Last name: Wilson

This distinguished surname, having more than seventy Coats of Arms, and with as many notable entries in the "Dictionary of National Biography" is of early medieval English origin although recorded throughout the British Isles. It is a patronymic form of the male given name Will, itself a diminutive of William. Introduced into England by William, Duke of Normandy, and known to history as "The Conqueror" , William soon became the most popular given name in England. The Norman form and that borne by the Conqueror, was "Willelm", a spelling adopted from the Frankish Empire of the 8th century. The name is a compound which originally consisted of the elements "wil", meaning desire, and "helm", a helmet which offered protection. Early examples of the surname recording in England include: Robertus Willelmi in the Domesday Book of 1086, whilst in 1341 Robert Wilson was recorded at Kirkstall, Yorkshire, the patronymic form of the name having emerged some seventeen years earlier (as below). One of the earliest emigrant to the New World was John Wilson, recorded on a register of "those living in Virginia on February 18th 1623". One of the most illustrious bearers of the name was Sir Robert Thomas Wilson, general and governor of Gibraltar, who in 1801 received the rank of baron of the Holy Roman Empire. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Robert Willeson. This was dated 1324, in records of the Manor of Wakefield, Yorkshire. This was during the reign of King Edward 11nd of England, 1307 - 1327.

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Luis Wilson

Looking for more in info about my GGGG-grandfather David Wilson. Not sure about date or place of birth. He traveled south into Mexico for reasons unknown. Started a family in the state of Sonora. I know David Wilson is a very common name even in the mid 19th century but hoping someone will know of one that would have left to Mexico and never came back around that time. There is a large number of Mexican Wilson's whom all probably originate from this one man. We would like to know more about him. If anyone has any info or can help, please contact me Your help is greatly appreciated cousins.

brenda lamb

andrew forbes wilson b 1918 govenhill burgh of glasgow edmiston inglis wilson b 1916 govanhill burgh of glasgow william inglis b between 1917 to 1924 govanhill burgh of glasgow grace wilson born 1926 ? the last 2 children were farmed out to other family members to raise them in 1929 after there mother grace millar forbes wilson died in 1929 trying to find william wilson may of gone to agnes forbes to look after also grace wilson went to ross family to be raised her name was change to ross next generation edmiston inglis wilson b 1862 married sep 1888 leeds hellen /ellen bullock b 1864 next generation thomas wilson b 6 oct 1863 gorbals scotlland married 18 july 1856 tradeston glasgow to catherine inglis b 1839 father william inglis and margaret mcgregor next generation thomas wilson and janet stuart l also have andrew forbes and margaret stirrat , thomas wilson and jane ross, willian inglis and elizabeth richmond, also thomson , shaw , andrew pollock, christine ewing , margaret paterson , mary rankin smith her parents john smith and margaret coventry , agnes forbes any one out there with these familys please contact me brenda on


I'm looking for any information about my great-grandfather Charles Christopher Wilson. He was born 1899 in Kentucky. I'd like to know who his parents were.

irene timlett

I am looking for the urigin of my grandfather George wilsin a sweep who lived in Islington in 1881 married ann cole


Hi. Im trying to find out more about the Wilsons of South Africa. My grandfather on my mom's side was Edwin Smith Wilson, son of William Edwin Wilson who came to SA with his brother (unknown) William was married to Wilamiena (minnie) Wilson (born Stauberson) and they had 7 kids. After she died he married my great grandmother Maria Petronella Wilson (born Viljoen) they also had 7 kids one being my grandfather Edwin Smith Wilson. If any one can help me with details about the brother and maby parents of William it would be much appreciated and/or any other info regarding the children of him. Yvette (

Aaron wilson

The wilsons originated in Norway, we invaded England and moved here. There was a huge row & seperation between the family, some moved to America, and the rest stayed in England and travelled looking for work, Yorkshire area, then continued to travel to Ireland, hull, Liverpool docks in search of work, we then walked to stoke-on-Trent to work in the pottery business about 5 generations ago & that's how our strain of wilsons ended up here, we have relatives in America (New York) and all over the UK.

