Last name: Stewart

This famous clan surname is regarded as the royal name of Scotland. It is however arguably of Olde English pre 7th century origins as it derives from the ancient word "stigweard", the later steward, a compound of "stig" meaning household, and "weard", a guardian. As such it was the status and title used by an officer who controlled the domestic affairs of a royal or noble household. In Scotland after the 12th century it took on a meaning of even greater importance, and described the Steward of Scotland, the highest post in the kingdom, below that of the monarch. The Scottish royal family surname of Stuart or Stewart, the spellings have and continue to vary over the centuries, originated from their holding the hereditary office of High Steward over several centuries from about 1157. In so far that the royal family of Stewart family originally had a surname it was the French "Dapifer", the family of that name having come from Brittany, in Northern France after the conquest of England in 1066. King Robert 11nd, 1371 - 1392, was the first "Steward" to hold the crown of Scotland. The earliest recordings of the surname include Nicholas Staward of Somerset in the Hundred Rolls of 1273, and William le Fiz Stywarde of Berwick in 1296. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Rogere se Stiwerd. This was dated circa 1100, in the "Old English Byname Register". Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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c Stewart

looking for family history on my family relative who came to england alone and has passed away now and i would like to know his history his name was constantine stewart but we called him wesley

Jessica Stewart
And in that moment, I swear we were all Stewarts

Jaya Stewart
It really great to find out about you family heritage

Paul Stewart
After doing a DNA test I find that my last name, while Stewart in the US since colonial times, it is likely that my Stewart ancestor who was literally "kid-napped" (stolen as a child), from his home near Glascow, Scotland, was not a Stewart- but assumed the name once he arrived in the Pennsylvania colony (circa 1697). DNA indicates this boy was likely a Wallace as I am 100% related to a tiny group of Wallace men and just about no one else. With the Wallace clan also from the same area in southwestern Scotland, this is not far-fetched. If you can afford a DNA test I wholeheartedly suggest it.

Diana Stewart Powels
That is very exciting Paul.

kevan stewart
My family name, I have 3 x brothers Ian, Barry (deceased) & David + 2 x sisters Linda & Carol. My grandfather came from Brighton Sussex but he died when my father was appox 10yrs. old. My father was born in 1928 but died 1995. I was the first child born Dec. 1953 & my youngest sister was born Nov. 1963. Sadly my mother ( maiden name Ingram who originated from Thurlestone (nr. Kingsbridge ) South Devon ) born Nov. 1929 died in 2005

Not Scottish nor white. black. Father was named general Stewart and lived on hard time plantation. DNA would not link me with anyone on this chart. Name is a name whosoever it is give too!!! rock on!

Dan Stewart
Dianne Stewart Harris, My wife and I would like to invite you to join the Stewart Family Clan of Missouri. We would be delighty to have you in the family. Dan & Bonnie Stewart

i didnt know i was part scottish

mikey stuart
we even have a coat of arms,wow!!!! this is deep

Shelby Stewart we all come from this?

shawn stewart

Hi to all stewarts

Jonathan Stewart
when I was in the 9th grade and only 5ft. 8 in. I could slam a basketball,with extreme ease. I was a late bloomer,but buy the age of 22 I was a weight lifter and could bench press well over 500 lbs. The Stewart's in my family are built strong. I was always the fastest runner and I went to 4 different high schools and had to prove myself and did. We are not built like a typical white male. We have broad shoulders small waists a thick arse and leg's(let me say it this way) my waist is 27in. while each leg is 31in. around. we are also great musicians. My dad plays 8 instruments. We are very good singers and have great ears for harmony. Also, a lot of preachers come out of my family. And we alway's attract the most beautiful women. I was wondering if other Stewart's are like this? I'm sure there are. We are mostly blondes,with blue,grey eye's some guy's have auburn'hair

Shelby Stewart
i am a blonde, only with bright green eyes.

sounds like jonathan stewart is a pathological liar lol

william reed stewart
nah he's right.

