Last name: Richardson

This surname is a patronymic form of a very ancient personal name, and means "son of Richard". The derivation of Richard is from the Olde English "ric", power and "heard", meaning brave, hardy. It is originally Anglo-Saxon in origin, but was made very popular in England by the Normans after the Conquest of 1066. Pre 7th Century Anglo-Saxon, and Norse baptismal names were usually distinctive compounds whose elements were often associated with the Gods of Fire, Water and War, or composed of disparate elements. The surname was first recorded in Scotland in the mid 14th Century (see below), and the first spelling of the surname in its modern form is found in the Yorkshire Poll Tax Returns of 1381, in one William Richardson. John Richardson is recorded as being one of the men responsible for transporting and selling as slaves, in the West Indies, many of the convicted Monmouth Rebels in 1685. Among the forty-nine entries in the "Dictionary of National Biography", for notable Richardsons is Samuel Richardson, the novelist (1689 - 1761), who is famous particularly for his novel "Clarissa Harlowe". The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Murdac Richardesson (Merchant), which was dated 1359, recorded in Glasgow, Scotland, during the reign of King David 11 of Scotland, 1324 - 1371. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Garry Richardson

I was looking to see if there might be a link to Manasseh or Ephraim , sons of Joseph the son of Jacob in the Bible . I heard that many people changed their name from any thing that sounded Hebrew to keep from being persecuted . My last connection to the name Richardson was Isaac Richardson from England.

Linda Richardson

Three Richardson brothers came from Westmill, England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony 1630 - 1635, The first one (Ezekiel, I believe) was on the Winthrop Fleet. I am descended from one of the brothers - Samuel. The third was Thomas. They must have many thousands of descendants (large families back then.)

Wendy Richardson
I am looking for RICHARDSON family for info on my family tree.... James Richardson Maryland.....

Alyssa Richardson
wow that weird i'm from NC and there are alot of RICHARDSON and i thought i had some personality and now i know i do and IM BRAVE AND STRONG and i proud

Anthony Richardson
This funny my Grandfather is from Norway.

Erik richardson
And mmy grandad was from Sweden

kyle richardson
wow i had no ida

Brett Richardson
I have found from dna test that it also comes from Scandinavia. which is norway sweeden and poland. I have also found history from ireland and scotland I would love to know all i can about the original beginning of the name and exactly who was the first.

so because we all have the same last name does this mean that we are all related at some point in history or did someone use the name for other reasons and end up giving it to family?

Brett Richardson
back in history many people could change their name and i want to know who the original was and how he got the last name Richardson or Richard if he wasnt a son

Sabrina Calo (Richardson)
Wow. So crazy. I was told that my family was from England and when one came to America he married an Indian women. To know that it's possible to be Scottish is crazy. My great grandpa called us swamp Yankees. So I have no idea what I actually am. But I do have my great grandpa's family tree. I would love to know who I'm related to on here.

Gavin christopher richardson
Im gavin christopher richardson son of christopher john richardson is the son of Alfred Jonathan richardon who was the son of Jonathan (unknown) richardson who in 1859 was a small business owner transporting goods by horse and carrage in leeds,west yorkshire, england Its belived the business known only as "Richardson's" failed when my grandfather got called to war strangely a few off our family (myself included) are wagon drivers today which is still the transport of goods and and were still rooted in leeds,west yourkshire

Tammie Richardson
It is amazing that our history of our last name matter's regardless of whether we are black, white, red,yellow. Amazing.

Jackie Richardson
My grandfather's name was William Richardson. My dad is WIlliam Jr. And my brother is William the III. 😀

Sebastian Richardson
I knew I was Scottish but I never knew our surname first showed in Scottish records. P.S. I LOVE YOU FAMILY

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