Last name: Swann

Recorded as Swan, Swann, and Swayne, this interesting name has at least three possible origins and two nationalities. Where English the derivation is from the pre 7th century Olde English word "swon." This originally described a swineherd, and later became cross-linked with the word swan, which was pronounced exactly the same and described the bird. Hence in medieval times the name may also have described a an swan-upper or keeper of swans. The second possibility is that the name is locational, and describes somebody who lived at a place with the sign of the swan. This may have been an inn or alehouse, but could equally just have been a house name in the days before houses were numbered. Amongst the very earliest of sample recordings are those of John Swann of Shropshire in 1221, Gilbert Swan of Cambridge, in 1260, whilst Walter le Swon and Stephen le Swan both appear in the Subsidy Rolls of the county of Sussex in 1298. The exact origin of the name cannot be distinguished in the above entries. Finally the name, originally as Swayne, but now also recorded with both Swan and Swann, has been found in Ireland since around the 14th century. In this case the claim is that it is a development of the Norse-Viking word "swein" meaning servant, although certainly since about 1640 as Swan and Swann it has been widely recorded in Northern Ireland, where it is clearly an import from England. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Hugo Swan in the pipe rolls of the county of Suffolk in the year 1176. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was sometimes known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Jason Swann

Hi Swanns! My dad - Ronald Swann was born in Newcastle, England to Frank Swann. He moved to Montreal in the 50's with his immediate family. I do not know much of my dad's side of the family but would like to know more. They all seem to have dropped out of touch with everyone when they left Newcastle.

Hi my name is Nicole Rhonda Swann- Flaviney. Our family lives in Trinidad and Tobago. My Father is George Swann and His Father was George Swann. After reading this I guess the Name must have been passed down to us through colonialism

Anthony swann
Hello fellow Swanns! I believe my family is from England but im not sure what part. I was told by my father that our ancestors came to Virginia first and then somehow ended up in a small town in Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. We currently reside in Illinois and have no clue if we still have ancestors on the east coast. My grandfather, Donald, whom passed away in 2010 had 9 siblings in Pennsylvania. He was born in 1924 if anyone can compare trees. I remember my father also saying that my grandfathers brothers also fought in ww2.

hi,my name is gareth swann and iam from leicester in england,iam trying to find famliy members,but dont know where to look,i was told some of my famliy went to live in canada and australia,so if anyone could help that would be great

Andrew Cooper
Hi, my mum is a Swann from Leicester, send me some more info and I'll check my family tree.

leewood swan
my name is leewood swan and i am from the Bahamas and my fathers name is john swan and my grandfather is aurther swan he originally came from the islands of turks and caicos i was just look up my last names back ground

Hi my name is Sindy Swann and my family is from the bahamas also. My dad is george swann and his father is Arthur Swann. majority of my family lives Nassau/ Freeport

my name is Vanessa Swann, im wondering what country my ancestors are from. I live in Alaska now. I know my fathers great grandparents are from sweden, but i also have an ancestor from Lexington, London. I am really interested in finding more about my geneology just to get a good idea where and when the surname Swann came about and why. It seems to me that its more Swedish or english but i just can't tell.

Isabel Swahn
Hi, I'm Isabel Swahn (just like in twilight uurgh) and the part where swahn came from is on my mums side in Sweden. It is an extremely large family, and i would really like to know more about the origins, where they moved to, why they moved and what it means!!! Please tell if you have any info:)

Lynn Swann
My name is Lynn Swann just like that one football player. Only difference is, I'm a girl and I'm 13 :D I'd like to know about about the surname Swann and how people from long ago were treated and looked upon. So.. One question.. Well two.. How do you guys know about most of your ancestors? Are we related because of our last name? >.> I think that was a pretty stupid question to ask..

David Swann
Hi, there may be some contact. Just because we have the name Swann does not link us as there are so many from many branches that do not link., but I am from Lincolnshire England, and our family have spread to America, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Samoa.If you think your family tree link with mine let explore more Best Wishe David

Hayley Swann

Hi david , my swann family is from samoa and most have moved to new Zealand, Australia and USA, my dads name is david.Just wondering if you think we may be related some how and also if you know weather the name is Scottish, german or English lol :) , my family is not sure about the origin of our great grandparents :)

Edie Swann
My husband is a Swann and has a grandfather from England. His name was Rev. John William Swann and he landed in the United States in during the time of the Oklahoma land rush. He was born in Grantham Linconshire England. Rev. John W. Swann (1885 - 1925) is buried in Brumfield Cemetery near Seiling along with his wife, Josephine "Josie" A. (27 Apr 1888 - Apr 1970) and his son, Melvin Byron Swann (17 June 1911 - May 1977). His third child, my late father-in-law, was John L. Swann, Sr who died in 2000 in Lynchburg, VA.

Rachel Swann
My name is Rachel Swann, I live in Fiji. Our ancestors migrated from Lincolnshire to New Zealand and eventually to Fiji. J.B Swann was a chemist who settled in Levuka, Fiji in the late 1800's.

Michelle Swann
My name is Michelle Swann, I live in Hertfordshire, England. I have always thought the name was of German origin as it appears to have been around for hundreds of years before the Scottish variations.....

William Swann
My name is William Swann and I have always understood that it was a derivative of the German surname Schwan.

Dwayne Swann
My name is Dwayne Swann. I am living in The Bahamas. My only info on family origin is that my father migrated from Turks & Caicos isand and his ancestors might have migrated from Bermuda. Not sure about that. Any info would be appreciated.

leewood swan
well we might be related, do you know of a peggy swan in nassua ??

David Swann
Hi, I dont think there is any connection as my family are from UK, some spread to NZ, some America, around Michagan, some Australia. If you think there is contacts lets keep going Best Wishes David

David Swann
My name is David Swann, from a family with history in Lincolnshire England. I am living in New Zealand now. First lot of Ancestors origional came here in 1860's. and many went to America about that time Contact