Last name: Wilson

This distinguished surname, having more than seventy Coats of Arms, and with as many notable entries in the "Dictionary of National Biography" is of early medieval English origin although recorded throughout the British Isles. It is a patronymic form of the male given name Will, itself a diminutive of William. Introduced into England by William, Duke of Normandy, and known to history as "The Conqueror" , William soon became the most popular given name in England. The Norman form and that borne by the Conqueror, was "Willelm", a spelling adopted from the Frankish Empire of the 8th century. The name is a compound which originally consisted of the elements "wil", meaning desire, and "helm", a helmet which offered protection. Early examples of the surname recording in England include: Robertus Willelmi in the Domesday Book of 1086, whilst in 1341 Robert Wilson was recorded at Kirkstall, Yorkshire, the patronymic form of the name having emerged some seventeen years earlier (as below). One of the earliest emigrant to the New World was John Wilson, recorded on a register of "those living in Virginia on February 18th 1623". One of the most illustrious bearers of the name was Sir Robert Thomas Wilson, general and governor of Gibraltar, who in 1801 received the rank of baron of the Holy Roman Empire. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Robert Willeson. This was dated 1324, in records of the Manor of Wakefield, Yorkshire. This was during the reign of King Edward 11nd of England, 1307 - 1327.

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harold edward wilson
Ime from the Edward Wilson side from south ala & tex any info would be grate ..

theophilus wilson
I my name is theophilus Wilson.I am from jamaica,but i know that my family bloodline is scottish.Which of the three (wilson's bloodlines) i am related to,i don't know.I know my grand mother eutha martin is from scotland and my grandpa name is harold wilson.I don't know if he was born in Jamaica too.My grandpa and grandma was born around (1910-1920)

hazel grove
i would like to know about wm and sarah [moser] wilson children names and birth, i know they had eliza, and son henry , i know they had more. if anyone can help it truly be apperatives. also i need to find jane allen family i know her parent is john and mary annthat all i can find. thank you.

My name is Karl Wilson and this has been extremely helpful as one side is Wilson and the other martin

My grandmother was Catherine Mae Wilson

My Grandfather was a Wilson, born Tyrone County, town of Auger, Ireland, anyone have relations from there?

Dan Wilson
Hello I would love for someone to help me on the Wilson family tree. I live in TN and have always heard that we were from scottish/ Irish. I have called that number that does it free for all the movie stars and they said about $6000 greenbacks to start. Would rather go a cheaper route. Any Wilsons around this area would like to chat let me know. We still have the family reunions but getting smaller because the younger generation isnt interested. My email ( Type in Wilson in subject so I know whats up. thanks

Steven Wilson
We belong to a very large family spread across many different countries. It would be great if we could find out just how large the family really is.

Sandra Barlow (Wilson family)
My Wilsons are all Scottish, Northern English with a splash of Irish. There are too many to number in the Border areas of Northumberland, so well worth checking there.

Tony Wilson
My grandfather was named Tony Wilson we are NC I am looking into my family history

Alan Wilson
Wilson name is a large clan in England / Scotland,and some other places.In Carlisle in the UK we have the birth place of President Woodrow Wilson.

Lisa Franks
Looking for information on Martha Ann Wilson and William Wilson, 1880's around Texas/Oklahoma area

Melissa Wilson
Lisa William and Martha Ann are my great grandparents. I do have information if you would like to contact me. You can email me at

My grand aunt told me my family history. maybe it will help. My great great great grand father Albert James Wilson was born around 1820-1830, he had two boys Albert James Wilson (1850 appr.) and Charles Wilson two years later. When they were in the 20's they both left and come to Jamaica. Albert when east and Charles when west (Charles history is lost but she told me that he when to america and got remarried around 1890s). Albert married (1880) and had 5 children. His wife died 15 years later around, the children from that marriage 3 boys 2 girls when to America and England. Albert got remarried 2 years later but she died 3 years after from child birth. By 1903, he was married again and had 7 children (4 boys, 3 girls). My great grand father was the first boy and was named after him. His siblings when all over the world especially to america (last girl is still alive and resides in Africa with her family). My great grandfather had 9 kids (4 boys and 3 girl). They resides everywhere.

