Last name: White

Recorded as White, Wight, Whyte, and the unusual Whight, this is an English surname of the most ancient origins. It has a number of possible origins. In the single spellings of White or Wita, it appears in the very earliest surviving registers such as the famous Anglo-Saxon Chronicles of the pre 9th century a.d. Whilst translating as white, the early name referred either to a baby, one who was "unblemished", or it may have been for some nameholders an ethnic term given to a Viking or Anglo-Saxon, who were pale in hair and complexion compared with the original native Celts, who were dark. Another possible origin is residential. If so this could describe somebody who lived at a "wiht", generally regarded as being the bend of a river, but in some areas of the country could describe a stretch of land suitable for grazing. It could also mean "The wait", as in the village name of White in Devon, which originally, it is claimed, denoted a place suitable for an ambush! Lastly the name can be Huguenot 17th century. Many French people called 'Blanc' fled France after 1685, and in England they changed their name to White. Early examples of the surname recording taken from surving charters and egisters include: Ordgar se Wite of Somerset in the year 1070, Walter le Wytte in London in 1284, and William le Wytt, in the Subsidy Rolls of York in 1327. Amongst many interesting recordings is that of William White, who sailed on the famous ship "Mayflower" in 1620. Sadly he lived only a short time and was recorded as being buried at "Elizabeth Cittie, Virginea" in 1624. The Ancient and Feudal Arms of England show that a Sir John White (also spelt Whyght) in the time of King Edward 11 (1307-1327), was listed as having fought at the battle of Boroughbridge in Yorkshire 1322, when the Scots were defeated. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Alwin Wit. This was dated 1086, in the Domesday Book for Hampshire, during the reign of King William 1, known as "The Conqueror", 1066 - 1087.

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Brittany White
wow i had no idea that White went back so far. I've always wanted to know more about my family history but i could never really find anything related to the name White.

Barbara White
Had no idear the name white went so far back white is my dad side of the family and they live in the staff area and have done for a very long time something to chance up on

David James white
I can only go back to 1920s, my grandfather was a sign writer. He also had some shops in the center of London i think they were shops to get your clothes washed. My father David more white Was also from the centre of London he moved to the northeast of England were i live today

Casper White
Wow that is very interesting and very good history. proud to be a white

Casper White
I am from Plymouth, Devon, England, Originally from Yeovil, Summerset but my Grandmother family is Scottish and my Grandfathers side is Welsh

patrick white
cool proud to be a white :-)

karlie bates (white)
Hi everyone, looking for ancestors raymond richardson white came over to australia on a boat called the Glenalvon in 1912 with his father thomas richardson white b 1871 and mother ethel may frances white (long) b 1887 lived in tooting england (wandsworth) district , they also had a daughter named irene elinor frances white born in england they had more kids when they got to australia but have come to a dead end. If anyone can help it would be very grateful. reply to thanks again

Shukura Whyte
I came here to see about my last name which is spelled "Whyte" I hope I count In the family! :D

John White
Hello Whites
My name is John White, Sr. I live the State of Maine and am presently exploring my family history. My greatgrand (5) mother's name was McKinney/McKenney (in some instances it the same name) most information states she was from N. Ireland possibly Ulster (Scot-Irish?)
She is reported to have been born around 1724-25, married a Nicholas White (who was killed by Indians) they had one son. She then married a Beveridge and lived in Vinalhaven, ME. Her fathers name is listed as Matthew McKenney/McKinney and he made his home in Georgetown, ME. I am not sure if they came right to Maine from Ireland or to one of the other states and then moved to Maine. Haven't seen much mention of the New England area here, but any information that comes to mind would be greatly appreciated

Gayle Reynolds
William White (Mayflower) is my 11th Great-grandfather. He died in Plymouth, only a few months after the Pilgrims arrived, during their first winter. The information is recorded in William Bradford's (1st Governor of the colony) journal. Wm. White was not buried in Virginia.

brittany white
glad to be a white, whites are always right!

Scott White

Hello everyone. My White family dates back 10 generations till before the revolution. There were 3 brothers that came out of a village, with a river curve, north of Portsmouth. My ancestor co-founded a town in Conneticut then later generations moved across to Chicago and after the civil war, Wisconsin. I'm also an Underhill. If you look at the statistics we Whites number over 2 million in the USA.

Rozanne Faulkner

Great information about the White surname. You've posted much that I did not know. There is one item that needs correction. There were 2 by name of William White. One sailed on the Mayflower, 1620, and died there the following winter. The other was an early settler of Jamestown Virginia and probably the one you noted that died in 1624. Another most interesting character was John White, the artist of Frobisher Expeditions 1577 (?) and the Governor of the Lost Virginia Dare Colony 1587, in what is now North Carolina.

Jerry J. White

My family came to America in 1703. Landed in Delaware and ended up in what is now West Virginia.

Ronald L White

Surname was a very good read , we have a big family :-)

Patrick Noel white

Son of Stanley white grandson of Samuel Doyle white of Indianapolis in

Lauren White

welsh by birthplace, fully english by ancestry (mum and dad both southern english)

James Andrew White

Hi James White from Ireland . A relative William White had 17 children and had a photo in the Washington Post in the 1930's

James Andrew White

Hi James White here! My Great grandfather lived in Dunmuckrim Ballyshannon Co Donegal Ireland. His name was James White as well. His father was William Andrew White and may have been in the British army!!