Gordon Stewart
i am scottish ( glasgow ) 5 ft 11" im 48 today i have dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Drew Stewart
He's completely right, I'm 6 ft 00" 14 dark brown hair brown eyes I'm the fastest and strongest of my age group at my highschool and I'm musically talented

Karen Stewart
@Jonathan we must be related my boys broad shouldered fun delivering those kids. Dan was the same way and both brothers and only one sister has the broad shoulders. We all have thick legs but we blamed my Mothers heritage {Polish) thin waist . my kids and I are the only blonde, blue eyed kids. And my one cousin he is very blonde blue eyed one of them. But they take after the Italian side of the family.

Dane Stewart
Im glad i stubbled upon this site....I plan to take part in the Stewart DNA Research. Hello all I am Dane Stewart. My father was Dale Stewart and his father was Basil Stewart. We have been lead to believe that our surname Stewart is from Scotland, and my great great grandmother has told my grandmother(deseased) that our Stewart family is related to Mary, Queen of Scotland in some way. Not sure how true this is...but i just want to know a little more facts. Ands just to really know of our blood line and see if it is royalty, it would be exciting! I will take up on Lee Stewart's offer for the DNA test....for sure! Thanks fellow Stewart.

i have a book Samson Stewart his ancestors and some of his descendants. i too am connected to Mary queen of Scotts. free info to any Stewart who is brave enough to ask.

Dan Stewart
To whom do I put the question?

gypsy gel annalise
my mothers a stewart.

Lee Stewart
If anyone is interested in a DNA family history test(there is a difference),then google the Stewart family History Sociery based in Edinburgh,Scotland & you can contact them.It is close £200 & open to all.

Dane Stewart
Is there a site?? whats the number to call?? I would like to take part.

Dane Stewart
I typed that in...but no site really came up following that there another site??

Curtis Bad Bear
Lee My name is Curtis Bad Bear. My grandmother is a Steward and her grandfather was part of the treaty between the Crow and U.S. government. His name was Tom Steward. I am interested in more information of the history society in Scotland.

Lee Stewart
DNA for family history purposes are not the same as those used on the stupid shows trying to prove the father!! I am talking about the Stewart Society project who is asking all those with "Stewart Blood" to take part,so the Researchers involved can build up the Data to see what can be linked.It will also give you proof is some areas,as well as break down of the percentage level of location of your ancestors.Many assume that Stewart is Scottish,but equally,many are Irish,name one area in Northern Ireland,the other in the Republic.There is always case that we all have ancestry in places you do not expect.

Kristen Stewart
Pretty sure awesome to be a Stewart.

Darren Stewart
Yes - yes it is

kieran stewart
love my surname my great grandfather was scottish always wanted to know more tho going to look more into it.

Kadine Stewart
Lloyd we are here trying to find out who is he and where him come from don't no anything about him all i no is that we have the last name and he run away on some farm work

Lee Stewart
If you are proud of the name Stewart,then good,anything else is a side issue..i connect with others of the same name because sometimes you share an Ancestor sometimes or learn something new,but we need to remember that we think we know something others do not & sometimes can be a myth,just look at some of these posts! if you are researching,post the names & dates,who knows,someone here maybe able to help.There is a DNA research project if anyone is interested!

Kadine/Kadiann Stewart
I am Kadine Stewart and i am yet to no my Father all i no is that he is Anthony Stewart that all i Know i am a twin so my sister and i still waiting to Know whose is our Father we are from Kingston was born in the Victoria Jubilee Hospital On the 9th of January 86

Lloyd Anthony Stewart
Hello ladies, I am heartened by your discontentment, where and who we come from is very important, you have the Sir name of your father so why have you not been able to know who he is?

where in Jamaica you are from?

Dianne Stewart-Harris
My father was named Gentle Stewart from Louisiana. He was not a slave nor was his father, father's father a slave. For a time they lived on Hardtime Plantations in Colfax, La. and no Stewart lived there. We understand his real name was General Stewart because General Stewart and his troops passed through Hardtimes. The slave theory is just a theory. Keeping looking1

Everill j. Hogan
My grandmother"s maiden name was Mary Stewart. I was born in the Midlands of England. I know she was originally from Scotland.

