Last name: Welsh

This ancient surname recorded in a number of spellings including Welch, Welsh and Walsh, has two distinct sources. The first is medieval English, and the second of Irish origin. The English form of the name derives from the Anglo-Saxon (German) word "wealisc" meaning a stranger or foreigner, and this was originally given as an ethnic name to the "natives" of the lands that were being conquered. Early English examples of the surname from this source include Simon Welsche of Bedfordshire, in 1279, and Roger Welch of Colchester, Essex, in 1334. In Ireland the principle spelling form is Walsh, now the fourth most numerous surname in Ireland after Murphy, Kelly and Sullivan. It is said that it is an Anglicised translation of the Gaelic "Breathnach", meaning British, and also found in the surname Brannagh. Either way Walsh became established in all four Irish provinces soon after the Cambro-Norman Invasion of 1169 - 1170. They are claimed to descend from Philip, the Welshman, the father of the first recorded bearer of the surname, and the leading members of this family established themselves as landed gentry at Castlehowel in County Kilkenny; and at Ballykileavan in County Leix. Other examples of the surname recording taken from surviving church registers include James, the son of Thomas and Elinor Welsh, christened at Southam, Warwickshire, on Devcember 21st 1595, whilst on June 2nd 1653, Jeane Welsh married Daniell Goldsmith at St. John the Evangelist, Dublin. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Hayden Walsh, which was dated 1170, in the "Ancient Records of Ireland". This was during the reign of Rory O'Conor, the last native High King of Ireland, 1166 - 1175.

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kammy welsh
from glasgow

Naomi Welsh
I am Naomi Welsh, from Northern Ireland, daughter of Robin and Ruth Welsh

I am Terry Lee Welsh of Port Huron, Michigan, USA. Son of Harvey Earl Welsh Jr.

Kathryn Welsh
Daughter of Bernard Rhodes Welsh who was the son of James Welsh. My father was born in Walsall West Midlands UK and I understand his father came from County Waterford but I do not know which parish.

william welsh

my 2x great Grandfather Daniel Welsh and family moved from Edinburgh Saint Cuthberts to Newcastle/Tyne before the 1861 census and his parents were named John and Elizabeth Welsh

Alex welsh
I am Alex Welsh son of James William Welsh who was born in Newcastle around 1946

John M Welsh
I am John M Welsh, son of John A Welsh, son of James Ira welsh, son of John A Welsh, son of Ira Welsh son of John A and Sarah Welsh, who were killed buy a Seneca Indian raiding party.

Peter welsh
I'm Peter welsh son of Peter welsh grand son of Jim welsh. Far back as I know we lived in nj

Larry Welsh
I'm Larry Welsh, son of Louis Welsh who's father was Alfred L Welsh who's father was Martin Luther Welsh from Illinois.

Mickey Turner
I want to know where my family's name: turner came from and the story behind Turner.

gregory english
want to know if my surname, English is welsh

just interested in my mothers maiden name. Her mother came from wales

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