Last name: Taylor

This is an English surname but of French origins. It derives from the word "tailleur" meaning "a cutter-out of cloth", the surname being adopted from the medieval job description after the 12th century. It would seem that tradition dictates that the spelling as tailor refers to the trade of tailoring, whilst Taylor, Tayler, Tailour and Taylour are the surname forms, but this is arguable. What is certain is that the surname is extremely popular, and in England ranks second only to Smith in the surnames listing. It is said that over the centuries its numbers have been swelled by its adoption as the English forms of various equivalent continental names such as Schneider, Szabo, and Portnov, which have entered into Britain mainly as refugee names. Early examples of the surname recording taken from surviving rolls and registers of the medieval period include: William le Taillur in the Pipe Rolls of the county of Somerset in 1182, and Roger le Taylur in the Hundred Rolls of Lincolnshire in 1273. Among the many Taylors recorded in history are Zackary Taylor (1784 - 1850), the 12th president of the Unites States. He was a famous soldier who played a large part in the independence of Texas from Mexico, whilst Jane Taylor (1783 - 1824), was a famous childrens author whose works included the poem "Twinkle, twinkle, little star". The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Walter Taylur. This was dated 1180, in the records of Canterbury Cathedral, during the reign of King Henry 11nd, 1154 - 1189. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Travis Taylor
I am from Louisiana, I have Family from Caldwell parish and La sale parish and from a few others I can't remember, a lot of us have been in Texas since the mid 60's. Older sister had a book on the history of our family, she had it taken all the way to Scotland, sadly the book burned in a house fire, and I lost my sister a year later, we never had a chance to sit down and go over it all again and get the person back that did the tracking down, that info died with her.


My maiden name is Taylor and my Grandparents Russell and Essie Mae Taylor lived in Louisiana and also Texas at one time.


My maiden name is Taylor, my Grandparents Russell and Essie Mae Taylor lived in Louisiana till their death, but they also lived in Texas at one point in time.

travis taylor

Where in Louisiana? do you have a town name?


My brother's ydna matched a thomas taylor who submitted ydna years ago on their match was only by one generation. I did not know who this thomas taylor was, but it lead me to do research on my father's father as he was raised as a swanger. I found out my dad was really a taylor, who's bio father was raymond taylor born 1899 in kansas, usa. now I want to find thomas taylor who must be my first cousin!

nathan taylor

How did your brother get his ydna matching submitted and matching Thomas Taylor on I am actually wanting to know please? I have dna results to do that with is why I am asking. I learned does different dna test.....


Nathan, used to offer the YDNA testing with matches. They no longer offer them. Now you can go to for ydna testing with matches.. do you know a Thomas Taylor?


I'm looking for any Taylor is related to my Great Great Father Caleb Taylor from Enfield, Halifax County Nc were he was born His mother last name was Battle I'm not sure her first name But his uncle name was James Battle and His Grandfather was Sam Battle


I am a descendant of Forest Taylor(Baltimore) who had brothers Paul (New York) and Woodrow from Virgina. Anyone related?

Kimberly Taylor



Do you have family in Enfield, Halifax Nc or Richmond Va

Jason TAylor

Hey I currently live in Central Indiana if any Taylor lives in this area reply!

Debbie Taylor

Hi Jason and all of you other Taylors, I, too, am a Hoosier Taylor from Central Indiana. Any knowledge of our family's Taylors ends with my grandfather, who was born 1896. He never knew for certain but was of the belief that he was born in Plymouth, IN, or possibly Michigan City, IN. He was left with his three brothers in a children's home in LaPorte, IN, when only 2-yr-old (both parents still living). My g-grandfather's father was Duncan Taylor, who was said to have been French Canadian, and according to my grandmother, there was also a Native American connection as well? I believe I have found the marriage of our Duncan to Allie Marks, 1890, in Erie (Whiteside Co.), IL. Allie divorced Duncan in 1899 in Marshall Co., IN. That is the last mention I can find for Duncan. According to one record I found, one the the boys indicated that ~ 1914 Duncan was a farmer in Oklahoma. Family lore(?) has it that Duncan was in prison, but I cannot find anything there either. My grandfather, Arthur, was raised in southern IN, and moved his family to central IN in 1929. Sadly, he passed away suddenly in 1963. Any bit of this sound familiar in regard to your Taylors? Have to say, I did not realize just how common the name Taylor is until I started trying to track down ancestors!

John Taylor
Hello, Taylors---
I am a Taylor living in western NC. Most of my family is from Virginia, having come here from Carlisle and Pennington Castle in England, with the first James Taylor. We are direct descendants of Zachary Taylor, his brother Samuel being my great-great-great grandfather. Would be interested in hearing from any Taylors!