Gordon Johnson
The French word "dapifer" is not a surname, but simply another word equating to "steward", so the family had a track record in the occupation.

Audrey Popadich
My paternal grandfather was a Scot and his name was Charles Stewart and his brother was named James. It was said that when their parents registered their births, the spelling was incorrect and should have been Steuart or Stuart. This must have been about the 1860's or 70's. Does anyone know if this could have been so. I love my Scottish ancestry. Up the Scots.

any of those names are the same as stewart

Lee Stewart
I wish you well,if you have not already done so,join the "Stewart Society" based in Edinburgh.We have an annual Gathering of the Clan in Scotland every September & many come from all over the world.The Society has a Research/Archives centre as well & you receive News letters/magazines,etc... My family are from Dunfirmline,so we are Lowlanders,what about you.I also have a GROUP of my own on Facebook which you are welcome to join.

Dane Stewart
Lee....if you dont mind i would like more information on to join the Stewart Society....and if possible your group on Facebook. please email me any info. if you have skype you can find me there too. my skype name is: wirierbow

Debra Stewart Anshutz
My father & I went to Scotland for the Tattoo Festival & had a great time. We stayed in a B&B for experience some of the culture. We delved into our ancestry as much as you can on a 2 week trip, although we had done a lot of research prior to going. I would love to go back for a reunion next year. We will have to see what the economy is over here (USA). I am proud to be a Scot!

John Stewart
I'm a Stewart and proud of it - born in that 'dear green place' Glasgow, but now residing in Australia. We and the Irish have tp spread all that Celtic talent around ! To bring us all back down to earth - claiming royal ancestry. I did read somewhere that the name Stewart also derived from Stye-ward - menaing someone who looked after the pigs ! my grandfather used to say that there are only three kinds of people in the world - The Scots Those that would like to be Scots and, Those with no ambition !

Lee Stewart
I have a Stewart group on Facebook:Stewart Family History

jordan stewart
i love my last name its a great name and none other like it

Terriann Dagnall (maiden name Stewart)
Love to be a Stewart at heart! Proud to be the daughter of a true Scotsman!! :D

Heather Fox
I'm a Fox, but I am related somewhat to Stewarts on my father's side (the Scottish side :P); because of my dad's mom, Isa, I'm technically a part of the MacDonald clan! I want to find out more about my Scottish history. I may not be a Stewart, but I'm a Stewart in part, and that's good enough for me! I love my name, it feel truly scottish! Heather, from the plant; Rose, there's a Rose Clan in Scotland; and of course Fox, from my Scottish father. I hope to go to Scotland again some day soon!

Lee Stewart
Join the "Stewart Society" it is online, they possess the best library on the Stewarts,as well as an annual Gathering takes places each year & there you meet Stewarts from all over.The month magazine tells you alot,even those of us who know are history. Just to let people know@Tom Stewart as well;if you bear the name Stewart,you are either from the Scottish,French or Irish side originally,if you are French then you will probably never spell it STEWART, but STUART or similar.It has been know for the wrong spelling to take places,especially when recording Baptisms or something similar.If you have African ancestory & bear Stewart as your name, then it means that an ancestor of your was a Slave who was owned by a Slave Master with the Surname Stewart,most likely from Scotland! The other occasion is that many Immigrants have changed it to Stewart because they believe it sounds a bit like their name.

Lloyd Stewart
I don't agree with that closed-ended theory on African descendants with the Stewart name, ahh if life were as simple:), some of my close relatives are Caucasians, yet I am a black Jamaican, you see, it takes just a few generations to change the superficial racial identity of a family or person, the motto of Jamaica is "out of many one people" and such was the diversity and integration on our island, post slavery, many of the planters returned to Europe leaving a healthy mulatto population, many of whom reintegrated with the predominant African peoples, as for myself my families integration is German, Scot, Indian predominantly African and decidedly Stewart.

Kelly Stewart
Stewart from NZ. Woo Hoo!

