Last name: Shah

This noble and honourable surname is of Persian, Turkish and Hindi origin, and was given to one connected in some manner with a king's household. A shah is a ruler of certain Middle Eastern countries, especially Persia (now Iran), and derives from the Persian "shah", king. In Nepal, Shah is the family name of members of the royal family. Jahan Shah (see below) was Mogul emperor from 1628 to 1658. During his reign the finest monuments of Mogul architecture in India were built, including the Taj Mahal and the Pearl Mosque at Agra. The city of Sahjahanpur in northern India was founded in 1647, during his reign. In 1739, Nadir Shah of Persia conquered India, he then ordered a general massacre, in which one hundred and fifty thousand people perished. He carried away treasure amounting to 125,000,000 Sterling. After the death of Mahomed Shah in 1748 the Mogul Empire became merely nominal, with independent sovereignties being formed by petty princes. In 1761, Shah Alum 11 was defeated at Patna, where he attacked the English, and after the Battle of Buxar in 1764, he was thrown upon the protection of the English, who established him at Allahabad. After the victory at Delhi in 1803, General Lake restored the aged monarch to a nominal sovereignty, which descended at his death to his son, Akbar Shah. Akbar died in 1837, and was succeeded by his son, the last king of Delhi. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Jahan Shah, which was dated 1592, born in India, during the reign of Akbar, greatest sovereign of Hindostan, 1556 - 1605. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Mr S Shah
Hindu origin from South Africa

When Hindus from coastal India (Gujarat) were doing a huge business with Iran (then Persia) in 13th and 14th Century. Some of this business men had in access of 500 ships and they were extremely successful in their trade. King of Persia was so pleased with this business men that they gave them "Khitab"(honour) of Shah of India. That's how the shah last name in Gujarat came in effect.

The name Shah we can find in Iran, Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan,.....) India, Afganistan, may be in Pakistan also. But surprisingly this name we can find in Malaysia as well. Actually there were a lot of historical situations sometimes people (who doing research on history) argued about some historical Names, Places or Persons. From my point of view may be the name Shah came to India (and southern countries up to Malaysia and Indonesia) from the time when Babur 1483-1503 (great great grandson of Amir Timur) who was born in Andijan (currently this city is in Uzbekistan) and later build up kingdom in India. Babur's son (Humayun, 1530-1556) - Babur's grandson (Akbar, 1556-1605) Babur's great-grandson (Jahangir 1605-1627) great-great-grandson (Shah Jahan,1628-1658) made the most famous of gardens: the Taj Mahal. May be people who used name Shah somehow related to Babur's family or other kings in Central Asia, Iran, India, Pakistan and Afganistan.

digbijaya shah
People often talk that shah are muslims. I don't know actually it is true or false.. if anyone could give me the clear defination on this than i would be very greatful

hi i have been researching my family history and i am muslimand i am a desandant of the prohpet (pbuh) my family are from russia-bukhara i know the the shahs are mixture of different but akbar shah is a follower of islam i think i came from his line of desencants...

I am also a Muslim with the second name shah and a descendant of the prophet Muhammad (saw). I have no relation to any Hindus and I am of distant Arab culture, who's family moved from Arabia to Pakistan a few hundred of years ago.

actully shah means king's king... and we r merchant(business ppl) which use to help king whn thy were in trouble...

shah waseem
wht is the meaning of shah waseem???

abhimanyu shah
i belong to a shah family. shah refers to that families which belong to royal families.another meaning of shah families was people who use to lend money to others and get back money over some interests.

If you go back and look at the history "Shah" is a Hindu last name. During Moghul emperor evil Aurangzeb was on the rage to conquer over the world. Any battle lost by his enemies he would only give two options to his opponent : 1) Either they convert to Islam or 2) Die Hence many Hindus from them were force to convert to Islam. Hence you can see why so much mixing with Shah last name. History is EVIL. Peace

F Shah
I am a muslim shah with persian ancestry, not hindu at all... If you look back Shah is a muslim last name. The Hindus shortened a Sanskrit word down to Shah and used that as a last name, totally independent of Muslims. I hate when people think that I'm Hindu based on my last name.

i am a muslim and not a hindi thats wrong

Shah was originally a title used for Kings, it is also used today as a surname by Muslims, Persians, Turkish and Hindi.

Miss Shah
I am a Muslim "Shah" and my last name is not of Hindi origins, nor were my ancestors Hindu. "Shahs" that are Hindu have derived there name independent of mine. My last name is Persian. It really bothers me when people think that all Shahs are Indian or Hindu.

shah wasim ali
u r rite am shah wasim ali and we r persians muslims in india not hindu

Shah is refered to royality. Shah is now a simple person but once a royalaty. It does mean king

digbijaya shah
Yes you may be true... i am also shah but i am not hindu nor muslim. i am christian... religion doesn't matter. but what matters is our origin.

F Shah
I am also a muslim shah. You are absolutely correct in saying that our name is totally independent of Hindus with the last name Shah. I have persian ancestry. I do not have any hindu ancestors. Hindus with the last name shah shortened a sanskrit word down to shah.

Shah I.A.
Me belongs to the said surname as Muslim by faith. I but have nothing to do by filtering myself as quality product from rest of the neighboring communities on the grounds of religion which here seems to be just portrayed as a social, political, geographical or cultural identity and so with a spicy pinch of the sense of superiority-complex. But, if so it is only on the grounds of good character with good virtues; truth loving an actual human character; faithfulness to the Lord;respect for elders, teachers and care for younger one; generous nature; helping nature for needy and more especially self control on his/her vulnerable centers so as to protect his/her own self and surroundings from leading astray. It is only the one who is the real believer-a true Muslim.

I respect the one named Shah...but he is an ordinary person, he does not from Noble family,,,but I do not know exactly,,,maybe his ancestors... he can be the descendant of noble family...The name Shah has a specific meaning..and I m proud being his close friend........

Although We are Jain, We were Royalty as well. We were not Merchants.