Last name: Scott

This famous surname, has an unusual origin. Although widespread in Scotland and most of England from the medieval period, it actually derives from the Old English pre 7th Century word "scotti". This in former and ancient times denoted not a Scotsman, but an Irishman, and specifically a Gael, one who had taken part in conquering the west coast of Scotland in or about the 5th century a.d! In the English border counties though the word or name had a more general meaning of anybody from Scotland. Given the warlike conditions which applied for many centuries and may so again, the name was not always complimentary. Early examples of the recordings include: Uchtred filius Scot, in the register of Kelso Abbey in 1120, when he witnessed the foundation charter of the town of Selkirk, whilst in his work "Scotland under her early Kings", Robertson notes "Scotus as such described a Gael, in the same way that Flandrensis meant a Fleming". Amongst the nobilty of Scotland, Richard le Scot of Murthoxton, who rendered homage in 1296 to the government of Scotland, was the first ancestor of the ducal house of Buccleuch and Queensberry. The family also holds the earldom of Doncaster. Sir Walter Scott (1771 - 1832), novelist and poet, born in College Wynd, Edinburgh, came from a branch of this family. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Roger Scot, which was dated circa 1150, in the "Documents relating to the Danelaw", Lincolnshire, during the reign of King Stephen, known as "Count of Blois", 1135 - 1154. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was sometimes known as Poll Tax.

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monica scott

my grandad was fitzgerald scott and his father was lancelot scott and him and his father were born in jamaica, im from south america, i'd really love to know where is the rest of the scott familia, if there's still any of them alive in jamaica, i dont know if anyone can help me here? i'd also like to know, i mean, i wanna know if our surname came from slaves or the british people who arrived to jamaica and lived there, if our surname is from slave owners, what is our real surname? any help, info or something is very welcome, and thanks!


7.979 scott in Jamaica . to monica scot from scott


Does anybody out there have any information on the father of William T. Scott b.1834 d. 1902 married to Caroline Skippen b.1842 d.1892. Both lived in Manitoulin Island. I believe the father came from Ireland.


America is made up of people of many descents...I just wanted to know where my last name originated. I know i am Irish, English and Dutch as well as Native American as I come from NY in a mostly Dutch settled community. I simply wanted to know if I was Scottish as well without someone shaming me about it...Wow!

Hey, does anyone have any information on the Scott's from the Caribbean? My grandfather was a mulatto, and he was also from the Caribbean. There are few people in the Caribbean with the last name Scott, and i'm only hearing about those who migrated to America, but most of them are mixed with both black and white. Can anyone help me with this? Much appreciated.

Alfred Scott

I also have the same surname and i moved from the Caribbean to the US when i graduated Highschool only just recently. I know at least in the greater antilles ( Cayman Islands ) older folks say we descended from shipwreck sailors who settled here and intermingled. Some people went back home but some stayed. The ship carried Scottish, Irish and English folks. I forget all the surnames but you've probably grew up with a lot of the people like the Ebanks, Dixons, Boddens, etc.). I know it probably isn't a clear and extensive enough answer as you'd like, but your origins and how your family got to the Caribbean might differ from me depending on where you're from. There's a good chance we're related, but who knows, as there are two types of Scotts here. There is the Scotts who hailed from Ireland/Scotland, which i am, and the people who inherited their surname from slave masters with no blood relation to them at the time. You'll have to do your own digging to be sure.


Hi im also from the Carribbean specifically the Bahamas and Im also trying to find out where my family is descendant from

monica scott

i am from south america, but i also want to know where the rest of my family and surname came from, my greatdad and his father were from jamaica, my dad was born in south america as myself, but my elders are from jamaica, but i dont know much

Joe Saponic
It doesn't make it clear in this explanation [possibly for political reasons] that the word 'Scotti' was a term of abuse given BY the Germanic Anglo Saxon tribes TO the pirate-raiders who fetched up in the south of ireland in about the 2nd century AD and who then laid siege to the north east of that island populated by the Uliti tribe [from whom we get the name Ulster]. These were the intruders later known as 'irish'. The term 'gael' is the term the Uliti gave the to invader. It means robber or brigand. Says it all really. Many of the besieged Uliti fled to the west of coast of what is now scotland when things got sticky. The term 'Scotti' applied to them, but by no means exclusively to them in the first instance. Nor did they 'conquer' the west coast. They merely arrived in large numbers, fighting many battles against the picts with whom they later began inter-breeding. Americans won't like this explanation, and will twist things and twist things till they're all bent out of shape and fit neatly with their own prejudices - Scott means "sovereign" does it? Hilarious - and that's great entertainment, but as an Englishman I think it very creditable of the sweaty socks [jocks] to adopt the identity we gave them. After all, we gave them everything else. The earliest written [scottish] accounts make clear the 'Inglis' even introduced the bagpipes. No wonder they refuse to teach English history in schools anymore. It just isn't safe. :-)

an irish lass with an name of Scott
Proud of my heritage and not a drop of English anywhere.