I'm from VA and Zachary Taylor was my great great great great grandfather

nathan taylor

which Zachary taylor?

Oliver Taylor
Hello Taylor, I was born in Chelmsford and want to know about my family history because the only things i know is that i had 3 granddads that i know of in ww1 and ww2, so where can i trace my name back?

Hello Taylors, I was born in Leicester uk, now living in Switzerland. I have traced my family back several generations, and have several Taylor relations who died in France during WW1. Nice to share the name with you

joe taylor
hello ronald,i am also a taylor born in leicester but now living in spain,where is the best place to trace relations?

Courtney Pain
Hi Taylors! :) I'm in Adelaide, South Australia. I'm obviously not a Taylor, I'm a Pain (but i try not to be :) My family emigrated from in and around Staffordshire, England to Adelaide, Australia in the early 1900s. The second of my father's middle names is Taylor, same for my brother and his first born son. Same was for my grandfather and his father etc etc etc. I'm not sure how far back in history it happened, but somewhere at some stage in UK somewhere there was a marriage of a Pain and a Taylor, and instead of dropping the Taylor name, the bride decided to keep it with the name Pain. So all of the men in my family are Taylor Pains. I really like it. Only thing is, i cant find anything related to a Taylor / Pain marriage and/or the Taylor Pain names being together (still a beginner, but enjoying reading all the history and stories along the way) :)

Thank you, I have tried, but I think I need to visit Jamaica again in order to find out any information.

Try .Type in what you know,sometimes only a few details are needed to get you started. Good luck.

Elizabeth Alexander
I am iffy on William's father & would do anything to find out which Brock's were his parents or siblings in England!! See above comment

Elizabeth Alexander
history lt. thomas taylor of jamaica My name is Elizabeth Alexander. My great-grandfather on my father's side was Fred Brock, born in Jamaica, who started a shipping company in Galveston, TX, & the family were drowned during a storm, except my grandmother, Hazel Brock, & my Auntie, Annette. His father was William Brock & his mother, Mary Ann Taylor, whose father was Lieutenant Thomas Taylor, owner of coffee plantations in Jamaica. William Brock's father was a Rear Admiral in the Royal English Navy stationed in Jamaica. So want to find English history on both the Brock & the Taylor families.

Margaret Mills
My great-great-grandmother on my mother's side was a Mary Anna Taylor, possibly born in Louisville, KY and whose parents died in a yellow fever epidemic in New Orleans when she was very young, and was adopted by a Mrs. Jonathan Brock of Galveston. She married William Bristol there and their daughter, Lois Bristol, married Capt. Fred Brock. I'm interested to know how Fred Brock and Mrs. Jonathan Brock are related. Lois and Capt. Brock died in that storm in the Gulf of Mexico with two of their children, and three survived (Hazel, Nettie, and Fred Jr.). I'm also trying to trace Mary Anna Taylor's biological parents (since the Brocks and Taylors appear to be related in Jamaica) and determine whether one or both is from Jamaica also. Mary Anna Taylor was married and widowed three times, to Bristol, a Bloodgood, and a Ballew, and reportedly died while visiting Nettie and Hazel in Tennessee. I read the History/Biography of Houston/Galveston published in 1895, which outlined the Jamaica connections.

Stuart Taylor
Hi Steven try and put in as much information as you have and you might be plesantly surprised. I hit the jackpot and have gone back 28 generations and there is still more info available.

William Taylor
Have any of your research of the Taylor family lead you to Livingston Parish Louisiana or sorronding Parisheses?

Travis Taylor

I am from Louisiana, I have Family from Caldwell parish and La sale parish and from a few others I can't remember, a lot of us have been in Texas since the mid 60's.

Mr Steven Taylor
WE have a huge Taylor family living in Southampton uk originally from the Bristol area England .

There is a related, but different, origin for some people with the surname Taylor. Those with the name who are members of the Cameron Clan are more likely to be descended from a French mercenary who was skilled with the Lochaber double headed axe. He was known as the "blue cutter", or in french "la bleu taileur"

Andrew Goodman
Elmo, I am a descendant of Cameron Taylors. They are not of french origin but were the Illegitimate offspring of Ewan Cameron (Chief) of Lochiel and the daughter of the chief of Clan MacDougall whose offspring was known as Donald Cameron or Taillear Dubh na Tuaighe (The Black Taylor of the Battle Axe) .. Donald was raised by MacLachlans who were hereditary standard bearers for Cameron of Locheil. Donalds caretakers were tailors

Stuart Taylor
I once found a cemetery on Google that had photos of all the Grave stones that had been taken by a local resident and these photos were all cataloged and available for downloading free of charge. I wish more people had the time to do this to their local cemeteires. There is often more info about the person or their family on these stones than in the cemetery records. Sometimes the local newspapers have webb sites with copies of their papers and you may find some info about births, engagements, marriages and deaths, even in the classified sections. I have even found military records of some local towns via Google with names short histories and even photos at times of those who had served from their area.

