Last name: Rickard

Recorded in the spellings of Rickard and Rickards, this is an Anglo-Scottish surname, but of Germanic origins. It derives from the famous pre 7th century personal name "Richard", meaning "powerful ruler", from the elements "ric", meaning power, and "hard", brave and strong. Given such a pedigree it is not perhaps surprising that throughout the centuries it was, and remains, one of the most popular names. It is said to have been introduced into Britain by the Normans after the 1066 Invasion, and it is therefore perhaps surprising that it is so romantically associated with King Richard 1st of England, and known as Coeur de Lyon. He was of the usual Norman-French origins, but publically at least in the legends of Robin Hood, he espoused the "Saxon" cause. The "s" of Rickards is the patronymic form, and means "son of". Amongst the many distinguished name holders was Sir George Rickards K.C.B. (1812 - 1889), a political economist, and counsel to the speaker of the House of Commons from 1851 to 1882. He was also Drummond Professor of Political Economy at the university of Oxford. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Adam Ricard. This was dated 1327, in the Subsidy Rolls of the county of Somerset, during the reign of King Edward IInd, 1307 - 1327. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Maya Rickard

I was told my family came from Ireland. This is super cool, I could be related to a lot of you bellow me. Living in America, the family has for a while. There are not many Rickards (relatives) I know of.

David Rickard

I am looking for anyone who has the Rickard sirname - primarily who lived in Cornwall (probably tin miners) and moved to northeast england to sink shafts for coal mining in a village called wingate in county durham. You can contact me -

Seán Rickard

Not in Cornwall, but from Newry in Northern Ireland. There is a family of Rickards here, but I'm not sure I've met anyone else with my name, who I don't know as close a relative. Hope this will help in some way!

Barbie Cowell (nee Rickard)
Hi, I have explored more of my Fathers(Edward (Ted)Rickard) relatives. His fathers name was Harry, His mothers name was Annie (nee Rich), and my fathers brothers and sisters were Harry jnr, Blanche, Thomas, Annie, Lily, Nellie, Rose(Rosie). Harry Rickard(snr) was a bricklayer in London, passed away in 1926 aged 58. I have since found out that my father had a cousin called Ladd Rickard, and he also came to Australia in the 1950's???approx. Hope to shed more light on our family Tree.

Sandee Nielander

Been looking for an Annie Rickard (name could have changed to Rich).born to Jacob Jeffrey Rickard. Do you think this could be relatives?

Sandee Nielander

Also looking for a Polly O. Rickard that may have migrated to Australia from England or Scotland.

una rickard
i am a Jamaican. I was told my great great grandfather was a Scottish slave master. i would love to know his name.

P.s i am from Australia my father has told me my grandfather is from Norway and our name is lived with us for a long time we a true Rickard"s" Rycard ..

My Name Is Adam James Rickard"s" I know my family origin is from Norway and Look I have a Germanic Jaw Germanic blood and i live and breath my Germanic Root's ... I have been around A long time. in many ways forms and factors.

Louis Richards
My last name used to be Rickard but the U.S. changed it to Richards when my grandpa went to Ellis Island from Germany. I like the old spelling better!

Judith Rhys Salyer
HI Louis, Thing happened in our family. Our Welsh name before Ellis was Rhys, (pronounced Rees) but the good folks at Ellis spelled it many ways..Reece (which we got) Reese, Reis and even Rheese. When I found out what the original spelling of my surname was I had it legally changed to the original Welsh spelling of Rhys. You can do this too, it doesn't cost much. Contact a lawyer.

Shane Rickard
I am Shane Rickard of New Zealand, now Australia, My father was born in London b1941-d1986, in St Pancres Hospital, lived in Camden near the Zoo, he was the younger of 10, he was shipped out to Nz when he was 10 with older brother David 16, His father Frederick -d1946 of war wounds and wife were married in Nottingham in 1923, frederick was illegimate and not sure were he came from, grandma was cornish nee Beresford, dad has sister Muriel and Linda still alive, Muriel is in Alberta Canada, Linda in Portsmouth.I hope any other Rickard of that line is still out there, but I guess we are all related way back, So G'day relo's..please contact if you could shed more light on my family.

anne, ive got a son-inlaw by the name of nick rickards he says his family all came from bristol area so that could be Norwegian contact .

Judi (was Rickard)
I Was a Rickard till I got married. My grandfather was from London but I've always suspected a Viking link as we do have Norwegian facial characteristics. Very interesting !

Barbie Cowell
Re Rickard Name, My father Edward (Ted) was born in London in 1906, he was one of 9 children to Harry and Annie Rickard, my father came to Australia in 1927, lived in Victoria, then came to Queensland. He too told me , that the Rickard name came from the Vikings (Scandanavian). Unfortunately my father died in 1987, and I wished I had asked more questions of his life in England and if any of his siblings also came to Australia. Regards Barbie Cowell (nee Rickard) Gold Coast Queensland Australia

Nikki rickard
Re Christopher Rickard .. My fathers side of the family hails from Newry, and indeed, I am a Rickard !! I believe we could well be related. I zm new to this site, but hope to hear back from you if you see this. Many thanks,N.L. Rickard.

nicky rickard
yo yo yo and rahoo ! hay nikki im christopher,s da nicky lol mad i know and my oldest son is called nicky rickard too if you have relatives from newry ireland tis us mo chara ! i just googled my name and found your comment thought id reply . slan

Nikki rickard
Well hello to you, Nicky Rickard!! :) my friend ! I am finding it difficult to trace my fathers family as he is no longer with us. If the name Nicolas Lewis Rickard and his mother Peggy ring any bells, then we could be on to something here, he had a sister and a brother I believe. Thanks for your reply, and please get in touch again if you will, thank you kindly mr Rickard :) best wishes, nikki .

