Last name: Seeley

This interesting name is of early medieval English origin, and is primarily a nickname surname from the use of the Olde English pre 7th Century word "saelig", a derivative of "sael", meaning happiness, good fortune, used as a term to describe someone with a cheerful, happy disposition. The Middle English development was to "seely", meaning happy, fortunate, which became a surname as early as the 13th Century (see below). Occasionally, the word was used as a female personal name during the Middle Ages, recorded as "Sela" in 1219, and as "Sely" in 1221, and this may have been the source for some bearers of the modern surname, which has at least seventeen variant forms, ranging from, Seal(l)y, Seel(e)y and Sill(e)y, to Ceel(e)y and Zeal(e)y. The sense of "pitiable", which developed into the modern English "silly", is a later 15th Century usage. On October 3rd 1566, Isaak, son of Nicholas Seeley, was christened at Holy Trinity in the Minories, London, and William Seely, aged 29 yrs., was an early settler in the New World Colonies, leaving London on the "Alexander", bound for the Barbadoes in May 1635. A notable namebearer was Sir John Robert Seeley (1834 - 1895), who was chief classical assistant at the City of London School in 1859, and was professor of modern history at Cambridge from 1869 - 1895. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Richard Seli, which was dated circa 1200, in the "Gilbertine Charters of London", during the reign of King John, known as "Lackland", 1199 - 1216. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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dave seeley
My name is Dave Seeley and I was born and live in London. My father is William Hebert Seeley and his father was Philip Seeley, both born in Bungay in Norfolk. Philips father (name escapes me) was a jockey working in newmarket. his origin is unknown.

susan seeley
hi all i have is that my grandad was born in Canada but he married and went to live in Ireland and married my grandmar Cathleen seeley(MACDONNELL)

Travis Seeley
My name Is travis Seeley, I wish I knew more about my family history.

Marissa (Seeley) Elliott
I forgot to say that I am in Texas. My grandparents lived in Pearland, Texas when I was very small. My grandad was a highly skilled painter, and a truly kind man. I wish I knew more.

Marissa (Seeley) Elliott
My Grandad was Robert Seeley. My grandma was Mary Lee Seeley. Uncle John Seeley. The trend continues. I thought my dad's side of the family was of German origin. I'm not sure now.

Ryan Seeley
My name is Ryan Robert Seeley from the UK, I have a line of Robert Seeley's in my family. This appears to be a trend right across the Seeley spectrum. Hi to all you other Seeley's out there!!!

Jonathan Seeley
I honestly did not know that my name was from that long ago...

am also a seeley susan mary seeley am one of six kids and we all are from nottingham but my dad is from ireland ? and his dad was from canada ?

Regina ( Seeley) Hatcher
Hi my name is Regina (Seeley) Hatcher, My father was Robert Leander Seeley who was born in Nova Scotia Canada, his father and grandfather were sea captains his mother was a school teacher but she passed with pneumonia when he was three so his grandmother Catherine and grandfather Guy Seeley brought him to Gloucester Mass to raise him, his father remarried and he has a step brother in Mass named Thomas Seeley and. My father passed in 2001 but I think thomas is still alive, I have a brother with the name Robert L. Seeley, he has a son named Robert L. Seeley and he had a son 2 months ago and his name is Robert L. Seeley. The name will live on. My sister sharon did a family ancestor check and found we originated from Cambridge and Oxford England then moved into Ireland, Germany and Scotland then moving on to Canada and then into Mass. I believe there is a Sir Robert Seeley orginating back to the 1400's Cambridge England. My sister has more info and she now lives in Scotland. My brother lives in Lake Elsinore, Ca, he has a Masters Degree in World History and is up on our familis background. One of the Robert Seeleys came to Conneticut and Mass and was 2nd in command to John Mason who fought the Pequote Indians and help to establish Watertown and a couple of other towns. He written in their historical societies and has plaques with is name on them. I hope this helped in some way. Long Live the Seeleys, however anyone wants to spell them they are all connected ion some way I do believe.

Marissa (Seeley) Elliott
Thank you for writing so much!

Scott Anthony Seeley
Scott Anthony Seeley here ... Grandfather Harry Seeley was from Salamanca, N.Y. Irish on my mother's side (Finn), and Harry's mother was Dougherty. I've always heard that Seeley was Welsh in origin.

Ian Richard Seeley
I am a Seeley, and arrived here in the USA in 1976. In Wilton, Ct there is a SEELEY RD, as there is also in Bethel, CT and a few other places around here. In 1860 roughly half of the town of Bethel was owned by various Seeleys. Shortly after arriving in the USA I was approached by the Seeley Society of the USA, who held a convention in Cleveland of all places. The only place that I know of that is directly connected to my branch of the family is the town of SEELEY in Arizona, on the edge of the Sonora Desert. The Library in Bethel, CT is called the Seelye Library, which I have to believe is an ancient spelling mistake. Somebody writing down the name said there was an extra E in the name, and it got tacked onto the end. Sounds plausible. There are many, many Seeleys around.

Joan Peck
My great-grandmother Eva Seeley married John Osterhout. They lived in Roscoe New York in mid 1800's to about 1915-16, when they moved to Binghamton, New York. They had 2 sons; Raymond, (my g.p.) & Kenneth. Would like to go further back. Anyone? Joan Peck, Fl.

Rachel Seeley
I'm a Seeley from my father's side and we're very, very British. We've been able to trace our family back to Robert Seeley.

Marc Seley
I too have the last name Seley. My father was born in brown city michigan but his dad decided to move out to rancho cordova california during the 60s I wanna say. My grandfather is Lloyd Seley and my grandmother was Faye. Although I don't remember much of her because she died in a car crash when I was ten. But yeah weird that theres not many Seley but lots of Seeley and even a famous pitcher Aaron Sele.

Donald Seely
Robert Seelye, son of William Seelye came to this country (USA) in 1630 from England and landed at Stamford Conn. The family has since spread across the nation with various spellings.

Laura P.
My great-great- grandfather was John Seeley born about 1835 in Johnstown area of Pennsylvania. He was a veteran of the Civil War, served on the front line in the Pennsylvania Regement. Married Jane Benson after the war and had 5 children including my great grandmother. He died in 1898. We're trying to find the family line and figure out our nationality. Is the Seeley name English, Irish, German, Jewish or all of the above.How do we figure out which one we are???? Can any of you Seeleys out there give us some help? Thank You Laura

My name is Seley, why is that so uncommon

Tracy Landschoot
My mother is Janet seely & our whole family lives in Michigan, USA. I heard that the family came through Canada via Scotland/ England but nobody knows for sure as my great grandfather was adopted.

Jon Seeley
My name is Jonathan Seeley and I live in Los Angeles

Jonathan Seeley
I live in Kansas

alf seeley
My name is ALFRED JOHN SEELEY and I live in Gauteng South Africa I had two aunts ALICE and KATHLEEN who moved to the UK .Also two uncles BERT and LEONARD . My father`s name was ALFRED CHARLES .A lot of family missing but at least I have a grand son to carry on our name

Garry seeley
how mad, I need to find more people called seeleh