Last name: Smith

Recorded in the spellings of Smith, Smithe, Smythe, and the patronymics Smiths, and Smithson, this is the most popular surname in the English speaking world by a considerable margin. Of pre 7th century Anglo-Saxon origins, it derives from the word 'smitan' meaning 'to smite' and as such is believed to have described not a worker in iron, but a soldier, one who smote. That he also probably wore armour, which he would have been required to repair, may have lead to the secondary meaning. The famous Anglo-Saxon Chronicles sometimes known as the first newspaper, in the 9th century a.d. uses the expression 'War-Smith' to describe a valiant warrior, whilst the later medieval Guild List of specialist trades has blacksmith, whitesmith, tinsmith, goldsmith and silversmith amongst its many members, but no trade of 'smith'. These descriptions of the skilled workers of the Middle Ages were exact, and it is our opinion after studying many early records that the original smiths were probably the guards of the local lord of the manor. This would account for the singular popularity of the name, as the early social records indicate that the trades of tailor and baker were much more prevalent than that of Smith in any form. What is certain is that over five hundred coats of arms have been granted to Smith nameholders, surely an indication of the soldier background, rather than a humble ironworker. The great family Smith is 'first' in all major cities of the English speaking world, yet curiously the greatest concentration of Smith's are in Aberdeenshire, Scotland! Why this should be so is far from clear. Not surprisingly the Smith name was one of the very first into the New American colonies, being held by the famous John Smith (1580 - 1631), explorer and writer, who helped to found the state of Virginia. He was reputedly saved from execution by Pocahontas, the Indian chief's daughter, who died in England in 1622. The first recorded spelling of the family name, and probably the first surname recorded anywhere in the world, is that of Eceard Smid. This was dated 975 a.d., in the English Surname Register for County Durham, during the reign of King Edward of England, known as "The Martyr", 975 - 979 a.d.

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Denee' Higman Kaveny
My great grandma Gladis Viola Smith - Jones - O'Grady

mandy smith
Hello my name is mandy smith i found out last yr that my father was arnold smith and his father was arnold smith too and senior arnolds mother was edith smith spite connected to romanys but im still doing my tree carnt seem to find her mother lizzie smith i think lived with joseph spite as i can not find no record of marriage but still plodding on .

Chelsea Smith Williams
Love My Name,Smith And Williams Because There Really Popluar.

shirley munholland mcknight
My grandmother was mrytle maggie smith ,Munholland,Hopper ,Shes buried in Epps, midway cemetery.She died around 1938.Think she had a brother,John Smith, lived in monroe,La.

Abby Smith
Thats really interesting that my surname is really popular and it has a long history behind it.

Rosevelt Dume
I have been trying to locate some Smith's. My wife's father is Trevor Smith. However, she's never met him nor any family from his side. The little that I know is that Trevor Smith's mother is Telma Henry and they were born in Jamaica. Thelma Henry lived in the USA at some point (Washington). Any of you Smith's has any idea or suggestion? I would appreciate your feedback!

Natural Vitamins
I was always told it was jewish!

Susan Elizabeth Smith
I am looking for South African Smith's who stayed in and around Cedarville and Kokstad. My grandfather was Paulus Johannes Martens Smith born 18/3/1896 and his father was Johannes Petrus Smith and mother was Susanna Katrina Maartens I am trying to look up family history but cannot find anything related to my grandfathers family and where they came from. I would appreciate any help and information.

my mothers maiden name is smith, she was born in sheffield i found my great grand fathers name is ernest smith (1910-1960) his parents george smith (1861-1918) he married elizabeth dent (1862-1924). i dont really know anyone else with that surname in sheffield, england. if anyone is let me always on facebook.

Gary Smith
...John Smith (1580 - 1631), explorer and writer, who helped to found the state of Virginia. While state of Virginia would not be entirely incorrect, it might more accurately be said "colony of Virginia so early in history. Gary

that's cool how i can learn about my generation

Most of my family is from Ireland.Last name smith,related to scully family.Born in New York city.and raise in California.father >George,mom>Mary.both were from the trii/state area. I have 2 brothers,Robert & Harry, both older then me, by 2 to 4 yrs.never knew them,I was given to my uncle to raise.I`m 70 yrs old now,would love to meet them.

Ned Wood
My maiden name was Smith and when I was a little girl I hated it because everyone said how common the name was but to this day I don't know any other Smiths but my own family. After finding out that Smiths were minders, soldiers or guards I think it's a pretty cool name to have now.

Christine Smith
Tracing my family tree and the Smiths in my family were crofters, farmers and estate workers from Morayshire, Scotland....neighbouring Aberdeenshire mentioned earlier.

Anna Smith
Smiths are so cool I've learned so much about my family now

My great-grandfather was James Smith, born about 1831 in County Cavan, Ireland. Does anyone have Smith relatives from that county. I read online that the Smith name was McGowan.


My last name isn't Mason, but I found out as a child that I am related to Will Smith!

rodney collins

Pocahontas married john rolfe(helped begin tobacco trade)she died at age 22 of smallpox,im smith one family,16th great grandson of her on the other.

Kyle Coley Smith Jan. 14th 1986

All for one and One for All

I was adopted and my Biological father is Troy Smith.

Kevin X. Smith
My Dad told me everyone at the beginning of the world was named "Smith" and when they did something wrong they had to change their name.

Lindsay Smith
My cousin is named Jonathan Smith, my uncle was named John Smith and my Grandfather was named John Johnston Smith lol My family is very original.

Person from earth
My granddad is smith I always thought it meant blacksmith. intresting

Hunter smith
My grandfather's last name is Smith but my dad got adopted and had his kids keep his real fathers last name so mines still smith...iv always wondered where it originates from and what our family crest and history is and where it dates back to

Where does my name Simanduyev originate

I was born a smith but have family born in new York with names worden, clark,fuller,taylor,carr,Sprague I've been searching my family and find a grave is the best place to search family I've found family in the late 1700's up to now

irene shanley
looking for parents of susannah smith born 1839 manchester england married abraham born 1837 halifax yorkshire england can anybody please help

what you name
ricky smith

christopher smith
my name says it all. I was born christopher smith. Was adopted and name was changed. Would love to find my history.

Justin Smith
Who started my family tree?

Elizabeth Watson
Name Nimmo

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