Last name: Taylor

This is an English surname but of French origins. It derives from the word "tailleur" meaning "a cutter-out of cloth", the surname being adopted from the medieval job description after the 12th century. It would seem that tradition dictates that the spelling as tailor refers to the trade of tailoring, whilst Taylor, Tayler, Tailour and Taylour are the surname forms, but this is arguable. What is certain is that the surname is extremely popular, and in England ranks second only to Smith in the surnames listing. It is said that over the centuries its numbers have been swelled by its adoption as the English forms of various equivalent continental names such as Schneider, Szabo, and Portnov, which have entered into Britain mainly as refugee names. Early examples of the surname recording taken from surviving rolls and registers of the medieval period include: William le Taillur in the Pipe Rolls of the county of Somerset in 1182, and Roger le Taylur in the Hundred Rolls of Lincolnshire in 1273. Among the many Taylors recorded in history are Zackary Taylor (1784 - 1850), the 12th president of the Unites States. He was a famous soldier who played a large part in the independence of Texas from Mexico, whilst Jane Taylor (1783 - 1824), was a famous childrens author whose works included the poem "Twinkle, twinkle, little star". The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Walter Taylur. This was dated 1180, in the records of Canterbury Cathedral, during the reign of King Henry 11nd, 1154 - 1189. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Courtney Pain
Hi Taylors! :) I'm in Adelaide, South Australia. I'm obviously not a Taylor, I'm a Pain (but i try not to be :) My family emigrated from in and around Staffordshire, England to Adelaide, Australia in the early 1900s. The second of my father's middle names is Taylor, same for my brother and his first born son. Same was for my grandfather and his father etc etc etc. I'm not sure how far back in history it happened, but somewhere at some stage in UK somewhere there was a marriage of a Pain and a Taylor, and instead of dropping the Taylor name, the bride decided to keep it with the name Pain. So all of the men in my family are Taylor Pains. I really like it. Only thing is, i cant find anything related to a Taylor / Pain marriage and/or the Taylor Pain names being together (still a beginner, but enjoying reading all the history and stories along the way) :)

Hello Taylors, I was born in Leicester uk, now living in Switzerland. I have traced my family back several generations, and have several Taylor relations who died in France during WW1. Nice to share the name with you

Oliver Taylor
Hello Taylor, I was born in Chelmsford and want to know about my family history because the only things i know is that i had 3 granddads that i know of in ww1 and ww2, so where can i trace my name back?

John Taylor
Hello, Taylors---
I am a Taylor living in western NC. Most of my family is from Virginia, having come here from Carlisle and Pennington Castle in England, with the first James Taylor. We are direct descendants of Zachary Taylor, his brother Samuel being my great-great-great grandfather. Would be interested in hearing from any Taylors!

Jason TAylor

Hey I currently live in Central Indiana if any Taylor lives in this area reply!

Kimberly Taylor



I am a descendant of Forest Taylor(Baltimore) who had brothers Paul (New York) and Woodrow from Virgina. Anyone related?


I'm looking for any Taylor is related to my Great Great Father Caleb Taylor from Enfield, Halifax County Nc were he was born His mother last name was Battle I'm not sure her first name But his uncle name was James Battle and His Grandfather was Sam Battle


My brother's ydna matched a thomas taylor who submitted ydna years ago on their match was only by one generation. I did not know who this thomas taylor was, but it lead me to do research on my father's father as he was raised as a swanger. I found out my dad was really a taylor, who's bio father was raymond taylor born 1899 in kansas, usa. now I want to find thomas taylor who must be my first cousin!

Travis Taylor
I am from Louisiana, I have Family from Caldwell parish and La sale parish and from a few others I can't remember, a lot of us have been in Texas since the mid 60's. Older sister had a book on the history of our family, she had it taken all the way to Scotland, sadly the book burned in a house fire, and I lost my sister a year later, we never had a chance to sit down and go over it all again and get the person back that did the tracking down, that info died with her.

Amonica Warren
Looking for my mixed grandma's family Catherine A.D. Taylor Magee .Long story but I miss her and she was the greatest..

Randy Louis Taylor
Early ancestrrs

Hello everyone. I have discovered Martha Taylor in my family. She married John Delooze in Warrington, Lancashire, England (about 1840). I can't find any more information about her and would be glad of any help.

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