Amanda Wass

I'm trying to find information on my 4th great grandfather Stewart Wilson, he was a soldier and was born about 1800 either in Scotland or Berwick on Tweed Northumberland. His wife was Jane, they had a daughter Lucy Ann Wilson, my 3rd great grandmother, she was born about 1820 in Berwick on Tweed, she married James Porteous.

Allen Wilson

Anyone here descended from Wilsons from Stirling, Scotland who landed in Philadelphia in 1654 (on 4 July) and then went to Fairfax county, Virginia? I dont know any names, just that this is how we got over here.

Donna Wilson

I am trying to research my father's line. I have only been able to track back to the early 1800s. There are so many Wilsons and so many of the given names are George, Robert, and Joseph. There are many other unusual given names that will probably help. I know the family was settled first in Kentucky and then in Southern Tennessee, finally in North Alabama where there are 8 generations buried in Maple Hill Cemetery. My father's name was Raymond; his father was Elgie, before him George Carroll and his father was George, born around 1815. I would love to connect the dots to discover my most ancient roots.

Vincent curcio
I was adopted ,my birth name being Frederick archer Wilson III. Know nothing about my father except his family had a summer home in Deal,N.J. I was born in 1923.Appreciate any leads on my family background


Try ancestry uk we have traced a lot of family on there

Sondi Wilson
My great grandfather, Thomas Wilson came to America from England (we think) some time in the Mid 1800's. Had been married in the New York state area when he first came but his first wife died supposedly having 2 children which he left behind. He eventually ended up in Wisconsin where my grandfather was born. Would like anyone to contact me who thinks they might be related through his first marriage.

kelly-marie wilson
Just to say I am also a Wilson, My father, Grandfather - Charles Allen Wilson, Great Grandfather - John Galloway Wilson, My Great Grandfather John Galloway Wilson was married (My Great Grandmother) to Georgina Dutch Black Mercer Milne Wilson - 29th December 1939 they was married. They come from Leven in Scotland. And we have a family plot there also. Many of my family fled to America. I intend to do my family tree very soon. If you think you could be related to me email me at

I have roots from Germany, Ireland, England and all over the USA. I have Wilson, Martin, Beckett, Stuchell, Mitchell and Whittles. I'm sure I will find out a lot more during my research. If anyone who like to exchange information or find out if we connect please email me at Not only am I interested in this but I was adopted and I always wanted to find out information. The cool thing is I am in contact with any biological members who have excepted me. I feel blessed having my Parents stand behind me in this journey and being supportive as well as understanding. Now I found out that I am a Wilson biological but a Wilson Family also adopted me! So my Dad, who adopted me, and I are trying to find out if it is the same Wilson Tree. Hope to hear from y'all soon! :-)

I am apart of these trees and more. I have roots from Germany, Ireland, England and all over the USA. I'm sure I will find out a lot more during my research. If anyone who like to exchange information or find out if we connect please email me at

My grand aunt told me my family history. maybe it will help. My great great great grand father Albert James Wilson was born around 1820-1830, he had two boys Albert James Wilson (1850 appr.) and Charles Wilson two years later. When they were in the 20's they both left and come to Jamaica. Albert when east and Charles when west (Charles history is lost but she told me that he when to america and got remarried around 1890s). Albert married (1880) and had 5 children. His wife died 15 years later around, the children from that marriage 3 boys 2 girls when to America and England. Albert got remarried 2 years later but she died 3 years after from child birth. By 1903, he was married again and had 7 children (4 boys, 3 girls). My great grand father was the first boy and was named after him. His siblings when all over the world especially to america (last girl is still alive and resides in Africa with her family). My great grandfather had 9 kids (4 boys and 3 girl). They resides everywhere.

Damique Wilson
Where you great grand parents Irish n Dutch
I'm also named Wilson from Jamaica

Melissa Wilson
Lisa William and Martha Ann are my great grandparents. I do have information if you would like to contact me. You can email me at

Lisa Franks
Looking for information on Martha Ann Wilson and William Wilson, 1880's around Texas/Oklahoma area

Alan Wilson
Wilson name is a large clan in England / Scotland,and some other places.In Carlisle in the UK we have the birth place of President Woodrow Wilson.

