Last name: Stewart

This famous clan surname is regarded as the royal name of Scotland. It is however arguably of Olde English pre 7th century origins as it derives from the ancient word "stigweard", the later steward, a compound of "stig" meaning household, and "weard", a guardian. As such it was the status and title used by an officer who controlled the domestic affairs of a royal or noble household. In Scotland after the 12th century it took on a meaning of even greater importance, and described the Steward of Scotland, the highest post in the kingdom, below that of the monarch. The Scottish royal family surname of Stuart or Stewart, the spellings have and continue to vary over the centuries, originated from their holding the hereditary office of High Steward over several centuries from about 1157. In so far that the royal family of Stewart family originally had a surname it was the French "Dapifer", the family of that name having come from Brittany, in Northern France after the conquest of England in 1066. King Robert 11nd, 1371 - 1392, was the first "Steward" to hold the crown of Scotland. The earliest recordings of the surname include Nicholas Staward of Somerset in the Hundred Rolls of 1273, and William le Fiz Stywarde of Berwick in 1296. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Rogere se Stiwerd. This was dated circa 1100, in the "Old English Byname Register". Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Dane Stewart
Im glad i stubbled upon this site....I plan to take part in the Stewart DNA Research. Hello all I am Dane Stewart. My father was Dale Stewart and his father was Basil Stewart. We have been lead to believe that our surname Stewart is from Scotland, and my great great grandmother has told my grandmother(deseased) that our Stewart family is related to Mary, Queen of Scotland in some way. Not sure how true this is...but i just want to know a little more facts. Ands just to really know of our blood line and see if it is royalty, it would be exciting! I will take up on Lee Stewart's offer for the DNA test....for sure! Thanks fellow Stewart.

Jonathan Stewart
when I was in the 9th grade and only 5ft. 8 in. I could slam a basketball,with extreme ease. I was a late bloomer,but buy the age of 22 I was a weight lifter and could bench press well over 500 lbs. The Stewart's in my family are built strong. I was always the fastest runner and I went to 4 different high schools and had to prove myself and did. We are not built like a typical white male. We have broad shoulders small waists a thick arse and leg's(let me say it this way) my waist is 27in. while each leg is 31in. around. we are also great musicians. My dad plays 8 instruments. We are very good singers and have great ears for harmony. Also, a lot of preachers come out of my family. And we alway's attract the most beautiful women. I was wondering if other Stewart's are like this? I'm sure there are. We are mostly blondes,with blue,grey eye's some guy's have auburn'hair

Shelby Stewart we all come from this?

mikey stuart
we even have a coat of arms,wow!!!! this is deep

i didnt know i was part scottish

Not Scottish nor white. black. Father was named general Stewart and lived on hard time plantation. DNA would not link me with anyone on this chart. Name is a name whosoever it is give too!!! rock on!

kevan stewart
My family name, I have 3 x brothers Ian, Barry (deceased) & David + 2 x sisters Linda & Carol. My grandfather came from Brighton Sussex but he died when my father was appox 10yrs. old. My father was born in 1928 but died 1995. I was the first child born Dec. 1953 & my youngest sister was born Nov. 1963. Sadly my mother ( maiden name Ingram who originated from Thurlestone (nr. Kingsbridge ) South Devon ) born Nov. 1929 died in 2005

Paul Stewart
After doing a DNA test I find that my last name, while Stewart in the US since colonial times, it is likely that my Stewart ancestor who was literally "kid-napped" (stolen as a child), from his home near Glascow, Scotland, was not a Stewart- but assumed the name once he arrived in the Pennsylvania colony (circa 1697). DNA indicates this boy was likely a Wallace as I am 100% related to a tiny group of Wallace men and just about no one else. With the Wallace clan also from the same area in southwestern Scotland, this is not far-fetched. If you can afford a DNA test I wholeheartedly suggest it.

Jaya Stewart
It really great to find out about you family heritage

Jessica Stewart
And in that moment, I swear we were all Stewarts

c Stewart

looking for family history on my family relative who came to england alone and has passed away now and i would like to know his history his name was constantine stewart but we called him wesley

Teon Blake -Stewart
It's amazing to know that Royal/African Caribean blood and Royal Stewart Blood through king james (& children) runs through our veins . Though raised in England, he left us land worth a fortune in Barbados st James which insensed the nobles which makes me love him more- A rebellious spirit . A plot 5 acres bigger than Rothchilds and we are going to develop luxury flats which I wish, somehow to tribute the Dynasty we all stem. If any ideas fellow illegitimate to the throne - do get in touch . Im also a writer and future films of Harry Potter to Prescience shows great interest in Twisted glitter/ Falltotheground where I incorporate our lineage, in all shades .

butch solignani
does anyone named Stewart have a John L Stewart born 1834 in Kentucky. He is my great great grandfather

Sarah Stewart
A lot of Scottish pride on this pg :)

This is fun I tested all my friends last name 😄

My name is hallie Stewart

im a stewart aswell and im proud to be a scott

Carolyn Stewart Evans
My ancestors came from Scotland to Smith County, Tennessee. Anybody out there know about the Stewarts in Tennessee?

Jordyn Stewart
one word: WOW!!!!

Ben Stewart
Any other Stewarts from Kentucky

Nathan Stewart
Anybody With the 2nd name Stewart from Co Dublin Ireland.

Ashley Stewart
I too am a stewart!

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