Debra Stewart
I am taking my father to Scotland for the festival in Aug. I have started working on my ancestry in Scotland & hoping to find a current Stewart there. My father would get such a kick out of that. It seems I go through the royal line, but I am having trouble finding current "family" in Scotland.

John Fraser Stewart
Hi, My name is John Fraser Stewart and i am from Scotland. My family have resided in Scotland for nearly 900 years. As for My family origins genealogically in Scotland I have traced back as far back as the 1600's to Sutherland in north west Scotland. If you would like to discuss more, please contact me. Kindest Regards, Your Kith and Kin. John Fraser Stewart.

Dane Stewart
whats the best way to contact you??

Destiny Stewart
I may be a bit of a mut here in America, combining Engligh, Irish, and Scottish along with a fair sprinkling of Native American, but I look Scottish and can drink with the best of them. Cheers!

Lloyd Anthony Stewart
I am Jamaican and my research into my ancestry have found a Scottish origin of my early Stewart family. being negroid however its a bit of a ponder:))), I am rather intrigued by the story of who they were and how we go here. Ps: I am told that my A+ blood type is a key ancestral indicator, and is a blood group minority on the island which is believed to be European.

Lee Stewart
The little I know is;those of non-white with names such as Stewart such as yourself means that back in the day of slaves, a Stewart "owned" your Ancestor & named.The other thing I have heard,which I like;some Ancestor married a Stewart(white).Join the Stewart Society in Scotland(they have a website) & they will help you with this.

The latter ''theory'' is about as likely as the first. You should trace your ancestors as you might indeed be a Stuart by ancestry.

Lloyd Stewart
Thanks for the suggestion Lee.

Tom Stewart
Royal. I'm not Scottish though. English through and through!

Im VERY sure im not sctottish :S

Lee Stewart
I am proud of my name,but as a Genealogist aware that different braches have a slightly different history, even if the point of origin, maybe the same;ie:legimate children of King Robert II of Scotland & the Illegitimate children from his 2 mistresses,where I am from.Not forgetting the Irish link,especially if you were from the Hebrides & Lowland Scot.While there were Catholic Highlanders fighting for "Bonnie Prince Charlie", there were many Lowland Presbyterian & Anglican Lowland Stewarts who were Scottish Soldiers fighting for the King of England AGAINST, "Bonnie Prince Charlie".The French(Norman) come in as well,but more in association with the Highlanders than anything. I suggest everyone to join the "Stewart Society",we meet in Scotland each year & there is a Family History service(Google for website address)

Ani' Stewart
Hi there Lee, My name is Ani' Stewart (my married name), I have recently started getting into the whole geneology thing and would love any tips that you could give me.

Vicki Brenda Stewart
Thanks for your info.Being Australian,there is often gaps in history, records, so would love to go to Scotland one year, and meet some FAMILY!!!!! Maybe find out how /why we came here, if not as convicts.

Ruth Stewart
I am proud to be a Stewart, my Daddy was Leon M. Stewart who passed young at 51 back in 1977...

terri stewart
stewart by marriage but proud of our history

Daniel Patrick Stewart
Very cool stuff. The french origin was not really "French" per say, but actually Breton, therefore, making the Stewart's TRULY CELTIC through and through :-)

Vicki Brensa Stewart
My name is Vicki Brenda Stewart, born in Sydney,Australia, 1952, my father was James John, what a hoot, being a Stewart is...only go back 5 generations, so far, on, still looking, probably shipped out as convicts somewhere back then, don't know, but proud to be CELTIC......

Looking for my cousin's father. He was named Maurice Stewart. In the Merchant Marines in the 1940's. Lived for a time in Baltimore Maryland. My cousin was born in Baltimore, Md Oct 24, 1941

Cindy Stewart Murphy
Kathy - My Stewart line was in Baltimore and Anne Arundel Co. back to the late 1700s. I don't know of a Maurice, but there were 17 children in one family so could be. E-mail me if you want to compare notes.

Jenn Stewart
I love my last name, and I love it even more now!!

How cool is it to originate from royalty! =-O