Paddy Sullivan / Ramm (ne Taylor)

We`are primarily seeking leads to one George Taylor (b. 1911) - Leslie Taylor's brother (b. 1909) But other details 'unknown' have evaded us. Here's the details: Thomas Taylor (Leslie Taylors' father) Birth:Sept.1879 Hull 9d 268 [1911 Census] / [FreeBMD] Marriage:Jun.1908 O'Donnell Leeds 9b 890 [FreeBMD] Death: unknown Agnes Taylor (ne O'Donnell) (Leslie Taylor's mother) Birth: 1887 Leeds [1911 Census] Marriage:1908 Taylor Leeds 9b 890 [FreeBMD] Death: unknown Leslie Taylor Birth: 1909 Leeds 9b 502 [Census] / [FreeBMD] Marriage: Sep 1934 Thompson Leeds N. 9b 976 [FreeBMD] Death: unknown Alice Taylor (ne Thompson) (Leslie Taylor's wife) Birth: April 1911 Leeds 9b 326 [FreeBMD] Marriage: Sep 1934 Taylor Leeds N. 9b 976 [FreeBMD] Death: Dec1993 Surrey [Death Cert.] George Taylor (Leslie's brother - he witnessed one of Leslie's daughter's marriage post-1962) Birth: Jun 1911 Leeds 9b 408 [FreeBMD] Marriage: unknown Death: unknown Many thanks

Stuart Taylor
Sometimes I just took a chance and entered a name that I had straight onto Google. Sometimes this poduced nothing, other times it produced a list of all sorts that needed sifting out. When I had more specific details of Dates or Places of Births, Marriages Deaths, I would then enter these details with the name and occassionaly I was successful in getting more detais come up on Google. Sometimes Cemetaries would come up with lists of Taylors burried in the same cemetary over the decades. Give it a try you have nothing to loose and you may just find a link you are looking for. Good Luck Googling.

Laurie Marie Taylor
I am Laurie marie Taylor from Calgary Alberta My great great grandparents were Samual and Pheobe Taylor they Ranched outside of Airdrie Alberta and are both buried in the Airdrie cemetary they had two sons also buried in Airdrie cemetary they were Frank and Ira Taylor Ira Taylor was my Great grandfather he was married to Jeannie or Janet Daley their son was my Grandfather Denver Dale Taylor my dad is James Brian Taylor if anyone has any info at all id love to hear from you Samuel was born 1854-1932 I dont know anything before that

Stuart Taylor
The Taylor family motto is "Loyal unto Death" which is quite signifficant when one reads the account of le Tailliffer at the Battle of Hastings and his traggic death at the hand of the Saxon Kings Brother in front of both armies.

Hiya Stuart. Thanks again for the info. Ive read the judge Taylor family history.I will have to read it again to take it all in! I think Loyalty is a great trait to have. I will now try "Roots Chat" at some point and see what I come up with. My Taylor (Martha)married into a Lancashire family who were working class (chimney sweeps). I will see what I come up with on the Roots sight. Thanks. gaynor.

Stuart Taylor
Have also been helped by complete strangers on a webb site called "Roots Chat" with my family tree. It is free and I was astonished to be answered by 3 different people all within half an hour of submitting what little knowledge I had about my family and Dates of births marriages and deaths and places. I asked a few questions and they responded with information so quickly it was mind boggling. Give them a try they were great.

Hiya Stuart. Thanks for the info. its very interesting. Names seem to alter so much over time. I have come to a full stop with my Taylors at about 1800, but the search goes on! I will look at the site youve mentioned.