Tony Wilson
My grandfather was named Tony Wilson we are NC I am looking into my family history

Eric Wilson
Saw this and had to reply. My extended family is from TN and NC. I was able to trace my ancestors to the eastern coast of Scotland. Literally from North Berwick to Cromarty to Wick. I couldn't understand why my family seemed so compassionate, yet hardend to the external forces in the world. After reading the history of the area and the people, I completely understand now. Hope this helps you locate your history.

Gail Wilson
I'm doing my family tree on the Wilson side. I'm looking for information on the Wilson's that came from Scotland. I think that they landed in Virginia, then went to Tenn. & Ky. Eric Wilson maybe we can help each other in our tracing. Please contact me at

lauren wilson
I know there are some of my family in NC, not sure about TN. Im in chicago, Il. if you'd like to exchange family info

Jaelyn Wilson
My father's name is Tony Wilson and his mother and her family are indigenous Jamaican peoples. Taino or Arawakan so to speak. So wondering if you can link us in anyway. Taino were able to fight off British colonization and once they couldn't be conquered they were given autonomy. I am Jaelyn Wilson. Jamaican, Portuguese, Choctaw and Apparently Scottish/African descent.

My grandmother was jenny wilson,she had bros.or half sib-name mote,cab joe and more...she lived in pittsyvaina and draper-reidsville area-her mother was anna gauldin wilson, I'm still trying to figure out my great-grandfather's first name. Infro. From roselawn cem. In henry co. Va. Said mote's father was w.m wilson but my great grand mother's sister susannah was married to John William Wilson. Not sure if they married bro. Or if a remarried a second time.????


hi, wondering if anyone have any records of john Wilson son of William and Catherine jane [lavers] Wilson he was born in oct 1870 also edith,Isabel,annie any help would be great my e-mail is thank have a great day

Sandra Barlow (Wilson family)
My Wilsons are all Scottish, Northern English with a splash of Irish. There are too many to number in the Border areas of Northumberland, so well worth checking there.

Anne Stone
Hello. My mother was a Wilson. The first we know of, probably Andrew, moved to Northern Ireland from Scotland about 1642. Connections during 1600s 1700s with Fulton, Quirey, M'Creary (many spellings). Jane Quirey married William Wilson prob late 1700s early1800s. Their son William John Wilson married Elizabeth Douglas Thompson. Then William Alexander Wilson m Alice Gertrude Gardiner.

Steven Wilson
We belong to a very large family spread across many different countries. It would be great if we could find out just how large the family really is.

Steven Wilson
Cool name!

Dan Wilson
Hello I would love for someone to help me on the Wilson family tree. I live in TN and have always heard that we were from scottish/ Irish. I have called that number that does it free for all the movie stars and they said about $6000 greenbacks to start. Would rather go a cheaper route. Any Wilsons around this area would like to chat let me know. We still have the family reunions but getting smaller because the younger generation isnt interested. My email ( Type in Wilson in subject so I know whats up. thanks

Martha Wilson

I have Wilson families in each branch of my Genealogy so far no connections to each other. five separate Wilson lines. Lots of George, John, James ,and Henry, Have a Leander born South Carolina 1814 lived in Alabama 1850 and died in Arkansas 1866.

My Grandfather was a Wilson, born Tyrone County, town of Auger, Ireland, anyone have relations from there?

Kricket Fortner

My great grandfather was John Wesley Wilson and was married to Sarah Elizabeth Armstreet. If anyone comes across a connection with these names during your research if you could share i would so appreciate it. Email>>>

My grandmother was Catherine Mae Wilson

My name is Karl Wilson and this has been extremely helpful as one side is Wilson and the other martin

hazel grove
you said wilson and martin what are their first name and where were they born.

J wilson
haha so we are all related

we are related so what martins and wilson are you related.

hazel grove
i would like to know about wm and sarah [moser] wilson children names and birth, i know they had eliza, and son henry , i know they had more. if anyone can help it truly be apperatives. also i need to find jane allen family i know her parent is john and mary annthat all i can find. thank you.

theophilus wilson
I my name is theophilus Wilson.I am from jamaica,but i know that my family bloodline is scottish.Which of the three (wilson's bloodlines) i am related to,i don't know.I know my grand mother eutha martin is from scotland and my grandpa name is harold wilson.I don't know if he was born in Jamaica too.My grandpa and grandma was born around (1910-1920)

harold edward wilson
Ime from the Edward Wilson side from south ala & tex any info would be grate ..

