Last name: Watts

This is an Anglo-Scottish surname but of Norman-French and Germanic pre 7th century origins. Recorded as Walt, Watt, the diminutive Wattin, and the patronymics Watson, Wattins, Wattis, Watts, however spelt it derives from the popular medieval given name Walter. This was introduced into both England and Scotland by the Normans in the form Wattier or Wautier a compound of the Germanic elements "wald", meaning to rule and "heri"- an army. The original personal name gave rise to many surname variations as well as the double diminutives such as Watkinson, Watkins, and Watkiss. The surname is Scotland is particularly associated with Aberdeenshire where the first recording is that of Wat of Carnegy in 1446, whilst the family of Watts of Rosehill, were supporters of Kings James V1 in 1596, where they distinguished themselves in battle. Amongst the interesting recordings associated with the name is that of Roger Wattys of Suffolk in 1381 whilst David Watt was an early settler in the New World. He was recorded as being a landowner in the parish of Christchurch, in the Barbadoes, in 1680. It is said that there are no less than sixteen coats of arms granted to holders of this surname, that of Francis Watts of Vincent Square, Westminster, is Ermine, two lions argent, on a chief gules, three arrows conjoined, the crest being a silver greyhound sejant. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Wattes. This was dated 1279, in the "Hundred Rolls" of the county of Oxfordshire, during the reign of King Edward 1st of England, 1272 - 1307. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Lewis Kingston

The article implied that Wat of Carnegy is the first recorded use as a surname in Scotland. Not so Walter Carnegie is who is referred to which surname he passed to his 2 sons.


My father's name was William Watts, from Moultrie, Ga.

WATTS in St.Croix Virgin Islands

DeceLL Watts
am 64 an like to no all my ancestor and family ph. 769-233-5533

I was told that the last name "WATTS" come from Greman and then off with the Jews and then to England which once it was in Greman the name was "Vatz" and once with went to England it was change to "WATTS"

My 2nd great grandfather William Watts b1858 in Baulking (Balking), Berkshire came to Riverton, Southland, NZ prior to 1882 as he married into the Stuck family in 1882. My 3rd great grandfather Thomas b1829 in Kingston Lisle, Berkshire also came to NZ I think around the same time as his sons William & John along with their wives. It seems my Watts (they dropped the s when they came to NZ) were from mainly from Kingston Lisle, Baulking & Faringdon in Berkshire. Any info on the Watts would be great as I'm pretty much hamstrung at the moment.

Christine Watts
My granfather's name is also William Watts. My father's name is Ronald Watts. Any relation??

Gina Davey
My Grandfather was John Watts, 1845, Carhampton, Somerset. Blacksmith. and his father, Thomas, also a blacksmith, Old Cleeve, Somerset.

Martin Watts
I wonder if we are related ,my great grandfather lived in brixham his last days ,but I'm sure was raised in Somerset .William watts( can find out more)

Christine Watts
My grandfather's name is also William Watts. My father's name is Ronald Watts. I'd love more info from you Barbara.

Patricia Gregoryy
My mothers maiden name was Watts. Her dads name was Johnny Watts, unfortuately I dont have any information on him.

Hazel Matlock
My maiden name is watts and my great grandfather is William Isaac watts and married Alice shores in Arkansas .

Benjamin Watts
My Great Grandfather is Hugh William Watts, he lived in the Boone County area of Arkansas.

A. Reginald
My surname is Watts. My Great Grandfather, George, and his brother, David, brought the chainmakers trade to Wortly, Yorkshire. They supposedly came from Staffordshire. There were evidently two branches to the family, one branch was the chainmakers trade, while the other was glassblowing. My grancfather, Charles, came to Canada in 1903 and began farming southwest of Lloydminster, AB. He brought the ironworking trade with him and ran a blacksmithing business as well as farming.

Christine Watts
MY great grandfather's name is also George Watts. England heritage. Possible relation??

what about watts in Montserrat west indies

i was told i have a direct blood line to the thrown under the name watts.... my grand father name is carl watts & his wife was mary watts.

irene justin

My surname was watts and l originate from Bedfordshire. My dads was Archie Watts and my mother was Lily Watts.Dads family was a large one his sisters were Maud, Freda, Dorrie, Liz, Hilda, Blanche,.He also had two brothers who were killed in the first world war Arthur and Ernest. Does anyone know our family? Be pleased to hear from you,

Edward Watts
What about William Watts born in 1835 london and married to Amelia Louise Gaydar (born 1842)?

Ray Watts

William Watts Sr. & Amelia Louise Gaydor (Gaydar) are my Great-Great Grandparents


Edward. Please contact me . These are my great great grandparents

What about 'Watts' of Guyana in the West Indies. My father 's surname was Watts