Last name: Wells

Recorded in several spellings including Well, Wells, Welman, Wellman and Wellsman, this is an English surname. It has a number of possible origins - topographical, locational, or even job descriptive. If locational, it originates from any of the various places such as Well near Bedale in North Yorkshire, or Wells in the county of Norfolk and in Somerset. However spelt all derive from the pre 7th century word "waella" which describes not a well, but a spring, and probably one that was associated with a holy place. "Wells next the sea", in Norfolk is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as "Guelle". As a topographical surname it denotes residence at or by such a spring or well, as in Roger Attewell of the county of Sussex in the year 1200. This is also a surname that survives in modern times as Attwell. As an occupational name with the suffix "-man", this probably denoted somebody responsible for looking after the village spring, although not necessarily in any other way associated with the various places called Well or Wells. Early examples of church register recordings include Robert Wells, who was christened on January 7th 1557, at Christchurch Greyfriars, in the city of London, whilst Richard Wellman was recorded at St Georges Chapel, Hanover Square, Westminster, on March 1st 1730. Ann Wells, at the age of 15 years, was an early emigrant to the New World. She left London on the ship "Planter" in 1635, bound for Virginia Colony. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Toke de Wells. This was dated 1177, in the pipe rolls of the county of Norfolk, during the reign of King Henry 11nd of England, 1154 - 1189. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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gemma wells

Im gemma wells I live in hull uk :-)


hi my name is barbara wells. i guess im your family if your last name is wells?


Hi in Shauna wells from IRELAND my dad is from Tasmanian.

James Wells

I am James of House Wells, born and bred in Cornwall, UK.

Franklin D. Wells
Live in Idaho, family came from New York/Conn. area. Thomas Wells was first member of family in America. He was from Essex England.

Harold Wells

Live in Selma Alabama, I am a 7th generation relative of Thomas Wells from Delaware from the 1700's, Have copy of family tree prepared by a distant relative from Shelby county Alabama going all the way back to Thomas Wells in the Delaware in late 1700's

John W. Wells

My father's name is Harold E. Wells and he is from the Georgia, Florida area. I was born in Pensacola.

Brady L Wells
I am from San Augustine, Texas and like to find out my history! I am 14. I was told I am descended from Zorobabel Wells.

Michael Wells
I live in North Texas, US. Related to one of the fighters at the Alamo George Wells. A cousin has traced our lineage back to the UK with a very remote link to Longshanks.

Nancy Wells
I am a wells born and bred in Long Island Bahamas

Debbie Bates

My great grandfather Louis Lockhart Wells was also born in Long Island Bahamas.

I am a wells from California USA. mother was born here, but my grandfather was born in Oklahoma Usa.

Nancy Wells
I am a Wells born and bred in Long Island Bahamas

i'm wells too, from California USA. great grandfather was wells and from Oregon, Ca. His sisters name was Ruthie Wells, missionary in Africa and wrote a book.

Cameron Wells
SC here

John Robertson Wells
South Ga. here !

Chuck Wells
Hail to "Wells" of every stripe and no matter where ye be located.

lee wells
i never knew there were so many wellsys in america cor mate im a born n bred east londoner and i took me mums maiden name cos me dad was a proper toby jug anyway me grandad was aproper wells and he was proper

Lee Wells
I am a Lee Wells too living in the UK.

austin wells
Im a Wells for new Jersey USA. I had no idea there were so many of us!

buck wells
wow, ok, i had no idea so many wells were around from the east :) name here is Buck (keith) wells, dad was Loren wells, grandad was Ad wells, and great grandad was Lee wells from somewhere in ILL. Lee settled in the powder river basin of wyoming in the late 1800's but so far thats all i know , at that time very little other than native americans were here.

This is a reply to your comment. I am working on a family tree for my husband side. I was just browsing then I saw you comment. My husband is the youngest son of your Great Grandfather. I would like to chat with you if you so desire to do so. Mickey was born in 1944 and he has some memories about your granddad Ad. He also spent time with your Aunt Edna. If it is any interest to you have followed this Wells tree back to the year of 1038. Thank you. Katherine Wells

Dean son of Sylvia Wells
Katherine, I have also found a connection to Wells back to 1038. We live in Australia.

kreg wells
I am a Wells also. I am from west tennessee. my father and his family live in chicago area. my grandfather frank died in the mid nineties and he is from kentucky. i do not know anyone on the wells side to ask ant questions. any help??