do not need to find florence ,she is found..

hi, i am looking for my cousin name florence summerhayes or wilson as she was adoped out from n.s. arond october,1941?, if anybody know her tell her she have relatives who would love to hear from her. thank as we just found out a very short times ago.

hi, like to have a record of james h. ronan who served with 87th royal irish fusilier, he was a drill sergant, any help will be great. hazel

looking for death records of john robert wilson and wife susan bauld born in canada but moved to boston,suffolk, massachutts, like to get any of their childrens married to whom and date. hazel

o know if anyone have any records of jane allen born in 1844,n.s. who married henry wilson in 1867 or 8 of dartmouth,ns, i have henry but not jane allen who parent were john allen he marry mary ann ,do not have anything else, hope someone can help. hazel

I am looking for people who have wilson/ williamsons in there family tree.

Lawrence Wilson
my name is Wilson so my family tree has it

how far back do you have in your family tree? and are you related to a henry wilson.

my last name is wilson

how far back do you have on the wilsons side? do you have a william and henry wilson

Yup I'm a Wilson ..

how far back do you have on the wilson's side. do you have a william and henry wilson.

Jerry Wilson II
I had a grandfather from Athens/Tyler texas area of East Texas...i know nothing but the grandfathers name,nothing of the extended family

William F Wilson
I am William Wilson,have traced our tree back to Samuel Wilson, in Windham County Conn. Haven't found date of birth but he was married 5 29 1777 in Thompson, Windham County, Conn. He would be my GG Grandfather.

I am looking for my grandfather's parents. All I know is that he had a brother named Alexander Thomas Chipps Wilson. My grandfather's name was Bertram Warren Wilson and he married Francis Pearla Augustus Kloka. The had 2 children named Betram Owen and daughter Opal

I am looking for a william henry wilson who married a sarah ann moser they were both from dartmouth, and got married in dartmouth, but their relatives moved from dartmouth to usa. some came back but most stayed. If anybody can help that would be great.

Shirley Rickett
The biggest problem is lack of records on my family. My ancestors were mostly poor people, so records are spare, stories prolific. I'm following all and getting some help from a cousin who navigates webs much better than I. As for Noah, that's definitely a story. I meant the first Wilsons or Smiths who landed in America from Europe. My maternal side shows I belong to a haplo group definitely and exclusively smack in the middle of Europe. Thanks for the encouragement. Further back from there, who can tell?

Shirley Rickett
Coming forward from the beginning of the first human beings, the pickens become slimmer as human migrations became larger and different "races" intermarried and became more mobile. I like to think of the Wilson clan as direct descendants of the Vikings or Normans which dates back to the mingling of the Anglos, the Saxons and the Normans to the Norman invasion of Britain by the Norman, William the Conqueror. He was the first Norman to sit on the British throne and he and his progeny sat their a long time. I endorse an essay by one A.C. Doyle, who says, that from the time of the collapse of Charlemagne's empire that neither England nor France had come out of "the knot of medieval kingdoms and dukedome nesting in every river valley" such as Anlou, Orleans, Brittany, Burgandy, Wales, etc. "Throw in the complicated geaeaologies, treaties, lines of succession and ethnicities, and you have one big mess." So then we have William, the product of the union of Hervela Falaise,(one of the most beautiful women in France) and Robert the Magnificent, Duke of Normandy. Then a maze of intrigue, deaths, hiding of the child, William grew up and defeated all his rivals in 1047. He married Mathilda of Flanders They had 10 children and nearly all of them married heads of state, including two kings of England. "Every British monarch from 1066 through Elizabeth II has been a direct descendant of William and Mathilda." (Doyle) One can see what a "mess" geneology is. I would be most happy to find the first people on the boat from my family and where they came from. Anything on top of that would be gravy.

J Shaw
Hello Shirley What Surnames are you researching? The first people on the boat was Noah and his family. Genealogy is not that difficult. Start with what your family members have told you and research back to their origin. Think! Study! The stories that were told to you will place your ancestor in a certain place, time, occupation, war, marriage, family etc. Birth year and place of birth will give you ideas about the ancestor's environment, religion, region and what was the type of industry to support and feed a family. Farming, Cotton mills, Logging, Saw mills, Fur trapper-trader, builder etc. What you say is true about monarch marriages. Wallace gave up the throne to marry and American. Thus, the Stewarts were out and the Windsor's are in. The Royal blood-lines are pure. Look for your ancestor who settled in the colonies. Next look into Ohio Territory.

