Last name: Thickpenny

This is a very unusual English surname. Recorded as Thickpenny, Thickpeny, Thickpenney, and probably others, its origin has defied researchers for over four hundred years. The famous Victorian etymologist Canon Charles Bardsley writing in the year 1880, confessed that he could not find a satisfactory explanation, and a hundred and twenty years on, and with all the resources of modern research, the position has not greatly changed. The surname is reasonably well recorded in the surviving church registers of the city of London from at least Elizabethan times, but they do not provide any clues as to how the name came about. The first known recording of the surname is believed to be that of the Rev. Leonard Thickpenny, a minister of Enfield in Middlesex, probably St Andrews. In the year 1590 it is said, he was buried secretly at night at St Peters Cornhill, in a 'coffen' with an opening flap! The secrecy of this burial only adds to the romance of the surname. Our research suggests that the name is almost certainly a transposition or fusing of either another surname, as 1590 is several centuriues after the intial creation of surnames, or of a place name such as Thicket Priory near York. However this is pure conjecture, as is often the case with surnames with no remotely obvious meaning or origin.

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sandra jean hunter dorsey
MY grandmother (and her family) were Penny's from/around the Syracuse NY area. Marget Alice Penny Hunter married Seth David Hunter. I haven't been able to find proof to MY satisfaction that Marget Penny's father, William Henry Penny's parents were Elizabeth Bateman and Thomas Penny (of Bucks England). Documentation out there, yes, BUT..not specific enough for my satisfaction. Ditto with William Henry Penny;s Birth/proof of parents. There were 3 possibilities..I left it there. MY cousins, just click and add IF the possibility looks remotely possible. I suppose, if I want to be inaccurate and follow the crowd..I could just click and add w/o searching and finding a lil more closer to the truth..BUT, thats just not the way I do ancestry stuff. Ive been at it for over 22 years..and Im pretty good at sniffing out bad info/inaccurate info..or something that don't make sense…

sandra jean hunter dorsey
From this union of the Penny clan of my grandmothers…and my cousins saying that these Pennys..are Thickpennys….and have added them into the Penny clan family tree. has created a questionable situation..As for me, I haven't added any parents for William Henry Penny (grandmothers father)..and have decided Id rather leave it there…versus putting info, Ive no good proof on…and screwing up my tree

Thickpenny Farm is just up the road from where i live in York, UK. There is a good chance that a lot of thickpennys originated from there.

bruce thickpenny

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