Stuart Taylor
An interesting article on the origin of the name Taylor in Great Brittain can be found on the www if one enters the names "genealogy of Judge John Taylor." It goes back to the Battle of Hastings and then goes through generations of Taylors even up to the time of his line emmigrating to the USA. I was always lead to belive that Taylor refered to the proffesion of a tailor but there is some evidence that "le Tailliffer" or "le Tayliffer" could mean "hewer or cutter of iron," the "fer" portion at the end of the French. Or Italian (Latin) Surname coming from the word "ferrous" or iron. I was also told that the name Taylor comes from French Jews but I have no specific evidence of this at this point in time other than the fact that the German and Dutch names for tailor "Schneider" and "Snyder" are common Jewish names and that the root word for "cut" in these names is "Sny" pronounced "Snay" or "Shneye" or "Shnii" in English, which could originate in the "cutting" of either the cloth or iron. I think that Le Taylliffer at the Battle of Hastings was an "Ole Le Taylliffer" and that it could be as much Itallian in origin as French. My Taylor roots come from my Great Grandfather a Thomas James Stringer Taylor in Yorkshire, England who had a son David Charles Taylor from Redcar, North Riding, Yorkshire, who had a son David Charles William Taylor from Stockton-on-Tees, who had me his only child, David Charles "Stuart" Taylor born in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia. I have two sons born in South Africa namely David Charles Dyllan Taylor from Cape Town and Ryan Scot Taylor born in Middleburg, Transvaal. I also have Two Daughters.

Asharie Taylor
heey am a taylor from Jamaica!! would love to know my family!! i know my Grand dads name was Gester Taylor, he lived in Grange hill, Jamaica.

Nicole Taylor
Hi Asharie... My mother is Lorna Taylor from Montego Bay, however she doesn't know who her father is all she has is the last name. Her mother, my grandmother is Murna Dunan. She was born June 1969 no one will give her any info. She lives in the US since 1987 when I was born. Can you help us out.


Hi there my fiancé's father is Lasalles Taylor from Jamaica however he has never met him and has had no luck in finding him. he was in the armed forces at the time and lived near Port Royal. Hoping to connect with anyone that maybe able to help in our search or have suggestions as to what else we can do....we will be going to Jamaica in May for the first time since he was 7

Alice Taylor Sanchez
I come from a line of Cameron Taylors. My father is Robert Cameron Taylor, and my grandfather is Frederick Cameron Taylor. My grandfather is deceased, and my dad says my grandfather was born in Nova Scotia, but I can't find any proof of that yet. Will post more about my Taylors in a few days. I have a SSN app for my gf, but will have to look at it to see what the app says he was born.

hi Taylor is the cool last name.Heather TAYLOR

Teresa Cowell nee Taylor
My maiden name was Taylor. My grandad was William Horace T aylor born 1921 Stoke Newington. His father was William James Taylor born 1894 Stoke Newington. His great grandfather was Lewis Thomas Charles Taylor born 1864 Dalston.

cheryl armstrong
anyone taylor who came to canada,i,m interesred wher you came from or you grandparents ,great grandparents.also interested in my great grandpas history,he as born 1895 he moved to ancester ontario canada.where did there parents great grandpas name was edward j smith.please help

p taylor
i am a taylor from east yorkshier

Stuart Taylor
My Taylor line comes from Stockton-on-Tees and Redcar in North East Yorkshire.

Simon Boyland
Are you any relation to Donna,and Paul Taylor that live in Stockton On Tees Stuart ?

donna t. dublin-drake
I am looking for information on james h. taylor who married emily caroline taylor. they were from ky orignally from va. they had a son named william madison taylor born june 27th, 1848. we can go back no futher than this.donna t dublin drake

My maiden name is Taylor. Born in Stockton On Tees in 1944. Father John Carlton Taylor. I have limited info on my grandparents and would love to do some research into my families past. Margaret Jennifer Taylor

Hiya Margaret. Try family and free bmd. You only need a couple of leads to get going.

Eleanor Taylor
I have been doing my family tree and my Taylor family lived in Leeds until the 1840's and then they moved to Pontefract, Yorkshire and stayed until the early 1900's when they moved to nearby Goole. I'm lucky that I have our family bible from 1771 with our family tree hand recorded in it from then onwards.

Stuart Taylor
Eleanor please could you scan the family tree in your family bible and make as many copies as posible. You can download copies onto "" and preserve that precious singular record for all to access in their search for family links. If you could even type those records on this site you could be the means of linking thousands of family members to their history. Please duplicate that precious record.

Darlene Taylor
My family name is Taylor; my Father, Walter, his father Walter, and my Great Grandfather, William trace their name back to Guisborough, North Yorkshire where William's Father Benjamin owned a Pub called the Bull Inn. I know the name Taylor was very common in Yorkshire as Leeds/Bradford had a clothing centre from the Middle ages. I also know that the Bronte sister's had a friend Mary Taylor.

Jacob Taylor
Can't get over how many Taylor's there are in England....really wish I could get my family tracked back far enough. Not paying for a subscription on though. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford a trip to England and visit some of you that are distant relatives!! All of you take care!!

