Last name: Toth

Recorded in several spellings including Tott, Toth, Tothe, Tottman, Tottie, and Tottey, this is a medieval English surname of pre 7th century origins. It is believed to derive from the Danish-Viking personal name Thjod, but it is equally possible that the name is a form of the German Otto. It is not uncommon for a surname to have several possible origins, however the evidence points to the Vikings, if only because most of the early surviving recordings are to be found in Yorkshire, and York was the ancient capital of Viking England. The early surname development included the following recordings taken from the authentic records, rolls and registers, of the medieval period. Wilhelmus Tothe in the Poll Tax register for Yorkshire in 1379, and Robertus Thotte in the same rolls. Later recordings include those of George Tott in the marriage license lists for London in 1577, and John Totman, who was an emigrant to the New England colony of Virginia, in 1632, whilst Mary Tottey married John Byrne, at St George's Chapel, Hanover Square, Westminster, in 1789. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Beatrix Totty. This was dated 1379, in the Poll Tax rolls of Yorkshire, during the reign of King Richard 11nd. He was known as "Richard of Bordeaux", where he was born, and reigned from 1378 to 1399. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Mirek Töth

I'm Töth but i am from Czech Republic :-)

Maria Toth
My name is Toth also and I'm Hungarian. I was disappointed to read that they lumped my name in with the English and Nordic surnames.

Toth in old Hunic scriptures was normally used for Croats on one hand. On another hand it meant negative label for people from Slovakia or northern people of old Hungarian kingdom. Later (from 19.cen.) was allowed to use it for Jews that wanted to be more Hungarian and avoid abuse because of typical Jewish name. I am sorry someone hurt yours Hungarians feelings, by labeling them as English or Nordic, but scientist are saying that only 5% or less percentage of today's Hungarians has some "Hungarian ancestry" (this cause strong tensions in last years on side of nacionalists). There are many names having Hungarian sound or accent but they are Syrian, Spanish, German, Arabic, Persian in origin and so... For the goodness of some Hungarian old kings they came to Buda or Pest to help to build monarchy since for some pain or tensions in their old countries looked like good idea from 11 to 18th cent. Today, all of them feel like Hungarians or already live in US, Canada, Autralia and so :-)

Does anyone of Hungarian descent have information about the origin of the name Eressy? My grandmother descended from Toth and Eressy. Any information about Toth and Eressy surnames will be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, my family in the U.S. lacks information which was never passed on to us. Would also appreciate any info about the surname Bogar (Bugar). Respectively submitted, AMA.

The main literal meaning for the word 'bogár' in Hungarian is 'bug,' i.e., insect. There are some metaphorical meanings too:

Bugar is one Slovak politician. (Bela Bugar).

Bugar is really Slovakian or Hungarian name. It was used for special class of people from area between today Bratislava, Gyor, Komarom, Trnava, Nitra. Comes from name groupe like Boggar, Bognar, Bulgar. Lable for people in 18th and 19th cent., from Bulgaria and Romania to Central Hungarian Kingdom.

Eressy is very close to Erecky, Eracky or Hebrew name/word eretz. Eretz meaning earth or soil or land of Israel. If there is "Semitic look/faces" in Eressy family a suspect you might have Jewish roots. Toth surname was registered/allowed in Hungary form many Jews also. You find theese names in synagogs or other lists in Hungary.

Alfi, thank you for the information connecting the surname 'Toth' with Jewish race. My grandmother's maiden name was Toth, and while researching her I came across her mother's maiden name 'Lengel' (Lengyel). Discovering Lengel is a Jewish name I got into a Jewish genealogy databases where, I also located many with the surname Toth. Although my grandmother was a practicing Catholic, I have read recently that many Hungarian Jews converted to Catholism when anti-Semitism became prevalent in Hungary. So, now I'm curious. Is 'Toth' a Jewish surname, or did Jews simply take on this name?