Robert Scott
A Brit with the name Scott, who traces of red hair (Irish), quarter French on my mothers side, and looks like an Arab. Welcome to the international community.

Proud Scottish Laddie
@Joe...You gave us everything, ok Joe.
I just hope we get a yes Vote For our INDEPENDENCE!!!
Peeps like you that annoy me.
Think they know it all.
I'm Scottish Born & Bred, my last name, Scott and Proud.

Scott of course

Even gave us the musket! Someday maybe we'll give you a ride to the moon.

Dean Scott

The Term Scotti is from Roman Latin meaning the tribes from the western coast of Ireland that fought with the Picts against the Romans. Gaelic came to Scotland from Ireland the the Celtic languages spoken on that particular area was Pictish, Cornish, Brythonic, Welsh. So the last name scot or scott could refer to anyone who was thought to have been a member of that tribe as the Romans conquered everyone south of Hadrian's wall the only people north were the Scotti and Picts. So Ironically Scotland got it's name from the Roman word for the Irish who fought along side the Picts and their language completely supplanted the Pictish originally spoken there with Gaelic from Ireland. The Germanic pirates raiders you're talking about came about 700 years later certainly after the norman conquest.

sharon cannon
I dont know sure my 3 th great grandma was a native american indian and 3th great grandpa was scotland on my fathers family side . it was last scott but it changed to oldham then my grandpa george oldham . please help me to find about my fathers family side that i know a native american indian and scotland part family.

Gloria Egan( nee Scott)
Does anyone have any information on Walter Edward Scott - supposedly born in Cheshire and lived in Salford - I have never known my Grandfather and Grandmother from the Scott family. My father died a prisoner of war in Ambon and I would dearly love to know where I originate from, and more about my fathers family.

Marilyn Grossman
Does anybody have much information of the Scott's out of Kentucky? I think thats where my grandfather started out, like I've said his name was Larry or Laury. I know my mother was born in Texas but I don't know where her brothers were born, their names were Harold, Pete and Gene Scott.

Dave Scott
My dad is Walter Scott, one of nine children who grew up on a small farm near Falmouth, Kentucky. My grandfather's name was Raymond and my grandmother's name was Catherine (nee Crabtree). It doesn't sound like the same group of Scotts but there were many around since they settled into different parts of Kentucky and Ohio. There was an old woman named Scott who was a widow and she was one of the first settlers in Colerain(e) Township in Hamilton County, Ohio. I hope this helps.

Nancy Scott George
My grandfather was Lonnie Scott, and from what I understand, he lived in Kentucky before coming to North Carolina.

Ivan Scott
My name is Ivan Scott - born in Burnley, Lancashire. England 1957 My Father was Harlod Scott and his Farther was also Harold Scott from a farming family. Any info would be most welcome if anyone has any. Done a bit of research and seems my ancestors are from Ireland.

Latanya Scott
I'm african american and my last name is scott. I've always been interested in learning how my family got this last name. As i have guessed that it is probably from scotland or ireland.

Latanya, where are you and the paternal side of your family from? As you probably know, most African American surnames in the USA came from slaveholders and are not our true names, unless we are biologically related to the slaveholder.

Loma Wagoner
my greatgrandma was guillie a scott lived in eastern oregon, lagrande and joseph area.

Alan Desmond Scott
The Scott family was one of the most poweful in the lowlands border area. They feature prominently in the Rieving era in the 17th and 18th centuries. Rieving or raiding became a means of survival as English and Scottish armies pillaged and burned as they passed to and fro through the Borders. If you wish to learn more about them, purchase a book titled a history of The Border Rievers. I am a descendant of these people from the Jedburgh area. My ancestors were well known farmers around Ancrum,Lanton and Upper Samieston and Timpendean. I have researched our family history extensively and am proud of my historical name.

