Last name: Webb

This famous surname recorded as Webb, Webbe, Webber and Webster, is Olde English pre 7th Century. It derives from the word "web", meaning to weave. Originally a male occupational name, the term "webbe" referred specifically to a male weaver and later "webster" to a female weaver; although this distinction was not always made in medieval English. In the pipe rolls of the county of Suffolk, we find Osbert Webbe so recorded in 1221 and Alice la Webbe, in the rolls of the borough of Colchester, in 1327. The following quotation from the famous medieval book of social history "Piers Plowman" reads: "My wife was a webbe and woollen cloth made". Later church recordings of the post medieval period include: Mary Webb, the daughter of George Webb, who was christened on March 5th 1550 at the church of St. Mary Woolnoth, in the city of London, and Mary Webbe who was christened on February 17th 1566, at the church of St. Benet Fink, also city of London. One of the earliest famine emigrants who fled Ireland in the tragic year of 1846 was Richard Webb, aged 20 yrs., who sailed on the "coffin" ship "Cornelia of Liverpool" bound for New York on January 26th 1846. Rather more happily Captain Webb was the first person to swim the twenty two miles of the English Channel in 1872. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Alger se Webba which was dated circa 1100, in the "Olde English Byname Register", during the reign of King William 11, known as "Rufus", 1087 - 1100. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Kie webb-heath

well webb was a my family name until it got joined in the early 1900s. my family are all from suffolk and cotchester areas of england. which supports the article. if you are american i would suggest you check for english family in the east anglia region. as this article seems legit as i do live in that area.

Webb is a Scots-Irish name.

Steve Webb
Just to complicate matters, Webb is also a reasonably common Jewish surname, being a common Anglicization of various Jewish names (such as Weberman), particularly in America.

susan webb poole
My dad was a webb bornkilburn 1923

Gary Webb
Our research indicates that Webb is a Norse origin name (I have had DNA tests that confirm this), that were settled in Scotland, and later Northern Ireland. We controlled the Lackey Castle in Derry in the 15-16 century. The Webb's came to the New World in the early 1700's, settling first in PA, then moving south and west.

charlotte holland
I have Webb ancestors. Immigrated up to Ontario, Canada. Rumor has it they were from Pennsylvania with Irish decent. I am working on genealogy and would like to more if you have any info would be greatly appreciated.

steven Hazen
my great great great grandmother was a webb :)

My mother's mother was a Webb. Though we have not yet place where our Indian blood comes from, I can look at my grandmother's pic and her grandmother and believe that it may be through them. Any suggestions on where I can find out for sure?

History fanatic
Okay the Webb is an Indian surname. It is my great grandmothers Madian name and she is full Indian....

Peggy Blank
My mothers mother was a Webb. Someone told me about 25 years ago we were a part of the Blackfoot indian tribe. If anyone knows what tribe I should research please respond.

My grandmother was a Webb, and I don't know the family history preceding her. She lived in both Canada and the US.

Tiárna webb
I'm a Webb from Ireland:)

Cookie Webb
my great great grandfather came from Ireland, Harry Webb

simon webb
My grand mother was also a webb

McKayla Webb
My great great grandfather (an immigrant from ireland) was a webb and married my great great grandmother who was full blooded comanche.

Leola Wright
Would like to know how we can prove our Indian Heritage My Grandmother was Wardie Webb

Morgan James Webb
I am a Webb

kie webb-heath

well webb was a family name until it got joined in the early 1900s and my family are all from suffolk and cotchester areas of england. which supports the article. if you are american i would suggest you check for english family in the east anglia region.