K. Rickard
My Grandmother (b. 1910) told me the name came to Ireland with the Norman invasions, she also told me it was derived from the Clanricarde (Earls of Connaught and Ulster) and that my family branch moved from the West of Ireland eastwards during my great grandfathers era (note: Castlerickard, Co. Meath), but I have yet to find a direct link between the Clanricarde and Rickard, but I'm still hunting. If anyone has any light to shed on the matter it would be greatly appreciated.

Tal Rickards
I'm from Jamaica and the Rickards name got there via, my great grandfather. He was a land surveyor from Scotland... Question? so how did the name get to Scotland? Brave and strong... I like that Thanks, Tal

Brenda Rickard
Hi, I am originally from Howth, in Dublin, where there are quite a few Rickards. We were always led to believe that our name was old Viking, as were the names Caulfield and Thunder. Many years ago an amateur historian told me that as far as he knew, the name went back to the 11th century locally. Regards Brenda Rickard Northwood Middlesex

Christopher Rickard
I live in newry northern Ireland. I have Been all over Ireland and have never met anyone with Rickard as their name, and my grandfather told me that our family was a Viking name aswell

Chris Rickard

Well I am another Christopher Rickard. I was born in Co Meath, one of twelve children. There are still two brothers, Noel and Oliver in Co Meath and a sister Nancy in Drogheda in Lourth. I now live in Norfolk in England as does my brother Tony. I have a sister in NZ and another in Australia, also a brother in Harrow and a brother in Chicago. Would like to hear back from you.

Pat McLeod
HI Brenda, My mother was Mary Jane (Maureen) Rickard who was born 29/11/1927 in Galway but raised in Dublin. Sadly, my mother passed away 27 years ago and we don't know much about her childhood which is making it a bit difficult to find out any information to help me create our family tree. However I do remember her always speaking very affectionately about Howth so i thought it would be a good place to start as I know the Rickard name is quite popular there. I know her father was Henry Joseph Rickard born in Baldoyle in 1901 & he was a plasterer/bricklayer who did a beautiful grotto in Dublin which I visited a few years ago. If you had any churches or businesses in Howth you thought might be helpful, I would really appreciate the information as I am not able to travel to Ireland to search directly. My email address is - thanks in advance for any assistance! Cheers, Pat

Sandee Nielander

My great grandmother was Eliza Rickard. Her family members were tin miners in England and maybe Scotland. They arrived in the US via New York and travelled to my knowledge to somewhere in Tennessee before migrating to Indiana where she died. She married Jacob Ridings. Any information, please share at Thanks.

John Williams
my great grandmothers surname was Rickard they were from st stephens by saltash,Cornwall, England and parish records show they lived in this area from the 1500s

Paul Rickard
My family name is Rickard and they also came from St stephens by saltash,cornwall. Perhaps we are related!!

Diana Rickard
My lot came from Cornwell to South Australia and onwards in the mid 1800s. I wasn't aware of the Irish connection but it doesn't really surprise me due to the celtic background.

deirdre shanny
My fathers name was paddy Richard from's said the name Richard Came fron the Spanish armada and it's fleet.he originated from a particular place in howth called the puzzle and their occupation were publican s and fishermen and captains of large ships.

deirdre shanny
There are other Rickards in the duleek area.done know if they are related or not.?????? Any suggestions.....??????

deirdre shanny
My fathers family members names were Christopher, nickie, Margaret, Anne, Joe, tommy, Jeannie, and my father .......was called paddy rickard.

deirdre shanny rickard .....origanaly from howth then sutton co dublin.
Sorry a typo error.....the surname is rickard not Richard.

Mark Rickard
My name is Mark Rickard. I was born in a small Buckinghamshire village of Wing. One of my second cousins worked in the registry office in the county town of Aylesbury and was able to trace our line of the Rickard name right back to 1300's when the name arrived in Buckinghamshire, from were, we are not sure.

j thornton
Doing my Chandler family history. They married into a bricklaying Rickard family from Wingrave, Beds. Connected?

j thornton
Zina Hitchcock Chandler married Rhoda Rickard 1853 - father William Rickard, b C 1786 (wife Ann) from Wingrave, BUCKS a Bricklayer. Presume the families are related as Wing is very near.

yvonne rickard
Hi Im reading these posts and as you can see my name is rickard by marriage my husband is john and his family came from launceston cornwall, some we know emigrated to australia but we dnt know which ones, my husbands father name is nick and his father was william and his father was nicholas if anyone has any info id be greatful