Last name: Savage

This interesting name is an example of that sizeable group of early European surnames that were gradually created from the habitual use of nicknames. The nicknames were given in the first instance with reference to a variety of characteristics, such as physical attributes or peculiarities, mental and moral characteristics, or to habits of dress or occupation. Savage is of early medieval English origin, and derives from the Middle English and Old French "salvage, sauvage", wild, uncontrolled. The surname has the distinction of being first recorded in the Domesday Book (see below). Further early examples include: Robert le Sauuage (Surrey, 1198) and Ralph le Savage (Suffolk, 1268). The surname is particularly well recorded in the Province of Ulster, and the great Co. Down family of Savage - Savage of the Ards - was planted there by John de Courcey, a Norman invader, as early as 1177. The "Annals of the Four Masters" mention that the name was Gaelicized as "Mac an tSabhasaigh", and accept that the English settlers there became hibernicized. Thomas Savage, "a tayler", aged 27 yrs., who embarked from London on the ship "Planter" bound for New England in April 1635, was among the first of the name to enter America. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Edric Saluvage, which was dated 1086, in the "Domesday Book for Herefordshire", during the reign of King William 1st, known as "William the Conqueror", 1066 - 1087. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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My father, who grew up outside Montreal, QC happened upon a copy of a fairly extensive genealogy book that a friend of my parents had from a very large gathering of Savage families in Quebec. A large majority of the early ancestors were traced back to Wales and Ireland. We are pretty certain there was a common relation back in the early 1800's as there was an entire large branch of the tree missing underneath certain family members who emigrated from Wales, where we believe our original ancestors were from.

I knew nothing of my great grandparent until a family member dug a bit deeper and found out that my family of is Irish origin. This 'memory' was lost because my grand father's father abandoned him when he was a young boy and the family hushed it all up as in those days it was shameful. He was nearly sent to a work house until an Aunt rescued him and brought him up. His mother died young. I felt very sad for my Grandfather (now deceased) when I found out. What a tragic life.

Sorry for the mistakes in my posting...I am tired!

My last name is Savage Born in Oklahoma. My Grandfather did a genealogy book that links with some of the savages listed. I’ve been trying to find out about one of my ancestors Benjamin Franklin Savage to find out how and why he got his name.

Jerome savage
Castle Savage that stood in the ards peninsula in Co Down overlooking the shore of star strangford lough is now reduced to a few mounds and foundation.

There was a Mary Savage born 1816 living in Kent England

Edward Ray Savage,

My first known ancestor was Robert (Sevedge) Savage born in the United Kingdom in 1650. His wife was Mary (?). He died in Surry County, Virginia, USA in 1698. Does anyone know more about him?

Lagalia Savage Afola

We are African American and have roots in Mississippi and Arkansas. My father is William N. Savage and my grandfather is Will Savage. Savage may not be the birth name of my grandfather. My father was born in 1923 and I'm looking for my sister who was born around the year 1940. Please contact me I'm in KCMO and my phone number is public under Afola.

Karl Savage

Karl Savage married to Tamsin Savage in Sheffield England

Elwyn Merlin Savage II

Connecticut, USA Fathers name Elwyn M Savage I (Bangor ME, USA) Grandfathers Name Merlin Savage (Etna ME, USA) that is as far back as I know, but would live to know more....

Berkley A. Savage Jr.

I am a junior; I am from Baltimore, MD. What is the link between Savage, MD, and Savage's living in MD.?


i live in Washington USA my great grandma is Georgia savage

2nd Great Grandmother from my dad's side Harriet Savage.

Catherine Savage
My father, a barber, is surnamed.....Savage. Vincennes, IN

Bradley savage
How many savages sre therer

William Savidge
While not as common there are quite a few Savidge's in America. I live in Texas. My family migrated from Illinois. The Majorville Cemetery in Illinois has many of my direct ancestral relatives dating from the 1800's. The Illinois Savidge's came from Zanesville OH pre 1840's. There is even a lake Savidge in OH. We've traced the OH Savidge's back to New Jersey. Based on this article Savage's and Savidge's all probably distant related and have the same ancestors going back to at least 1086.

Amanda Merano
My great grand father is Amos Savage and his wife was Leona Savage. Can anyone tell me if they know anything about

Jack Savage
I have a small family with not many relatives. Tried to trace heritige online but never had all of the details needed to conduct a search. I live just outside of London

Loretta Savage
What's on your mind? Are any Savages of Indian ancestry?

Loretta Savage
I am from the Savage family in Avoyelles parish, Louisiana. My grandfather was James Savage and my father's name was Marion Savage.

Dottie Savage Medley
I was born in 1974 to a George Louis Savage and his dads name was Emory James Savage.My dad grew up in an orphanage in Wheelersburg,Ohio.They way my dad explained it to me was we are from Ireland,well my great grandad was and my dads mom was Blackfoot Indian So all I know is I have Irish and Indian in me.But,I am redheaded w green eyes my dad and my only sister have red hair n blue eyes.My dad was placed in the orphanage at 18 months he does know he has 22 brothers n sisters but he has never met them all.We now reside in Phoenix city,Ala.That's where I grew up as a child n currently live.

Warren Stilwell
My Mother was from the Savage lineage. She was Dora Feather. Her father was Bob Feather and her mother was Ellen Savage. They were from Dawson? Delaware Unsure of the spelling. Some smaller towns were incorporated into the larger ones. She was born in 1926 and had several sisters and 2 brothers. They later moved to the Kingwood W.V. If anyone has any information please contact me at area.

I thought I was communist but NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Christine Saunders
My Grandmothers name was Corona Savage from New Zealand

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