) and not sure of the third sister. I know that Ernestine had two kids Cedric & Horace (both born in Pakistan/India) and Eugene had one son Richard. I was either too young or not born when they migrated to England. We did never have contact with both of them but i'm am looking to get intouch with any of them (if they are still alive) or they kids. Would like to get photo's and any details of them if possible. So if you fit in one of the relation would like you to e-mail me.