I am apart of these trees and more. I have roots from Germany, Ireland, England and all over the USA. I'm sure I will find out a lot more during my research. If anyone who like to exchange information or find out if we connect please email me at

I have roots from Germany, Ireland, England and all over the USA. I have Wilson, Martin, Beckett, Stuchell, Mitchell and Whittles. I'm sure I will find out a lot more during my research. If anyone who like to exchange information or find out if we connect please email me at Not only am I interested in this but I was adopted and I always wanted to find out information. The cool thing is I am in contact with any biological members who have excepted me. I feel blessed having my Parents stand behind me in this journey and being supportive as well as understanding. Now I found out that I am a Wilson biological but a Wilson Family also adopted me! So my Dad, who adopted me, and I are trying to find out if it is the same Wilson Tree. Hope to hear from y'all soon! :-)

kelly-marie wilson
Just to say I am also a Wilson, My father, Grandfather - Charles Allen Wilson, Great Grandfather - John Galloway Wilson, My Great Grandfather John Galloway Wilson was married (My Great Grandmother) to Georgina Dutch Black Mercer Milne Wilson - 29th December 1939 they was married. They come from Leven in Scotland. And we have a family plot there also. Many of my family fled to America. I intend to do my family tree very soon. If you think you could be related to me email me at

Sondi Wilson
My great grandfather, Thomas Wilson came to America from England (we think) some time in the Mid 1800's. Had been married in the New York state area when he first came but his first wife died supposedly having 2 children which he left behind. He eventually ended up in Wisconsin where my grandfather was born. Would like anyone to contact me who thinks they might be related through his first marriage.

Vincent curcio
I was adopted ,my birth name being Frederick archer Wilson III. Know nothing about my father except his family had a summer home in Deal,N.J. I was born in 1923.Appreciate any leads on my family background

Allen Wilson

Anyone here descended from Wilsons from Stirling, Scotland who landed in Philadelphia in 1654 (on 4 July) and then went to Fairfax county, Virginia? I dont know any names, just that this is how we got over here.

Amanda Wass

I'm trying to find information on my 4th great grandfather Stewart Wilson, he was a soldier and was born about 1800 either in Scotland or Berwick on Tweed Northumberland. His wife was Jane, they had a daughter Lucy Ann Wilson, my 3rd great grandmother, she was born about 1820 in Berwick on Tweed, she married James Porteous.

Aaron wilson

The wilsons originated in Norway, we invaded England and moved here. There was a huge row & seperation between the family, some moved to America, and the rest stayed in England and travelled looking for work, Yorkshire area, then continued to travel to Ireland, hull, Liverpool docks in search of work, we then walked to stoke-on-Trent to work in the pottery business about 5 generations ago & that's how our strain of wilsons ended up here, we have relatives in America (New York) and all over the UK.


Hi. Im trying to find out more about the Wilsons of South Africa. My grandfather on my mom's side was Edwin Smith Wilson, son of William Edwin Wilson who came to SA with his brother (unknown) William was married to Wilamiena (minnie) Wilson (born Stauberson) and they had 7 kids. After she died he married my great grandmother Maria Petronella Wilson (born Viljoen) they also had 7 kids one being my grandfather Edwin Smith Wilson. If any one can help me with details about the brother and maby parents of William it would be much appreciated and/or any other info regarding the children of him. Yvette (

irene timlett

I am looking for the urigin of my grandfather George wilsin a sweep who lived in Islington in 1881 married ann cole


I'm looking for any information about my great-grandfather Charles Christopher Wilson. He was born 1899 in Kentucky. I'd like to know who his parents were.