Stuart Taylor
Try "" it is free and has tons of information. Just enter in whatever info you have and you may just hit the genealogical jackpot. I ended up going back 27 generations by putting in my Great grandfathers details and the computer did the rest.

Alan William Taylor
My mum is Maureen Taylor Married William Alan Taylor in 65, (divorced early 70s). Mums parents where Lilly And Fred Taylor. All hail from Huyton , Liverpool area.

Alan Taylor
My name is Alan Michael Taylor from Leicester, My Father was George Alexander Taylor, born in Beech Street, Bootle, liverpool, My Grandfather was George Taylor who I believe had a shop in Marsh Lane, Bootle, In a book of old Photo`s of Liverpoolthere was a picture of Marsh Lane in 1906 and on the wall of a building was painted a sign Fred Taylor and sons, Commercial Vehicle supplies.. Could this be your grandfater Fred?

Any Taylors in Ashton-Under-Lyne in Lancashire ?

Fallon Taylor
Hi Taylors...another one here :D I have been researching my family tree for awhile now... have been very successful on the wilson & ravenscroft side, but not Taylor!! Which is very frustrating !! The brick wall starts with my gt grandad Thomas Taylor. Born 1886... links to preston and leyland in Lancashire. He married a Lilian Wilkinson. (Thomas's father was John Taylor,a farmer) If anyone else happens to have his or his fathers name in their tree please reply! :) F.Taylor.

Hiya. A good website is family you might find some good details. Also freebmd. I bet you have tried them all though. It is frustrating! Gaynor.

Hello all you Taylors.I am researching my family tree and have come to a full stop at James Taylor born around 1800. Probably in the Warrington area. Any ideas? Gaynor.

Amy Taylor
My married name is maiden name was Snyder which means "tailor" so amazing!!!

My great-grandfather was E.C. Taylor. He and my Great-grandmother divorced a very long time ago. She is deceased and I would like to find out more about him. Their daughter (my grandmother) was Trillie Alberta Taylor. He is from Alabama, but lived in central Florida.

Hi my Great Grandmother is a Taylor, Her father Is from Jamaica I was also tryin to find out more info. If any names look familiar plz reply. Nora Taylor or Signora William J Taylor or William John or John Taylor Josephina M Taylor or Martha

Hi candice, i'm in Jamaica, but my father is so secretive, so i don't know anything about his family. His name is Joseph A. Taylor... Just felt i should reply to you.

Miss Khem
My Grandfathers surname is Taylor..... He was a farmer in Trelawney, Jamaica (big family too)...... I'm basically trying to find out how he received that name.... which will more than likely have something to do whoever settled there from Europe & owned slaves.... a bit of a complex task. :(

Crystal T
My name is Crystal Taylor and Im from Southern Missouri.i come from a big family also.:)

Im engaged to a Danny Taylor from Mississippi! From what he knows his Taylor family originate in the UK somewhere. Trying to find out more!

Dorothy Adams Taylor

My father was Albert Taylor born 1915 his brother was Daniel Taylor and also his son called Danny ,but we all came from Everton Liverpool

Im a Taylor on the Isle of Wight!! :D I have a big family here!! :)

I'm a Taylor, and I have great grandfathers from Ireland and France.

Jacob Taylor
My last name is Taylor as well. My grandpa is from Kentucky and I believe I had a great great grandfather named Edwin Tower Taylor. WOuld love to trace my roots back as far as possible and see what exact origin I am, Scottish, English, Irish, or what?

Taylor; now that's a good name as a given or sir name

Andrew Taylor :-)

girl taylor
my last name is taylor too :)

rexel w. taylor
i am a taylor as whell and im trying to find out my family tree. it is kinda difficult with so many out there, my name is rexel woodrow taylor born august 20 1992 and i was born in owensboro kentucky.

sandra whatley ne taylor
I am a Taylor with a familly tree would be nice to hear from anyone who is interested!!!

Dafydd Taylor
Hi would love to see a family tree. Where abouts are you from? My Taylors are from Lancashire (Adlington/Bolton area)

rexel w. taylor
i would like to talk to you as well. im trying to get info on my family tree as whell. im from kentucky.

im ah taylor to i dont no if we all come from tha same place but it would be nice to no if we did

Stuart Taylor
I would be interested Sandra. The Taylor's are a huge family and the more family trees that are opened up the easier it becomes to find ones roots in a maze of Taylors.

sandra whatley ne taylor
such alot of taylors dad name dennis mum name daphne both deceased does this help anyone

Dorothy Taylor
My grandfather was born 1886 a general carter from 69 Cornwall Street Everton Liverpool ,his father also John Taylor a carter too married a Elizebeth ? from Heswall Cheshire ,