Last name: Talbot

This distinguished surname is recorded in many forms including the popular Talbot, and the more unusual Talboy, Tallboy and Tallboys, is both English and French, but of Old French origins, pre 7th century origins. It is claimed to have two distinct possible origins, each with its own history and derivation. Firstly it may derive from the French male given name "Talebod", itself from the Old German "Talabod", and a compound of the elements "tal", meaning to destroy, with "bod", the meaning of "tidings", and hence the "messenger of destruction", a suitably war-like name for the ever-warring Dark Ages. As a personal name, this was introduced into England by the Normans after the Conquest of 1066, and a Talebod de Neweham is noted in the 1146 Book of Seals for Essex. The second possibility is that Talbot derives from the Old French "talebot", a nickname for bandits who blackened their faces to avoid recognition, "talebot" meaning "lampblack" in the dialect of Normandy. The surname has the distinction of being first recorded in the Domesday Book (see below), whilst an Irish family of the name who have held the earldoms of Shrewsbury and Waterford since the 15th Century, trace their descent from Richard Talbott, mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 for Bedfordshire. Batholome Talboys was christened at the church of St Mary Woolnoth in the city of London, on June 24th 1549, whilst Anne Tallboys the daughter of William Tallboys was christened at the church known as St Sepulchre, also in the city of London, on November 21st 1793. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Geoffrey Talebot. This was dated 1086, in the Domesday Book of Essex, during the reign of King William 1st of England, 1066 - 1087. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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I have been trying to find more out about my last name (Talbott) but I cant get very far. I know my Grandpa Neil Parker Talbott Sr. was born Sep 11, 1912 and died Dec 11, 1993. I was 7 months old and I would like to know more about us.


My maiden name is Talbot. My great-grandpa came to the states in 1888 from England on the "New Yorker". I wonder if we're all related in some way.

In ancestry, Hestor Talbot is listed as being born in 1620, Anne Arundel, Maryland. Married Henry Caplin, but he died young. She married Thomas Besson and they had a lot of children. After his death, she married Thomas Sutton. She died in 1692 in Anne Arundel, Maryland. Does anyone have factual info about a Talbot ancestor that could be her father - Maryland, 1620?

Does the TOLBART falls in with this Talbot line too? My gg-grandfather John Arthur Tolbart was born in Bowling Green, Warren, Kentucky abt 1845. He died with my great-grandmother was very young. I'm having trouble of finding his parents.

Jonny Talbott
Yes I believe that Tolbart would fall into our group. The Talbott (varying spellings) clan spread across the world and adapted to the areas and changed name spellings to blend in more.

Jonny Talbott
My dad would tell me stories the he heard growing up from his father about our name. This is the story as it was told to me. " Jonny it is time that you learn of the Talbotts. Our ancestors were Vikings. Now each Viking family had their trade. Some skill or duty that could be passed on from father to son. Our family had two trades. One was a skill and honor and the second is a curse that still haunts Talbotts across the globe no matter how they spell their name. The skill that honored our family was that we guarded the death dogs. These death dogs would be unleashed after a battle had taken place, and go to anyone still on the battle field dead or alive and crush their windpipes. This would ensure that the warriors died an honorable death and grant them entrance into Valhalla. Those who were still alive knew that this dog was a messenger of death.

Jonny Talbott
The dog earned the name Talbott (meaning Angel of death or, messenger of destruction.) and since we protected these dogs we received the name in honor. Now the curse is that some of us Talbotts have berserker blood in us. Your grandfather, brother and I (father) have the berserker blood. Until you are put in a situation where you berserk might come out we won't know if it lives in you. Our family left Norway and invaded Normandy in the 8th-10th century along with Germany, Ireland, Scotland, England, some in Russia. But it was Normandy that we became synonymous with the werewolves. As you know we are big in stature, so when the berserker talbotts got off the boats dressed in furs and are standing very tall and broad and attacking like animals. Stories began to spread that we were half man and half beast. From Normandy our family (my specific lineage) traveled to North America were we ventured through Virginia, down the Carolinas, then up through Tennessee and now we are in Kentucky. Now remember now matter where you go and no matter how they spell it Talbots, Talbotts, talberts, talbs (the Israel group) talboys, etc ..... They are all family and we take care of family." Since dad told me that story we have moved to Indiana. It's a good story to tell young ones.

Derek Talbot

Thats a great story and the funny thing is that me childhood nickname is Doggy, im from Dublin Ireland

Richard Talbott
Jonny, thank you for sharing that fascinating story. Prouder than ever to be a Talbott!