brenda lamb

andrew forbes wilson b 1918 govenhill burgh of glasgow edmiston inglis wilson b 1916 govanhill burgh of glasgow william inglis b between 1917 to 1924 govanhill burgh of glasgow grace wilson born 1926 ? the last 2 children were farmed out to other family members to raise them in 1929 after there mother grace millar forbes wilson died in 1929 trying to find william wilson may of gone to agnes forbes to look after also grace wilson went to ross family to be raised her name was change to ross next generation edmiston inglis wilson b 1862 married sep 1888 leeds hellen /ellen bullock b 1864 next generation thomas wilson b 6 oct 1863 gorbals scotlland married 18 july 1856 tradeston glasgow to catherine inglis b 1839 father william inglis and margaret mcgregor next generation thomas wilson and janet stuart l also have andrew forbes and margaret stirrat , thomas wilson and jane ross, willian inglis and elizabeth richmond, also thomson , shaw , andrew pollock, christine ewing , margaret paterson , mary rankin smith her parents john smith and margaret coventry , agnes forbes any one out there with these familys please contact me brenda on

Luis Wilson

Looking for more in info about my GGGG-grandfather David Wilson. Not sure about date or place of birth. He traveled south into Mexico for reasons unknown. Started a family in the state of Sonora. I know David Wilson is a very common name even in the mid 19th century but hoping someone will know of one that would have left to Mexico and never came back around that time. There is a large number of Mexican Wilson's whom all probably originate from this one man. We would like to know more about him. If anyone has any info or can help, please contact me Your help is greatly appreciated cousins.

Joseph Wilson
I know very little about but fathers side of the family. I'd love to know more. His name is James David Wilson b. 1914. He had a twin, John. Older brother Earl and younger brother Vernon. Earl married Mary Lee and had three children, Patsy, Annie Mae, and Frederick Earl. Vernon married Ray Nell Redd and had one child Michael Wayne Wilson. Grand parents were Joseph Daniel Wilson and Martha Ann (Annie) Wilson (Harris) All were born in Texas, Dallas for the most part.

Joseph Wilson
If you know anything of my history, please email me at

c s wilson
God bless you all.I'm looking for my half sister her name is nancy Wilson she is from north Carolina my father is from there too..If you know any of the Wilson's my father name is...wm h.Wilson he was married to Ms.Pauly gray nancy mother....I would really appreciate the help..God bless you all..Thanks

atlanta georgia claire wilson
I don't really know much aboit my family history apart from. My grandma is Ann Yates and my grahead is George Wilson and they got married had 3 children David Wilson (born in redruth 1969) who is my father. Sarah and huw. Can one help me

I have recently been adopted and have been given the recent news that my father is dead all I know is that he was called Robert Wilson and I have a scrap book of my life but all the pictures are blury from tears and the information on my past family seems to have been ripped out I would appreciate some help... Thank you

Joseph Hitt
My last name at birth was Wilson. My biological father was Charles Robert Wilson, but little can be found about him. I know his mother or grandmother's last name was Creech. Any info would be amazing as I'm trying to reach out to learn more about ancestry.

margaret wilson
lm looking for information on a William Wilson mother was agnes Gibb father was john Wilson .this is true as the mother and her father took john to court to prove paternity which was done. William was born in Slamannon stirling shire to Agnes Gibb. But ganes and john never married agnes married a alexander Baxter. William is mentioned in a census as stepson to alexander but this is all l have on his till he is in Australia. Would like to hear from anyone that might be related to this William Wilson gibb.

Javier F. Wilson
I migrated to the U.S from Ecuador in 1973, my grandfather Hugo Wilson was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador as my father Ernesto Wilson. Many ask why do I have a surname of Wilson, and I'm from Ecuador out of all places. Can anyone shed some light into how Wilson migrated to the Western South America?

Robert Wilson
Looking for information of Robert Wilson born Jedburgh 1911

Oliver webb
lookin for info on benji wilson born 2003. pls comment any info

ben wilson

cmon help he hasnt died surely

benji wilson
hill and 56

hi guys

wilson is awesome

Noble Gas
I like noble gases

matthew wilson

Stop taking my glasses children

ryt sharon

Reece bell
screw Anna Martin- I'm Smylie ;-]

Watery Wilson
Who are these delinquents ruing the grand name of Wilson?!

Mrs Shields
That was on firefly boys!Saying it wasn't on firefly is no ex

Oliver Luke Wilson
I hope that you immature children understand that this is not a group chat and in fact a database

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