Last name: Reyes

There are several potential origins for this surname, recorded in this spelling in Spain, France and England. It is quite impossible to separate one from another, owing to the culture overlap in the past one thousand years. The most likely and popular explanation is that the name is a development of the original Roman (Latin) pre Christian 'rex' through the later 8th century a.d. Frankish-Norman 'rey' and meaning 'the king'. However if this was the case, then the name is either a nickname for a person who had a kingly manner, or more likely, one who played the part of a king in the many pageants and festivals which abounded in the 13th century. The actual surname 'King' is one of the most popular of all Anglo-Saxons surnames. A second explanation for this surname is that it is topographical and describes a person who lived at a 'rea'. This was a piece of hard ground within a marsh, and the word seems to have been used throughout Northern Europe and Spain. Early examples of the surname recordings in California include Juana Reyes at Misson San Carlos, Moneterey, on December 27th 1786, Maria Dominguez Reyes at San Gabriel, Los Angeles, on January 16 1816, and the patriotically named America Ray, who married the equally patriotic Thomas Jefferson Bidwell, at Butte, California, on December 20th 1859. The coat of arms has the blazon of a blue field charged with three gold trefoils, and a red chief with a gold knights spur pierced. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Ralph de la Reye, which was dated 1279, in the Hundred Rolls of the county of Oxford, England, during the reign of King Edward 1st, known as 'The hammer of the Scots', 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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jasmine reyes

From Havana ,Cub . Dads last name Reyes

Luis Reyes

Born in Brooklyn, NYC. Father's side is Reyes from Puerto Rico.

Jesus Reyes

I was born in Mexico but I'm not sure how my lineage began. I want to know more about it. His name is/was Guadalupe Reyes from Puebla.

angie reyes

My dad is from Mexico and my mother is hawaian

Augustine Jose Reyes

My grand father was Jose Louis Reyes he was adamant that we weren't Mexican. I assume because because being Mexican in New Mexico wasn't the greatest in the 1950,60,70. The Spanish he spoke with my grandmother was far different from the local Spanish speaking here in Albuquerque. The research I've done I keep coming up with is we are Spanish Jews and converted to Catholicism upon arrival to avoid prejudice. Has any other here with the surname reyes found Jewish roots?


Yes. de Los Reyes Burgos from Matehuala, SLP, Mexico. We are jewish. My family left the church around 1896 in Mexico. Entire family has hebrew first names. Family names are Solis, Zamarippa, Cedillo, Reyes, Burgos, Cisneros, Mendez...all jewish. Story goes they met and worshipped with family members at various homes. Also they were working to separate church/state in Mexico during the Revolution. Our family split, half went to New Mexico and remained Catholic (out of fear/persecution) and my half went to Texas in 1927.

Martha Reyes

My surname is Reyes. Both my parents are Puerto Rican. My father is from Juncos, PR and my mother is from Moca, PR. I don't know anything from my father's side of the family. My mother's side though, they are from Spain, and France. Also we have Taino indian blood. That's all I know...

jaypee reyes
my father is pure filipino, while my mother is spanish descent

jaypee reyes
my middle name is abarquez

Nancy Reyes
I am a Reyes from my father's side and I am from Mexico city

Ruben Reyes
Lots of Reyes family members in my home state of Michoacan and not the rarity in Mexico.

Jose Reyes
I have family in Sinaloa that I do not know. My father passed away 7 years ago and it's been difficult finding relatives down there. Are many Reyes' related in Michiocan? Or are they different families?

isaac reyes
im from philippines & im proud

B. Reyes
I'm also a Reyes, from a puertorican decent. My mother is also Guatemalan

Rosa Reyes
I am Reyes from my father from Ciales, Puerto Rico

Ismael Reyes
This is my surname. I have it from my greatgrandfather on my fathers side of his mother. I am from Puerto Rico.

rhi reyes
This is my surname too. My grandfather is pure filipino

Michael (Malaquias) Reyes
My family come from MonteCristi, Rio grnde, Loma de Cabrera, Dajabon y Valverde Mao..I don't know where the Reyes originated from in Dominican Republic, but it would be very interesting to find out where my family came from. We also go with the Minayas and De Los Santos...Let me know if you know.

