Last name: Williams

Recorded in various spellings including William, Williams, and Williamson, this is a surname which can be of English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh origins. Wherever found it is ultimately Germanic, and was introduced into England and Scotland around the time of the Norman Conquest of 1066. Carried by four English kings, it derives from the personal name "Wilhelm" composed of the elements "wil", meaning "of strong mind", and "helm", translating literally as helmet, but in this context meaning "protection". As a patronymic the short form of "s", meaning "son of", is often added, although the name is popular particularly in Scotland in its long style of Williamson. Political correctness is not a new phenomena, and after the accession of King William 1st in 1066, the name became the most popular British personal name, and with the creation of surnames from the 12th century, an equally popular surname. The list of prominent holders of the surname is almost endless, but one of the more unusual could be said to be the famous republican Oliver Cromwell, who "reigned" in England from 1650 to 1658, and whose family were formerly called Williams. They held extensive estates in Wales, but under instructions from King Henry V111 (1510 - 1547), the family name was changed to Cromwell. Griffith Williams, (1589 -1672), was the bishop of Ossory in Ireland, and a staunch supporter of the martyrd King Charles 1st. Edward Williams, (1746 - 1826), helped to preserve the ancient Welsh language being Chief Druid and bard of Wales. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Richard William. This was dated 1279, in the "Hundred Rolls" of the county of Oxfordshire, England.

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annakay williams
i love the name williams but it is coming from a long way god i would love to learn more about my last name

Nancy Pinnell
My mother was Bertha Viola Williams, her father Phillip Malankthom Williams, his father John Martin Williams- died Alabama 1941, married Susannah Patty- had 7 sons and one daughter. We have kin in Ala. & Tenn.

Gene Williams

My family history goes back to Wales, but that was many years ago, before the American Revolution.

Joel Williams

Joel Williams here, go team Williams

lisa kay williams

i need to know about my grandad's side of his family. james bascom williams sr. he was born on august 15, 1892 in marshall county, ms.

Patricia Winniford-Williams
Now let's tell the entire story. Bastardy was the norm in England during the Tudor period and probably preceding that by at least one hundred years. William was a very common first name for males. So when a child was born outside of wedlock and anyone asked about his parentage the response was "He's Williams." If we're going to be honest abut our ancestry, then let's tell it the way it was.

kyle jerome Joseph-Williams
Blessings to all family alike. Such time to get back in your roots. And be at one with yourselves.

Lisa Marie Williams-Enoch
I was born with this name and have heard tales that it is Irish decent but was not sure. I'm am glad that its a possibility at least. I mean I am a huge fan of Ireland in every way: Landscapes, culture, music, history, accents..etc. It is an awesome thing to read comments from other "Williams" of the globe! I want you all to know that God is in control of things and there is nothing to fear..the date is 11-21-2015 and no matter where u are...Trust our Holy Father in Heaven there is nothing to fear!! God Bless the Williams Clan...For Eternity!! Amen!

Deandre jaden williams
thanks for telling me about my last name

Pauline woodward
Hi all you williams out there I didn't think the name williams was that important but Oliver Cromwell wow what a relative. X

Paige Williams
I'm a Williams, born and living in Wales. Thanks for the infomation about my surname

angie williams
i'm a williams and this aint nothing i wanted

I am proudly a williams

Jerry Williams
I have thought and thought about where my last name came from because I have so many relatives with the Williams last name. I have a huge red beard and everyone that talks to me ask if I'm from Scotland lol and most of the time there from Scotland and we both are proud because that's where our ancestors are from. I have done my research and I'm proud to know that I have Scottish blood running through my vains thanks to God! God bless

Thomas Williams
My family is huge! I have lots of Indian. Interesting info. My mom never married so I have her maiden name her moms maiden being Shorts incredible history there!

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