Kevin scott
Hi, Very interested in your post. I have been trying to trace my family armed with very little information. However, I managed to find that they were successful farmers in Northumberland (1841 census) my gg was sent to school in Minto which seemed curious until I realized that was the region of the family name. My fg was Luke Austin; his father Robert Matthew, and his father, whom I assume may have been the first to leave, Luke. I would think that the name Luke wouldn't be that common? And as the family seemed at that time to follow the tradition of naming after the male grand father, I see this as a possible way of finding other members of the family in the border areas. Does any of this link up to your own research? Unfortunately, I am in Australia and therefore the opportunity to research parish records isn't an option. Warm regards Kevin Scott

My family name is Scott from Quebec, Canada. We are french canadians. I would like to know more about my ancestries. Are they from Scotland or Ireland?

Glen Scott
Im from Quebec too has ties mostly from Scotland but i have some french speaking relatives lived in the Montreal Area

John Scott. United Kingdom

The Scott's in Quebec are from Scotland. Mostly immigrants to Canada are from the Highland Clearances. I have family in Quebec and other parts of Canada, and Australia and New Zealand. The British Empire is populated by similar economic migrants.

Mr J Scott
I am a Scott born and bread in Wales 1 of 4 children. My grandfather Tony Scott and his brother both came to live in Wales from Scotland when they were in the young. They came from a large family of Scott's in Scotland and i have gone back 8th geneations on my family tree. All the best.

Jud Scott
I am interested in an Absolem (Absalom) Scott born 1760 in Scotland came to Maryland in America ~1770-80's? Married Mary Wilson???, Ended up in Tennessee 1796. Jud

Amanda Townsend-Joyner
Hello! My grandmother was a Scott who's family (Micajah Scott) settled in scott's hill, tn. there is a book containing our family history all the way back to micajah scott coming to tn in the 1820's but there it stops. It has been rumored that his parents came to the states in the 1790's but both died on the ship when he was just 3 yrs old. also the rumor that his mothers name was elizabeth (maiden name Barr) but not sure. It may even be that because they were Ulster scott's that the name was given to him when he left the boat. it is also said he married a native american woman who was of blackfoot origin though we can find no record of her name or how they came to be married. If anyone has any info on any of these questions please let me know! thank you :) p.s. it is said they possibly came to tn from anson, nc my email is

Just wanted to check back in.... would really like to make some connections between my american ancestors and scott-irish ancestors. If you have any info, please msg me on facebook. Thanks! :)

My grandfather was Green Scott from Harland, Ky. My great aunt was married to a Steve Scott from Harland, Ky.

M. Scott Juda
My grandfather was Samuel Scott they were from Harland Kentucky, they actually lived in a small town of Wallins Creek. My grandfather was Christopher C Scott. He had a brother named Steve I believe. Was your aunts maiden name Brittain?


Wow! Christopher C. Scott just happens to be my name also! I am still just trying to figure out if we are Irish or Scottish? I was assuming Scottish because of the name of course, but an older man told me when he seen my red-haired daughter with angel-kisses all over her, that we were definitely Irish. So, how will i ever really know?

Is he the Green that died in 1982?

John Scott

I am John f Scott the third grandson of John f Scott senior son of John F Scott Jr and father of John F Scott the 4th our ancestors come from Scotland but we are Americans.Scott -Irish Americans

My grandfather was Stephen (Steve) Scott from Harland, Kentucky who was a coal miner. His grandmother was a Native American Indian and his grandfather was a Irishman.

M.Scott Juda
Your ancestry also is the same as mine. Samuel Scott was my great grandfather, and did you know that Charles Scott once Governer of Virginia is our GGGGG I don't remember how many,, but do have lots of info.

Dave Scott
My great great grandmother (who married a Scott) lived in Kentucky. Her real name was Long Moss Half Moon and she was a full-blood Shawnee. Her husband's name was Samuel and together they had eight children.

Margaret robson Hope
My Grandfather William Robson Scott hailed from the Border town of Hawick. I traced the family line as far back as the late 1790s, all residents of Hawick, then found that Walter Scott (chimney sweep) had been born in Ireland. I was unable to go further because I did not have his date of birth. I'd be overjoyed to find that someone had that information.

My mothers name was Fay Elizabeth Scott, she was born in Whitesboro, Texas I think around 1911 , they had mostly brown hair, sometimes a baby was born with red and blue eyes, not sure where her family started off.

Wendy scott
Did some research on the surname Scott, my fathers name and got back to 1500s where records showed they were hanged as criminals and highway robbers on the English/ Scottish Borders.found some more info that said the Romans used "gypsy" labour to work over in England building roads and many escaped to Wales and Ireland and settled there in the 4th century. My dad and his 11 brothers and sisters were all with black, curly hair, brown eyes and olive skin.always referred to as " gypsy" much as we know the name travelled where the work was and they filtered down through Newcastle, doncaster and selby working the coal mines and settled in Leeds.

