Last name: Valentine

This interesting surname is of English and Scottish origin, and is from a medieval given name, derived from the Latin "Valentinus", a derivative of "valere", to be strong, healthy. The personal name was never common in England until the end of the 12th Century; this was probably a result of French influence. The name was borne by a 3rd Century saint and martyr, whose feast falls on February 14th, the date of a traditional celebration of spring going back to the Roman fertility festival of Juno Februata. The first recording of the personal name was in the Curia Rolls for Wiltshire in 1198, as "Valentinus", and the surname was first recorded in the mid 13th Century (see below). In the modern idiom the surname can be found recorded as Valentine, Val(l)entin, Vallentine, Val(l)intine, Wallentin and Valentin. Recordings from London Church Registers include: the marriage of Alexander Valentine and Sarah Hackman on September 18th 1723, at St. Katherine in the Tower, and the marriage of Donald Valentine and Ealer Boyd on February 14th 1741, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Westminster. A Coat of Arms granted to a family of the name from Hereford is a black shield, on a silver chevron three black lions' heads erased, the Crest being an ermine demi pegasus salient and erased enfiled on the body with a gold ducal coronet. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Matilda Valentyn, which was dated 1251, in the "Pipe Rolls of Huntingdonshire", during the reign of King Henry 111, known as "The Frenchman", 1216 - 1272. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Keith Richard Valentine

Any valentine's in lake Charles, La? Or Calcasieu parish. My father's William valentine as his grandmother is last name Farquhar as well. Try to trace my roots on his side.

Rebecca Valentine

Wow I didn't know there were so many of us

Caleb Valentine

one of us. one of us.

Isabelle Valentine
I'm trying to learn more about this side of my family, but getting information from my parents and grandparents is turning out to be tricky for various reasons. My mother is Stephanie and her maiden name is Valentine. Her father is Jim Valentine. Anyone have more info?

Jes Valentine

Hi Isabelle - I'm Jes Valentine and I am your maternal aunt! My dad once told me a story of a Pottawatomie Indian slave, sold on Valentine's day and taking the surname "Valentine" as such. However, I haven't been able to verify this. I do know that my dad's mother, your great-grandmother Martis, lived with her parents well into her twenties. They were worried she would become a spinster so her father, working for a railroad company in Beech Grove, Indiana (now a part of Indianapolis) wrote her name and address on the side of several boxcars that traveled the nation. Grandma Martis began receiving letters from potential suitors from all over the nation but fell for a drifter with the last name of Valentine who worked odd, labor-based jobs in Indy. When Grandma Martis became pregnant with my dad, Mr. Valentine left town shortly thereafter and I do not believe my dad ever had any meaningful contact with him. He also had difficulties with alcoholism. I wish Dell, Stephanie and I weren't so distant and lived on opposite sides of the nation. I haven't seen you or Danielle since you were 2 and 4 and I have never met your other siblings!!

Korey Valentine
I live in Ohio. My grandfather is Thomas Valentine of Zanesville, Oh. Yhere are also alot of other Families here with the Valentine last name. Ive been told Our last name is Italian.

Danny Valentine
Hey Korey,

I randomly check back here to see if anyone has submitted an actual photo of our coat of arms. I'm of full-Italian descent - Anastasia & Sebastian Valentine - Firenze, Italia. Currently, Philadelphia, PA area.


The Italian "Valentine" and English "Valentine" actually have different coats of arms. The Italian one is predominantly blue. The article here is referring to the English surname Valentine which has a predominantly black coat of arms.


Danny Valentine
"A Coat of Arms granted to a family of the name from Hereford is a black shield, on a silver chevron three black lions' heads erased, the Crest being an ermine demi pegasus salient and erased enfiled on the body with a gold ducal coronet." ( If anyone has a photo, and/or trinket that matches such description... would you mind posting it? I've searched, but can not seem to find it anywhere! Grazie!


English Valentine- as described above, and Italian Valentine.

Garreth Mark Valentine
Ww didn't realise how big the Valentine's was haha we are the love messengers! Boom

My great grandmother was a Valentine out of Louisiana. Louvinia Valentine of Sabine Parish. Trying to find out more about the name.

Meleah Valentine Ashley
My maiden name is Valentine, and there are a few Valentine's left in Franklin Parish Louisiana. My paternal grandfather was Maurice Valentine and he married Mittie Nobles, my grandmother. Much debate about our original country of origin has been discussed. My grandfather was born in 1891 or 1898, don't have his birthdate beside me at this moment. What is interesting however is that many of his relatives seem to have Italian first names, like Alonzo and Roberto shortened to Robert. Maybe they were common names at the time and nothing more, but I would love to know where our last name originated. I've been told Valentine was Italian, English, and Scottish, but I'm not sure. I can say that there were many Valentines in Franklin Parish, LA at one time, and that some now live in Florida, Texas, California, and different states. There are also some Valentines from Richland Parish that are directly related to me, and one who moved to Italy 16 years ago and she lives there still. I do know my grandfather was raised in Columbia, LA, can't think of the Parish name at this time.

Any Valentine family from Monroe Arkansas or Omaha Nebraska

If you are contact me at 402-208-4723 3055 read St.Omaha Nebraska 68112

Jerry Loraine Valentine
My fathers name was Russel James Valentine and was from the webberville,fowlervile area of Michigan, I know very little of his background and have had no luck finding anthing out.

