Last name: Sanchez

This famous Spanish and Portuguese surname is recorded in many forms including Sancho, Sanchez, Sans, and the Italian Sanzio. However spelt it is both religious and baptismal in original, the derivation being from the Roman (Latin) 'sanctus' meaning blameless, holy, and later saintly, a meaning which no doubt greatly contributed to its popularity both as a given name and later a surname. The name was also given further impetus by a 9th century martyr from Cordova, who seems to be have been confusingly known as 'Sanctus, the Sanctus'. Even without the strong religious element, Spain was a province of the Roman Empire for several centuries, and many Spanish and Portuguese names owe their existence to this period, of which this is one. Early examples of the surname recordings taken from authentic civil and church registers include Catarina Sanchez, born at Sevilla, Spain, on November 23rd 1520, and Bartolome Sanches, christened at Villapalacio, San Sebastian, Spain, on June 27th 1588. In California Maria Ramona Sanchez was born at Mission San Francisco on August 22nd 1782, whilst on April 14th 1872, Tomas Sanchez was christened at the Plaza Church, Los Angeles. The coat of arms has the very distinctive blazon of a blue field charged with a gold eagle displayed wearing a crown. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Alonso Sanchez de Copeda, which was dated 1509, at the city of Alicante, Spain, during the reign of King Ferdinand 11, of Spain and Portugal, 1489 - 1512. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Wilfredo Sanchez

Saludos, mis antepasados Sánchez se establecieron en Bayamón, Puerto Rico y según entiendo, tienen raíces en alguna de las Islas Canarias. El antepasado más antiguo que tengo es Antonio Sánchez quien se casó con Antonia Gutiérrez cerca del año 1740 en Puerto Rico. Todavía sigo buscando el eslabón que me lleve a los antepasados en el Viejo Mundo.

leon sanchez
que buenos somos los sanchez ! viva ! ;D
saludos de valencia

Hope Sanchez

Hola,, mis visabuelos vienen de espana,, quisad los pyraneese montanas antes de 1870. Hay un link que puedo ver esa informacion????

Geneva Sanchez
I have family Information that goes all the way back to the 1500's. My family were Jews and came to the new world and settled in what is now New Mexico. We have a very large family here in New Mexico. We have family all over the country and are very close. Wither some of our people where slaves, Jews, royality or just hard workers, were are all now proud Americans


did u now any Spanish last name ending with "es" or "ez" originate from Jewish descent

miah gastelum
this is my moms maiden name i i just found out the meaning of this name nd i could noww date this back to the 1850's

My family. And. I have. A record. Of our family name SANCHEZ. OUR RECORDS. GO BACK. TO1496. My family was brought to Mexico ;along with the GARCIA'S AND THE GAITAN FAMILY. all 3 familys where. Brought. To Mexico by the Marquez. De. Velazquez of Spain ....we still have. The original tiles to a big part of Mexico. City. We have the property tiles to la Magdalena contreras'tacuballa and some. Other. Tows on Mexico city. We. Also have. Record s of beings. The first SANCHEZ. FAMILY. IN MEXICO. OUR RECORD GO BACK. TO disrespect. To no one but keep in mind that when. The JESUITAS CAME. TO THE NEW WORLD. THEY BAPTIZED. every one wit. A new. Name. A cristian. Name. Keep. On mind. That you would be baptized. Under the. Name. Of ur master. .

Scott Sanchez
Sounds like your proud of your slave master ancestry. Douche Sanchez, oh I mean Master Sanchez. No need to boast about your past. Today Sanchez is used as a stereotype name, where White men drive behind Lowes to find dirt cheap labor and call all of those hard working men "Sanchez". Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

T.A. Sanchez
my father recently past though i have always been interested in my lineage this has sparked something internal inside befor all the information I have befor me is gone i hope you all have luck finding yours i recently looked on findmypast .com and there tey let you look through the 1940 census but I had to sign up for free but thats all tey let you do but i found my grand parents in chama,Co who past when i was real young

Cynthia Sanchez
I wish l could tell u about my lineage but all l can say is my Grand Father Jesus Alberto Sanchez was fr Camarillo/Oxnard, Ca & served in WWll. I'm Cynthia Lee Sanchez orig. fr Amarillo, Tx, but spent my childhood on Vandenberg AFB, Ca.