This is my surname too. And from my fathers side we are from the Dominican republic of French/Spanish descent.

Michael (Malaquias) Reyes
I am also a Reyes looking for his original root

Looking for any info on maria alvelo of nyc once married to felix reyes. They had sons by the name of rafael reyes and wilfredo reyes

Mardy Engel Reyes
I'm proud to have a kingly surname.. Kindda cool actually, some of my friends commonly mistaken me as a Latino, or a Mexican.. But I am a full blooded Filipino. don't ask aha

filiberto junior reyes
i also have this name ,father frm jalisco mx greatgrandfather , juan reyes

Cesar Reyes
I'm a Reyes from Callao- Peru, and I know that a Antonio Reyes came to Peru in 1556, right after Pizarro conquered this land for Spain ( IE:The city Lima was established in Jan 1532) . Also I Know that, a few Expeditions departed from Callao- Peru toward the Philipines right after Marquesas Islands were discovered by spaniards during years 1600..... I positively consider that those Filipino Reyes are discendants of the Reyes, one or two sailors that participated in those expeditions experienced by mostly peruvian/spanish sailors.

Christian Reyes
My last name is also Reyes by my father whom is from Guatemala an lived in Chicago. He past away in 1996 never met him got 3 sisther i`d love to meet. If you knw any thing hit me up in facebook. Look me up (rchristian28@yahoo) El Christian H. Reyes.

Noel Reyes
hey my family is from Guatemala as well hit me up maybe we have the same family

Jackie Estrada-Reyes
Very interesting.. My mothers maiden last name is Reyes and she is also from Guatemala. Would love to hear from you guys and your family from Guatemala! Email me at

Naomi Reyes
My last name is Reyes I am of puertorican descent

Joally Reyes
me to xD

if all the REYES have their D.N.A. check they will fine out who they are.I am also a REYES from texas but , my mother and father are from mexico. My name is JOSE RIOS REYES

Luzvisminda Reyes

I am Lucy Reyes I am intrigued by my name. My parents named all five live brothers after the five generations before me, obviously my gene.RE. is 6th. I am eternally so grateful that I knew my roots without costing me a cent. As a matter of fact, we have a family tree that can be viewed via the web which is quite handy. Bottom line, with the advent of digital age, finding anything like surname is but doable now. Since we are almost all related in this barrio, I am quite fast to say, I have no other relative other than all within this small barrio in the Oriental portion of Negros Island, the Visayas, Central Visayas to be specific out of the Republic of the Philippines.

nick reyes
my last name is also Reyes and cannot track my family past my mother and father. grandparents both died and father recently past away. all family has no knowledge of family history except grandfater was mexican and spanish. does anyone have any ideas on where i can look? is a dead end.

Doanld Reyes

Im proud I have a surname Reyes

Noe Reyes Andrade
this is my name.born in central Mexico,my roots are from nahual indians.

My 3rd great grandfather, - - Reyes Domíngues is connected to Royalty by Y-DNA :)

Jose Reyes
I have this last name and my ancestors also pure filipino and im wondering where my ancestor's ancestor came from.

ronald reyes
i have this surname and my ancestors are natively pure filipino...

Emilia Reyes
I have this last name, and my father was Cuban.

Krister Reyes
I have this last name :) My great grand parents were spanish and the other english :) my parents were born in mexico.

Rebecca Reyes
This is my surname my father is Puerto rican

Joally Reyes
My dad is puerto rican too!

Luis Reyes
My family is from Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.

Salathiel Reyes melech
and so is my mother ( caneles Gabay) from jewish sephardic decent

Salathiel Reyes melech
i have this surame and My dad is from sephardic jewish decent

Augustine Reyes

Hello Salathiel I came to this web page looking for more information on Sephardic Jews with the name Reyes. After scrolling I read your post and I would love to find out what you know about where Your family is from please email if you have a chance