My Mom was Alice Lucille Valentine. Your dads sister. Grandpa James Valentine came from Picadilly, England, not sure of the year. Grandma Valentine was Emily Tyler, she came from Racine, Wisconsin. My Mom was very close to her Dad, helped him on the farm. Grandpa Valentine had a back injury.

Amanda Wakefield
Trying to trace my family history. My grandmother is Anna Christine Valentine. I know nothing else of that side of the family, she married Ronald Mathew Jones, and they lived in Penn State. Any one related?

Any Valentines from Kansas? My family with that surname moved from Kansas to Oregon either in the late 19th or early 20th century.

Kenneth Valentine
The only Valentine I know of who lived in Kansas was William Arthur Valentine, who was a professor of music at the University of Kansas. He was born in Unionville, Missouri some time around the end of the Civil War. That branch of the family can be traced back to Obadiah Valentine (born in Elizabeth New Jersey) who was a Private in the American Revolution. I don't have complete documentation, but the name supposedly can be traced to Richard Valentine who was born in what is now West Hempstead, Long Island, in 1650. His father (also named Richard) is reputed to have been born in Lancashire, England in 1615,

My name is Dar Vonne Valentine my great great grandfather was William Valentine of Monroe Arkansas he had a son name Albert Valentine- and Frank Valentine

And William Valentine also had a wife name Nanear Houston-Valentine trying to find more family its about 500 of us living in Omaha Nebraska but we are from Monroe Arkansas

Korey Valentine
My grandfather tom valentine is from zanesville ohio. I have alot of familu and there are alot more valentines where im from in central ohio. Ive been told our last name came from italy

My last name is Valentine. My family has some Portuguese heritage and it was originally "Valentim" that became anglicized.

My chum is called Jeremy Clifford Valentine

My mother's maiden name is Valentine. I've traced her paternal lineage back to Johan Valentine, born in 1715 in Mutterstadt, Germany, which is about 60 miles across the border from France. This name really gets around!

barbara lennon
my name is barbara lennon,my grandmother was rebecca valentine,who was the daughter of elijah valentine and pricilla nee kirkwood,elijah was the son of john valentine and betty nee fox.i have much more info,but there is much more i would love to know,i would be happy to pass on info,

Linda Mrkalj
Hi Barbara , hope you got my message . Not quie sure what i'm doing with this gadget .(smiley face ) Linda

Abraham Valentine
My Name is Abraham Valentine from the Fiji Island and living now in Switzerland and still searcing where my Grate grate Grandfather comes from?. i heard from England or America but still cannot find it out. Name- William Valentine.

Greg Clark
I am the great nephew of William Valentine (Canada). I can be reached at Cheers.

I'm originally from Manchester, now living in Cheshire. When growing up there wasn't many people with the same surname, but i have noticed a few in Cheshire, i always thought it was an Italian name as in Valentino, you live and learn!!

Trixxy, if you google Bombardier Billy Wells you will see that he was a champion boxer and an actor from the east end of London. There is also a part of a family tree for him.

The man with the gong that Trixxy speaks of was called "Bombardier" Billy Wells, though this may have been a stage name. I think he was a professional wrestler,hence his physique. The films were made by The Rank Organisation. Hope this is helpful!

My surname is Valentine and I live in the South-West of England and my father is very dark skinned but still white therefore we believe it has a Roman influence as well as Scottish. I always see on credits on TV lots of actors, drummers, musicians and stuff with the surname Valentine but haven't actually came accross anyone with the same surname as me. I know I'm feintly related to a very famous man who bangs a gong at the start of a film, but I'd be interested in finding anyone else who is related to me. I've tried ancestory, it doesn't work. Anything else?

Dan valentine
Haha thats bobadeir billy wells the boxer and i live in bristol my name is Dan valentine and i am also related to him distantly. The dark skin comes from Wells (romany gypsies)

iv got the family crest and story in my taids whose and hes called arthur valentine and my name is sam valentine the story says that the name started with a man from rome who was very known by all the people and the name came to ireland then england and now i live in wales with the name sam valentine

Charles Robert Valentine
Charles Robert Valentine of the Valentine's from Ohio. Our family settled in Ohio-my grandfather was Robert "Bob" Valentine from Frankfort.

ray valentine
well my family are from ireland and allways thought that we werer roman gysys it may be true but still hard to prove

Lorraine valentine McKenzie
Lorraine Valentine McKenzie 30 December 2010 Our branch of the Valentine family settled in Wellington, New Zealand in the 1860's having come from London. Howard or Horwood Valentine was his name but John and Franklin valentine are also associated with this family.

Jean Marie Valentine Bessmer
Story has it in my family that 2 brothers immigrated from Scotland to Massachusettes, one went south, and one of my grandfathers remained in Massachusettes. There were 3 generations in Hopkinton MA, our info goes back to Thomas Valentine born 1713 who died in 1783

carolyn valentine
are you kin to john frankllin valentine and cythia valentine

Hello Karen, there was a large influx of huegonouts into the east end. They settled in the Spitalfields area where some of the street names are french. This may be linked to craig's comment

regina thompson
born frederick md. now in pa. few valentines in pa. regina