Andrew R Wells
omg this is like finding a new family! I'm a wells from south east england - in east sussex :)

Katy wells
Hiya Andrew I am also from East Sussex near tunbridge wells where abouts are you from??

John Wells

I am a Wells born and raised in Pensacola, Florida. My roots trace back to Virginia, then Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama. We were farmers. Currently living in Texas.

Neil Wells
i and my nine brothers are wells from ILLINOIS our Mom & Dad are from Kentucky Grand Rivers,Paducah, Kentucky lake area dad [Norval] was a master carpenter Grand Dad [James Joseph] was a Farmer.Would love to hear from all especially Kentucky related.

Melissa Wells
I live in michigan but my family is from Prestonsburg, ky

William C. Wells
Also joining the Wells clan from Los Angeles California, with grandparents originally from Wichita Kansas.

Sheila wells burnett
My maiden name was Wells. My 3 greats grandfather was from Bryan County, Georgia. His name was Isaac Wells.

hi i am rufina wells and my family ( the wells) family reside in the beautiful country side of st.lucia west indies. in april my grandfather augustin wells will be 88 yrs old

Vicky Wells
I'm a Yorkshire Wells, but my family are from Durham in the UK. My grandfather had 9 brothers and sisters but lost touch with them many years ago so I don't know much about my Wells side of the family, if any Durham based Wellses are on here get in touch!

Jack wells
im a wells from warrington in cheshire

Hi Jack, I'm also a wells from warrington. Wendy

My name is Mark Wells and i just came across this site. I was born march 13, 1968 in chicago, illinois. I don't know much about my family, but my father's name is Jeffrey Hunt Wells. I would love to find my family someday and am hoping that sites like this might help to find them. If anyone might know my father, I can be contacted at

Catherine Dorrell
I am a Wells, born in Indiana, I have traced my family back to Benjamin born in 1787 in Penn and died in 1868 in Hamilton county In. If any one had any infor for me, my e-mail is derel01@aol Thanks

I am a Wells, born in Indianapolis, Indiana (Marion County).

Chrissy Wells
I'm also Wells from Australia :D

Robert Hilderbrand
I am trying to track down my mother's family tree. She said that her mother or grandmother's name was Wells, from Wells-next-the-Sea. I remember that she said the Duke of Wellington and General Cornwallis were in the lineage also. Everyone that might know more is now dead. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Courtney Wells
I'm a Wells too and I'm from Kentucky.

Frank Wells
Franklin Dee Wells from Idaho. My family came out of New York, through Erie Pennsylvania, to Missouri, then to Salt Lake.

leilani wells
hey frank my brothers name is frank well n im leilani wells its funny how u have the same name as him r we related hahaha my dads name is james franklin wells

Denise Wells
I am also a Wells! I'm from Ohio, my family is from West Virginia, the Middlebourne and Sistersville area.


John Wells
I'm a Wells "as well." My family came from Kent to the U.S. in 1635. I'm going back to the little village in Kent this summer. As far as I know I will be the first descendant of my Wells family to go back in 376 years. Wow!

im a wells from kent too, i think all wells' get called wellsies lol

Andrew Wells(y)
I do! haha

lee wells
ive been called that since i was like 4 years old but its all good im proud to be a wellsy

Find me at or My screen name is J_Man09. I have a long family tree going

my grandmother was maud alice annie wells until married and became a swift

lee wells
so was my grandad shannon but he was proper xim in east london

roxanne abshire
my grandfather john wells lived in cleveland ohio, but there is a town southern ohio named after the family. wellsvill ohio it by studinvill. uncle ben and many wells family down that way, my mother was rosialee wells she had four sisters.

jayne wells
i'm jayne wells and my family were an eastend family known as the wellsies!

Annie Wells
This is my family name too - nice to see there are others apart from mine !

That's my family's surname. I'm Rachael Wells.