M Sanchez
My family are Trinidad born with my grandfather's ancestors coming from Venezuela. How could I find out if any of them migrated from Spain seeing that most of the very elderly ones died. Who can help me with that information?

N Sanchez
i'm in the same predicament too. i am trinidadian born but my family are from some latinamerican country but originally from spain maybe we are related, message me, lets find out together

Michelle Sanchez
I would like to find out more. It would be nice to find out together.

Michelle Sanchez
Holy crap! We have the same name haha, cool.

Michelle Sanchez
I think Michelle Sanchez is one of the most popular names among Sanchez families, I have two cousins also with my name.

F. Ziegler
You can search on which lists hundreds of Spanish and Portugese names of Morranos. Some names are not listed though. Sanchez was a Spanish Jewish name. Names ending in "ez" or "es" were all Jewish. The Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, comes from Portugese marranos. Fidel Castro is also from Spanish marranos. I read that the name Sanchez can mean "the son of Sancho" or "sanctified". I read elsewhere that the Sanchez family were from the family "Cohen" the priestly family of Jews.

my last name is sanchez and i was told by a rabbi that the sanchez family is a family of "Cohen' that is jewish priest. i'm interested to know where you read this since i would like to have some solid facts to backup some research i'm doing.
Where did you read about the Sanchez and Cohens? Thanks

thats factually untrue, that theories come from inquisition. the fact that an inquisitorial book have a sanchez on it doesnt mean all sanchez are jews

El sanchez
Tomas Sanchez founder of Laredo texas was from Spain and came directly from Spain not Mexico as some would have us believe he brought with him several other family's and relatives he was wealthy and paid for everything himself later to be reimbursed by the queen of Spain I am from this family his grandfather was the kings close relative and accountant and also an artist who was brought to the kings castle from Portugal which was a separate kingdom reigned by the Sanchez the name Sanchez comes from king sancho who united the Spanish kingdoms with the help of El Sid who's daughters married into the Sanchez royalty the name sancho or Sanchez comes from the word sanctuis ..

Emma Sanchez
We come from Royal linage the one that is from Spanish Jews,we love the Jewish culture,songs,dance now i understnad why i love God so much and sing in Jewish though I'm Puerto Rican my ancestors were Spanish Jews,and we have an eagle,crown and royal blue background, I have found who I am in this world,amen!!!!

E Sanchez
Sanchez comes from the word Sanka, the decaffeinated coffee first produced in ancient Rome as an elixir for coughing spasms.

Sanchez Hope

Not true,,lol @ elixir, the name Sanchez originated from a holy man named Sancho...... If you check you spanish and basque ancestral records you will find that fyi.

M Sanchez
My family is from Northern Spain and there is a Basque version of the origin of Sanchez, as well. My family accepts the Basque and Latin versions to be the closest, due to both being our background.

miguel gallardo rodriguez
All the up above is the offitial version of the SANCHEZ surname origen. ImfromMexicoCity and study English. Many supposely 100%Spanish surnames have EnglishorGerman wordsorsounds in them. SANCHEZ sounds to me like SANGER, the german word for SINGER in English or CANTANTE in Spanish. Other similar Spanish surnames are LOPEZ, CHAVEZ, MENDEZ, LOPE-ER, would mean about "someone who rides on a horse" or (alguien que viaja en un caballo a galope): SHAVER sounds like SHAVER or (barbero en español) and MENDEZ sounds loke MEND-ER, or somone who mends things or souls, or (alguien que compone on enmienda las cosas o almas).