José Rolan Talbott Muñoz
Hi I am one descendant from the Arthur Benjamin Talbott Rabateaud (1876-1962) who lives and dies in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and who is the first Talbott born in Central America. We had been able to trace Arthur´s father Edward who supposedly born in a ship on the way to America, and also Edward´s father George, who came from Europe in the middle of 19th century. According to some research, after the death of Edward in his twenties due to the yellow fever, George took a ship back and left his grandson Arthur Benjamin under the care of a Hepburn family in my country. When Arthur Benjamin reach the adulthood he pass his story to his sons, grandsons, etc. but he only knew one uncle (Edward brother) who lives in Jamaica and who apparently is the first Talbott in that Country. I would like to know other Talbotts in America, and if is possible trace back our roots from George ancestors. If you notice by my name, I am Latin, (Spanish spoken) Regards RT

Sean Talbot
I am from a line that has been in Illinois for a few generations.... and before then our line came from New York. I know that the furthest I've found my line is that it goes back to Jarid Talbot (1622-1686)

Carole Talbott
My husband is a Talbott and his father came from Missouri to California. I cannot trace the name any farther than a John E. Talbott who was born in Ohio in 1831 and moved to Missouri. I can trace the maternal side back a long way, but would like to learn more about the Talbotts.

James Talbot
Interesting and I have done a lot of research on the family name. I am an Irish Talbot from Skryne in Co, Meath a Talbot manor since around 1200. The family is of Norman origin and from Wassunville in Normandy. The Normans were not French but 'hommes du Nord' from which Normany is derived - Nordhommes and a warlike Vking race. Talbot is from the old Norse 'Talebot' which means Wild Dog or Ravaging Wolf. This would be substantiated by the introductiom of a now extinct hunting dog into France known as the Talbot - pronounced Talbow in France.

James, could I e-mail you a few question regarding sources of your information? I have a great-grandmother who was a Talbot, and I don't know if she was English, French, Irish or what. However, I am eager to find out whether the Talbots are descendants of Vikings. Thanks!

James Talbot

Sorry this has taken so long but yes of course you can will reach me

Stephen Talbott
All two-tt Talbotts in America trace their lineage to Richard Talbott, who arrived in Maryland in 1650. Stephen Talbott

Oxana Albot
Hi,i am supposing that my surname is strictly connected with 'TALBOT',and differs only for the 'phonetic' aspects,but really ignoreable; anyway i found that in an ancient language - obviously 'LATIN' it means 'WHITE HEAD,OR FACE'

Karen Myers
Talbots are part of the FFV (First Families of Virginia). Don't know if your Texas branch originates from there, but here's some info:

Sarah Talbot-Haynes
I too am a Talbot from my father's side. I grew up in Texas and never came across any other people with the last name with the exception of my family.I am very interested in learning about the origin of my family, in particular when they came to the US and how they came to settle in Texas. Does anyone have anymore detailed info on the American branch of the Talbot's?

Lance Anderson Talbot
I don't have a whole lot of information, but my mother (Who is still living) grew up in the Texas area and is a Talbot. She has vast knowledge of the talbot family and might be able to assist you in your search..... from what I know... Talbots came to America arround 1820's to 1850's. contact me at if you would like me to ask her for help............................... I know you wrote your post a long time ago, so I don't know if you will even get this. but I thought I would reply anyway.

matt alexander
Wrong email. This is the correct one.

Brett Taylor
Hey Matt, how are you? My names Brett and I'm from British Columbia, Canada. I'm dating a girl with the last name Talbot and I want to do something special for her birthday, you know, other than some card written by some schmuck in an office. I wanted to find out some information on her family history but really have no idea where to start so I thought I would start with the basic's, the history of the name Talbot. In your research, and perhaps your opinion, what's the best way to go about locating specific family origins related to the last name? I just want to find some general information and perhaps some interesting facts about her history that could lead to an original gift, photograph, or something special. (hopefully nothing like Will Smith in 'Hitch' comes up) Anyways, any advice would be great or a finger in the right direction. Thank you!

Jeni Talbot
That sort of settles an argument between me and my Dad-I always thought the name had Scandinavian origins and he said French-we are both right!The Talbot part of my family are from Dublin and the surrounding areas.Coincidently,Dublin is a Viking founded city-maybe that has something to do with it?

Simon Talbot

I think the Irish Talbot roots come from a much later period. Henry the sixth gave John Talbot lands there.

Ashton Talbot
I' m a Talbot by birth my great granddaddy who passed away b4 my granddaddy was even born and I dont no any other Talbot but me my brother n his mom ect all together its 6 of us n were black so if Talbot a french name how did I get it

kimi talbot-hych
I remember reading of two European brothers that ended up in the south during slavery. they split up one stayed down south while the other went east(NY) the talbot that remained in the south became very wealthy in the slave trade an those he owned was givin his name... this is one of many ways how u got your last name Kimi Talbot -Hych I'm black an live in western Washington

Lance Anderson Talbot
Also there were quite a few French Talbot families that settled in the Louisiana area... and spread out from there. But there are most def. french Talbots. It may have a Cajun / French origin. The Talbot name dates back to 1086 in England so migration over a thousand years can put them in a number of places in Europe... hope that helps

Scott Talbott
Does anyone know when the Talbott came to America? My father has researched back to the 1700's...seems Kentucky and Tennessee, Col. John Talbott, Talbott, Tennessee is the Branch of Talbotts I am from???

matt alexander
Hey scott. Matt alexander here. I am a great great grandson of john talbott and still live in talbott tn. There's more greats than that but I don't have my paper work infront of me to be precise. Anyways I have our familys past all the way back across the pond so if your interested on informotion hit me up.