Johnny white

Just trying to find information on my family


Lisa white, daughter of James (jimmy) white, his dad my grandad was also James white all from Dublin Ireland.

John White II
R1b cts3655

jonathan ben judah
my mother is named white,they are all jewish,my father was named foster his family are all jewish,these to my understanding were given last names to hide our jewish identities,jewish people sometimes would also change their last names to colors to hide being jewish,my ancestors did it when the ones that escaped hitler did the same thing.we are also related to people with the last name green,brown ,black. as far as foster I do not know how we got that last name,we also have family with the last name paschal ,and also mordecai, a lot of our family records were destroyed at sometime on both sides of family,but that isn't nothing new to jewish people, I had a great grandfather named Andrew white,i don't think he or my grand father had middle names,i do know they all came from the eastern sea board at about the same time to the central and western united other great grand father is named Hershel paschal,all this sounds confusing ? how do you think I feel lol

Deana White
I always wondered where my surname originated. Good information!

James J. White
Great site!!! When I find the old family Bible I'll be able to provide more information. Would be great to find others on the family tree, before we ended up in Canada they had settled in Odebolt Iowa.

Daniel Alan White
I'm in Georgia USA I would just like to know how far my family goes back its very interesting

Simon White
My father was Peter White. He was born in Montserrat, small island in the Caribbean around 1924. I am assuming he got the White surname from Irish settlers to Montserrat as St Patrick's day is a big celebration day there. My father never knew his parents, he was bought up by his aunt. I was born in the UK in 1965 and still live here. Proud to be a White but do wonder what my family name should be!

Kathleen Mary White-Sussman
Fyi,first time I bought info about my & DH last names as anniversary present-15,MY mom said OMG,this info is correct,none of us White's tan,& extremely fair!!. My DH famiLy info totally incorrect,in spite of info given pre-Holocaust...found another person who promised he could find true meaning,heard nothing for a year,thought I was played,ONE Year Later WE got the accurate information/hx of my married name!! My DH was thrilled and best$100 I ever spent....My POV, don't ever give up,this man I used told me that he loves challenges, and he found info about Austria-Hungary Sussmans prewar WW2 & he did!! IMO-God can work MIRACLES,btw both our Dad's who were our BF,died 2 wks short of a year before we received accurate family hx regarding his family origins...Again,just wanted to let everyone know what JOY this brought to us when we both needed this. Thanks for all the joyful posts posted & wishing everyone JOY with the information you receive😁😁

james white
where did you find my last name from where did you go to do all the reserch on my name thank you

Corliss White
My grandfather Lucious White a black man our of Mississippi who married my grandmother Parlee Williams in Yazoo Mississippi I am Corliss White

Cameron Knott
My mom's surname is white, but ancestry stops at john white

david white
I want to know if my surname is English, scot or viking

charlie white
this is cool

Dakota white
That is how it works

Sara White
realy makes you think xx

Caroline Anne white.
I was told the username white comes from the Scottish lamont clan but not sure now

Linda White Hodge
History of the name White

Jazmine white
I never knew why people said I was brillant and smart happy even though I didn't act like it ,so I wanted to know if it was what my name meant.So that is why I decided to search my name up and I was correct.

My mother was born a White in West Virginia. Her dads name is William White. He had many children....married twice. Anyone here think they may be related. Mom's past...and I have no info on my family.

scarlett white
i am scarlett white and my name is better than yours

April H
My great grandfather William White was born in S. Carolina in 1848. He was mulatto. I suspect he could be the son of his master. According to the 1850 census in S. Carolina there were 4 counties: Abbeville, Anderson, Barnwell, and Beaufort. The slave schedules are extremely long but I'm looking through it for a slave owner with the last name White with a 2 yr old black or mulatto male child.

Randy L White
I am half "Gaelic Irish of my White surname as "Ban" means White In Irish Gaelic as its "Faoite" is the surname for White" or O'Faoite sounds better without the "De" White is 50 common Irish proud surname in Ireland. White is "Gaelic Celt or Brittonic surname", Saxon is "Whtt"or Germanic is Weiss as means "White" and Norman surname as me of my surname is Gaelic Celt origin and Also Color Surnames have many origins.

RONALD white
The White family settled in Ratcoon creek think it was part of the verginas but now it is western PA just on the out skirts of Pittsburg , it is a state park at this time, The first grist meal was built and named after a White. My problem is We can not find any history before the settement. To conffuse the issue more there are about 3 or 4 differnt lines of White familes in the same area at that time. My line moved into the slipery rock / mercer county area in western pa.

sean kevin white (wright)
In our ancestry my fathers fathers father was gov of moussouri , during the war of independence my grandfather changed his last name 3 different times for unknown reasons, my father was born in 1908 and served as chief petty officer in ww2, I am the youngest of 3 boys and I was born in 1967 my mother was born 1944, I served in the navy as well and was part of the libian conflict when kadaffi was killed and his son, am trying to research our family geneology. is very interesting

Barry White
My family tree is back to early 1700 in Tennessee. I don't have any idea when family came USA or when.

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