Last name: Stevens

This is a British surname, although of Greek origins. Introduced into England in particular after the famous Crusades of the 12th century, it is one of the patronymic forms of the male given name Steven or Stephen, deriving from the Greek word "stephanos" meaning "crown" or "wreath". In ancient Greece athletic champions were crowned with a wreath of laurels in recognition of their victories, and, no doubt, many victors would have named their sons Stephanos to commemorate their achievements. It was a popular name throughout Christendom in the Middle Ages, having been borne by the first Christian martyr. The name was particularly appropriate in this instance as martyrdom was regarded by Christians as a victory. "Stefanus", the Latinized form of the name, is recorded without surname in the English Domesday Book of 1086, whilst the surname first appears in the latter half of the 13th Century, when Robert Stephen of Cheshire appera in 1260, and Agnes Stiven of Berkshire in 1279. The patronymic forms Stevens and Stephens are recorded at that time also (see below). One of the earliest colonists to New England was Robert Stevens aged 22, who embarked from London on the ship "Planter" in 1634. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Alice Stevenes. This was dated 1279, in the "Hundred Rolls of Huntingdonshire", during the reign of King Edward 1st of England, 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was sometimes known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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i am a stevens


I am a Stevens as well.....and know nothing about the history of the Stevens

Edward Stevens

I am a Stevens from New England, whose family tree spreads throughout New England and also England.

Tom Stevens

Im a Stevens from the Welsh valleys. gotta say its a rare surname here amongst a see of Jones's and Evans etc

ronald stevens
stevens family from ohio. any leads?

ronald stevens
romaine, lewis, blanche???

Mothers maiden name Ontario Canada, Hagar fathers name

Grandad and family originally from Sussex UK. Looking into time of immigration from UK to Canada. Settled in Arnprior Ontario in the Ottawa Valley. Married Jean McNeil.

Amanda Stevens-flannery
Interesting facts about my name. To all my Stevens family members. You must read!

Carl Stevens
7th generation only son, and last of my line of stevens. First thing I said when I first saw my baby girl was, I guess dad was right when he said it ends with me. But I reckon I'll take her.

Thomas J Stevens
Grandfather Robert was from Virginia. Moved to Indiana before passing

Mike Stevens
I have a Stevens family history book that go's back to 1700s.

Craig Stevens
My Grandfather's name is Lloyd Stevens. All of our family roots come from Maine.

Mark Stevens
Trying to find our family origin

Terry John Stevens
Trying to find out where my family name came from. I am from Canada

Michael Scott Stevens
7th generation North Carolina Stevens' here. Have definitive records of blood line going back to 1777 with Samuel Stevens. I'd love to find out who his father was a piece it back from there!

Kloey Stevens
How far back does my last name go? My last name comes from my dad.

sherica stevens
Im from Jamaica 4 generation i can count

Stevens st Ives, Cornwall
Stevens (Jimmy) of St Ives lineage goes back to Ireland at around 1470. Dungarven . As the surnames Quick , Mitchell. These were all believed to be the games of the cattle drovers who were bringing thier cattle over to the south of England to sell. But as the history books explain they were caught in a storm off Wicca pool and were wrecked and it is believed that every animal survived the ordeal and was spotted clambering up the cliffs down at Wicca cove . If there is any one who would like to add any more info on this I'd welcome very much.

Sharon Marie (Stevens)Jones
My father William Ralph Stevens spouse was Theisa Marie Barnhart both born in Evansville Indiana. His father was Earl William Stevens spouse Helen Blanche Bowers

Faye Stevens (Beavers)
My grandfather was Marvin Joseph Stevens who married Amanda Madison Russell in upstate New York. I have family in New Jersey as well.

Chris Stevens
Great G.... Grandfather Asa Stevens dies in the Revolutionary War. Battle of Wyoming. Standing stone, PA. Back in college I almost traced my family back to the one who got off the boat.

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