Anthony Talbott
i am very much interested please let me know!!!

Kweli Talbott
Now will this also include the variation of Talbott? Thanks.

Jonathan Talbot

I'm from Ohio, and I come from a group of Talbots that came from England in the early 1800's to South Africa, Henry Talbot and his wife Ruth Sweetnam held a successful ranch there for several years and participated in the Dutch wars, then in 1860-61 emigrated to Cache Valley, UT and that's where they stayed or thereabouts.


The earliest Talbot to arrive in America was A William Talbot in 1620

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Although most of us refer to them as "Vikings," a (Vic, or Viking) was an occupation such as pirates, they took what ever they wanted for trade and survival, ect. Vikings were Scandinavian.. "The old Germans that stayed behind in the home land"

Frank T Talbot
No its not French it is Norman as in Normandy! The name was created when Normandy belonged to the Normans since 911 ad. The Original Normans were of Norweigan and Danish stock as was Rollon their first leader from Norway. They were VIKINGS which I think translated as Vandals in that old language.

James Talbot
Is this surname French? Does this make me part French?

Heather Catlow
My mother was a Talbot, and i am very proud to be associated with the surname. We have so much history here in the Ribble Valley if anyone is interested,even an old bulding with the Talbot dog crest over the door. We can trace our history back to the 12th century.

Frank T Talbot
Yes you have much to be proud of!

So is this surname of French origin or not?

Jack Talbot
Yes, it's definitely of french origin - Talbot's (actually spelt as Talbot, according to The Royal Armouries in Leeds) came across in 1066, having previously lived as bandits in Normandy, and brought with them the hunting dogs also called Talbots. Sadly the dogs aren't around anymore, but dalmations are descended from them.

Frank T Talbot
Jim, thats a load of rubbish! So where did the Talbot Hound get its name? The Talbot family were descended from the Giffard Family of Normandy and both surnames are nicknames! Prior to the Conquest they lived in Cleuville en Caux in Normandy and some remains of their motte and bailey castle are still there in the woods.

James Talbot ( born Dublin 1945 )
Hello Frank I have never found any connection with the Giffard family and Cleuville en Caux. If you read my comment you will understand the origins of the family. Hugh de Talebot came over with William. His progeny include Winston Churchill and Princess Diana amongst many others. The family history is pretty well recorded. In America Sir Roger Talbot ( an Irish politician from Co. Kildare ) married Lord Baltimore's sister Grace in around 1730 and Talbot County in Maryland bears the family Coat of Arms. Silas Talbot, whose father came from Co. Kerry and was a farmer on Long Island, became the Commander of your most famous revoltionary boat the USS Constitution. If you want more finds me

Geraldine Talbot
Hi James My name is Geraldine Talbot and I was born in Dublin (1964) as well. My father is Robert Talbot (Bob)born in Dublin in 1940. His fathers name is Benjamin (Benny)Talbot who was a policeman. His family were weavers and had strong connections to the French Hugenots( they came over a couple of centuries back because of religious persecution) through marriage. We also have some family connections in the Kerry & Cork area. Just wondering if you might be in any way connected. My father lived in Rathgar & Benny worked in Rathmines. I also agree about the Norman root. I heard one of William the Conquerer's right hand men was a Talbot, which is why he aquired land in England, and 100 or so years later, in Ireland.

lee talbot
im lee talbot born and razed in byker/heaton the city of newcastle upon tyne england my granda fought the japanise but when i used to ask where our family origanated he'd say that we were of angle/saxon orgin ie germanic stock what with blue eyes blond or fair hair and six foot and over,and the words we speak in my area of england even sound northern european, nothing remotally like so called queens english, we are led to believe that we speak whats called geordie slang,its just old new words changing meanings ?

Michael James Talbot
My research on My County Kerry Talbots.

A Family Tree genealogy website researching Talbot, O`Donnell, Blennerhassett, Goggin, Dowling, O`Sullivan, Tangney, Horgan, Flahive, O`Donoghue and other surnames.

Gabrielle Marshall

I'm a Talbot via my paternal grandmother; she & grandfather were from Michigan. Her father, Frederick Talbot, was offered (as next in line) the Shrewsbury castle in England (pretty sure it was that one). But he turned it down (something about taxes). I've seen our family crest, it's 3 lions on a silver field. If you go to see the crown jewels at the Tower in London, you can see a Talbot was in charge of them for many generations.