Last name: Velez

This Spanish and Portuguese surname is of pre 5th century German origins. Recorded in the forms of Vela, Velez, Vella, Villareal, and sometimes Villa, the derivation is a short form of the original 'Vigila', a popular baptismal name used by the tribes of the Vizigoth. These fierce people from what is now East Germany, swept down through Europe to Spain and Italy in the year 410 a.d., destroying the Roman armies, and remaining as conquerors until the 8th century, when they in turn were defeated. During this period they imposed their culture on the natives population, the most popular of the Spanish given names and surnames such as Gonzalez and Ramirez being examples of the modern forms of Vizigoth names. In this case the name translates as 'battle-war' or similar from 'wig' meaning war and 'hild' - a battle. It has been suggested that some nameholders at least may themselves have a Roman (Latin) origin, and their surname descend from the word 'vigilia'. This was used as a description for a guard, one who kept 'vigilant'. Early examples of the surname recording include Ximenez Vela at Chiclana, Cadiz, Spain, on March 1st 1593, whilst the surname was also early into California, Alba Villa being recorded at San Gabriel, L. A., on June 11th 1797, and John Raymond Vela at Antioch, Costa Contra, on May 19th 1947. The coat of arms has the blazon of a silver field, a black eagle displayed, within a blue border. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Joseph Villareal, which was dated March 26th 1563, at Nuestra Senora La Antigua, Valladolid, during the reign of King Phillip 11 of Spain, Emperor of Mexico, 1556 - 1598. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Marcos Ponce de leon

The name Velez comes from east Germany. The first family of velez travel from spain to puerto rico in 1550s to 1600s with my family . thats all i know.

David velez

Very much interested in finding out more about my ancestry thank you all for your great information. God bless you all!

Nico Velez
Very cool to see so many Velez tribes out in the world.

Sandra Velez
Velez is a well-known name all throughout souterhn Spain and is Moorish in origin, not Germanic.

Armando Velez
moorish, ha that filth our origins are from northern spain in old andalucia region

Sandra V
Take a look at a map; Andalucia is in southern Spain. It was in fact the Moorish caliphate of Al-Andalus for hundreds of years. Velez-Malaga, Velez-Rubio, Velez-Blanco, Trevelez, Sierra de Velez, Marquesado de Los Velez, are ALL in southern Spain. There are no places named Velez in northern Spain. The Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal), was under Arab rule for 800 years, leading to a great percentage of Spanish words being arabic in origin (almohada, algodon, naranja, limon, lima, aceite, almacen, alcalde, zanahoria -- literally thousands, too many to list here). Sevilla, Cordoba, Barcelona, Burgos, Albacete, Valencia, Badajoz, Pamplona, Merida, Madrid, and more, are all cities in Spain, and are all arabic-origin names. The word Portugal itself is arabic origin. Velez is the Castilian form of the Arabic word "Ballis" which is a tower, seen most directly in Ballis-Malaca, known now as Velez-Malaga, and Ballis-Mariyya, known now as Torre del Mar nearby. Inform yourself first before just mechanically spouting off with hatred.

M. Velenik
The names Veles, Velez, Vlaz, Velenik, etc. come from one of the most ancient pagan slavic god "Veles" or "Volos".
This deity was mainly expressed by Jews, Christians and Muslims through the character of "Satan"... but this is another topic.
There is a very old testimony of the story of the people of Veles (the origins of the Slavs) easily available on the Internet. It is called "The Book of Veles".
Jewish names related to "Veles" most probably comes from their town of residence and/or of origin, the city of Veles in Macedonia.
Please, don't confuse jewish names derived from geographical areas or from topographic matters with slavic family/clan names associated with their Divinities names.

Toponymes derived from the God Veles :

Mountains :
Velebit, Velenjak, Veles, Veletin, Veletina glava, Velez, Velsusa, Volisce, Volnik, Volovica, Volujak, Voluska gora

Cities :
Velecevo, Velenica, Velenici, Velenje, Veles, Velesevac, Velesici, Veleskovec, Velesnja, Velesovo, Velestovo, Veletovo, Velez, Volasi, Volcje, Volino, Volosko, Volosmon, Volovak, Volovsek, Volujak, Volus

Valleys and rivers :
Velenik, Veleska reka, Veleski voslag, Veleta, Veletovski potok, Velevjec, Velunja reka, Veluska reka, Volavac, Volavcica.

Some sources :,112.0.html

...and so on...

Veles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

M. Velenik
Here is the link for the story of the Slavic nations, "the book of Veles".
All derived names have that very same origin.
As explained before, many Jews in history used cities, towns, regions or countries names to hide their jewish roots and to better integrate in pagan/catholic societies.
So let me repeat it one last time : true origins of the name Velez are rooted in primordial slavic paganism. And refers to Veles or Volos (bog).

First off, I would like to say thank you for the extreamly helpful information. I have a question, my English teacher once told me that -ez surnames that come from Mexico are Juwish. She said that some Juwish-Spaniards fled from Spain, because of the Catholic Monarchs King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1492, to the New World, now Mexico, and added -ez to their surnames to be able to find eachother in later years. I was wondering what that would make me, part German, Spanish, Moorish, Native, Catholic, and Jewish?

Gina Velez-Balay
Wow all very interesting!!!

Sandra V
The part about finding each other via the -ez is not correct. Actually, -ez names simply come from Spain, and came already that way to the New World. Names that end in -es tend to be from Portugal. There's just enough right and wrong in what your English teacher has said to be downright concerning about what her views are. Yes, it's true that Jewish people were forced to leave Spain by the new Catholic Monarchs, Fernando and Isabel; it was part of the "Reconquista" of Spain in that year. They also expelled all the Moors, or arab-origin people, then, too, even though both groups had been living in Spain for hundreds of years by then. They were all given the choice to convert to Catholicism (conversos) or leave with whatever clothes they had on their backs, leaving everything behind. They all spread out over North Africa (Tunis, Casablanca, Fez) and into the New World to escape persecution. Many hid their religious beliefs, because the Inquisition came to the New World, too. They are called Sephardic Jews, the "Sefardi" meaning "separate" or separated from where they originate. The expelled Moors mainly settled in North Africa, the Canary Islands and the New World..

Cesario V/
So I hear Queen Isabella issued the name to a Ferdinand Velez, and in the 1700's an ancestor fell in love with a princess and was exiled to Puerto Rico. Yes i am of P.R. descent, this tid bit was shared from a gentleman whose daughter wrote a paper on the origin our last name. he mentioned that our code of arms can be found in a museum basement in NY, I responded with, you mean in the lower level. he chuckled. Either way i am curious to see if anyone is able to validate this story.