Steph Scott
Very odd, Im a Scott, all the Scotts in my family, with the exception of my cousin, are all dark haired, olive skinned with brown eyes.

chase scott
same here that funny

Ted Scott
Thats funny, that's how the Scott's in my family are too!

Jennifer Scott
Same in my family, except for me I have red hair!..and brown eyes.

same here
dark hair and eyes... i got my mothers baby blues, but otherwise, all dark

Breda Lynch
My great -grandmother was called Norah Scott, she lived in Little Island Co Cork. She married a Man called Henry Gould, she also had a brother called Peter Scott who was a teacher, I'm trying to find out more information on the scott side of the family

Marilyn Grayson Grossman
My mothers maiden name was Scott, her father's name was Laury or Larry and her mother;s name was Elizabeth Ennis Scott, trying to find any family

Barbara Hammonds
My Grandfather was William Bill Scott . Does anyone have any info or think they may be related ? I have limited family left here & would like to know if there are any more family out there that we don't know about .

Caroline Olson
Hi Barbara, I was just checking my sons' ancestry and see William Scott, born August 9 (I think!), 1861 and died August, 1910. He married Alice Whalen. Let me know if there is any relation. That's all I have on them. (So far, anyway!) Caroline Olson in Phoenix. Arizona

The two original Scott ancestors documented in American history were not brothers or even kin as many believe. Despite misconceptions leading this to be believed. Keep digging folks for Scott does cone from Scotland, Whales, and Ireland. The kings colors documenting how the two flags came to be one might help give some that believe we are only one or the other some insight for the Scott name goes back farther than King James, farther than the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth, and farther than an ocean voyage to become a crazed witch burning pastor in the first colonies.

Jerrold Scott
The name "Scott" is also about as Scottish as you can get. My farthest traced direct male ancestor is from Perth, in 1655. Many (although not all) of the people with the name Scott who have Irish ancestry are actually Scots-Irish. Scots who were "transplanted" by the English as Protestants to dilute the Catholic power in Northern Ireland. Many of those descendants emigrated to America and elsewhere. My particular family, however, is a direct Scottish immigrant to America, having not passed through Ulster on the way.

Mary Aichholz
My mother, a Carr, whose mother was a Scott, always said that we were Scots-Irish. I always assumed that meant that we were part Irish and part Scott. But if what you have written here is true, that may not be true. Where can I get more information on this?

Tracy Scott

I'm a Scott and My Grand Mothers Maiden name (On my Fathers side) was a Carr (Irene Leah Carr Later Scott) She Married Robert B. Scott. They settled in Indiana and had 5 Children.

gGeoffrey James Scott
Im Geoffrey Scott my dads name was frank i believe i have relatives in clearwater florida would be pleased to hear from them if this is true.

cat dog
The name Scott means sovereign and can be found represented by many different symbols in many cultures the world over for all time. Many of these symbols are very popular and significant. Ever thought about the expression Great Scott.

The name "Scott" is about as Irish as Irish can get. As far back as I can search, my Scott family name and ancesters are Irish.

Micahel McGregor
Yes Scott derives from the tem Scot, which means Irish. Scotland actually means the land of the Irish

an Irish lass
Love your terminology.....

HAHA Scott derives from old English LMAO

Barbara Ranse
My mothers people are Scott . She married my father who was a Ranse . I was always told the " Scott " were all Irishmen . Maybe posting on here will let me find family .

Hi, I am a distant descentant of the Scott and Buchanan clans from my Grandmothers side. I am trying to research these names. Found lots of interesting info on the internet though.

My maiden name was Scott and I have recently started researching my family tree. I have just visited the small church at Matfen in the Parish of Stamfordham Northumberland where my grandparents were married, In the Church at Stamfordham is a tablet commemorating William Scott MD who died in 1802 and stating that he was of the Buccleugh family. I also have a small book titled Pedigree of the Family of Scott of Stokoe with an insciption inside from William Robson Scott to his brother Walter Scott and dated 1852

Scotti was Roman right but Scott means Irishmen

Scotti Palma
it's actually derived from latin Rome, as the Romans referred to "pirates and Raiders" as the Scotti. the name has absolutey no connection to Ireland or Scottland, it is derived from Latin. the "Scots" or Ancients of Ireland adopted the name as their own, and today it has high regard but in Roman times it was just a generic term for sea raiders.