My Wilson bloodline too is of Nordic decent stemming from Denmark. My G great grandfather came to South Carolina from Scotland. His name was William Robert Wilson. Better known as Bob to his family. His wife was Ann. Not sure of maiden name. They lived in an area called Rafting Creek (Sumter Co.) South Carolina. He and his brother traveled here from Scotland together. I did the DNA test from that directed me to Denmark. If anyone has any connections they would like to share with me please feel free to email me at

That is interesting as there is a William Wilson 1843- c.1894 from Denmark in my family tree. Married Eliza McCullough b.1846 from County Antrim. Owned Shamrock Hotel, Sydney, Australia.

Lawrence Wilson
Lawrence Wilson, Llanelli, Wales, UK ..... My favourite charities are: Blind, Teenage Cancer, Prince Philip Hospital Llanelli and Morrison Hospital Swansea, who looked after me in my recent illness.

Lawrence Wilson
Lawrence Wilson, Llanelli, Wales, UK I had hoped to trace family in Scotland, as I have no family in Wales. I suppose I'll have to leave all my money, new car and house to charities

Alan Bowe
Hi Lawrence, I'd love to help you if I can, but first let me tell you to leave your money etc. to charities. Unless you are a multi-billonaire, the amount given to each relative (there are so many Wilsons' everywhere) would be negligible and could even stir up another family feud in good scottish tradition. In my tree, there are a series of Lawrence Wilsons' starting in The Fair Isles in the 1600's. Probably before, but that's as far back as I've gone. Some moved to the South Shields area in the early 1800's and eventually to N. Yorkshire. If you have any connections to these, we could compare infos.

Cameron Chalmers
there's clearly a lot of debate about these PATRONYMIC NAMES like son and so on. people will claim what they know based on what is patent limited intelligence and one owes it to themself to have some form of knowledge of history especially in the field of names. I do dispute the so called tension in wilson being of Scottish- English origin. it's plain simple- unless there is physically evidence of this first being recorded then we can say this name is ..... However I can say INTER RACIAL ASSIMILATION. you might say causes some confusion as to origins of certain names. the "British Race" you might say has had many different cultures in terms of assimilated into it: being a student of History ( in New Zealand :)) these are the ones I know of listing them chronologically; -Romans ( up UNTILL approx 400 ADish due to the fall of roman empire - ANGLO SAXONS (400-1066) - VIKINGS or Scandinavians (793-1200 ish) - NORMANS-1066 onward. then during the Bronze age of 500 ish AD mass immigration from Ireland to Scotland. PICTS CELTS BRITONS??? I'm just suggesting those of us from I guess products of Britain u might say in terms of the British commonwealth ie empire, in order for us to make judgements about the past we should have a broader understanding of the different cultures and so on. my take on these Patronyms is that each "culture" I guess has specific forms so I claim that names like son are Scandinavian in origin and were assimilated I guess into English and northern England/ Scotland society in Viking ages.

Hi my name is wilson (the son of william) i live in nottinghamshire Englang Robin hood country i have traced my tree right back to 1600 and discovered many wilsons on the way,it is the second most popular surname in the uk the first being smith,There has been a wilson in nearly all of our historical events through time way back before the discovery of the america`s way back in time nobody had a surname only christian names ie tom son of william this was shotened to tom willson and so on until the name stuck in families,remember nobody could read or write back then only the elite or clergy so every thing was word of mouth,also most surnames are the trade of the family ie smith(blacksmith) archer (bowman) etc. After the norman conquest many thousands of true english wherer wiped out in this area in the so called clearances leaving a blank canvas for the normans to repopulate north of nottinghamshire was mostly viking/nordik mixes and south anglo saxon then norman

Jane Sarris
I have learned my grandmother's name was Janie Wilson .She married a Lee.They came from Parkersburg W.Va. My father's name was Forrest Wilson Lee. I never knew him.

Brian Wilson
my 6th great grandfather John culpepper wilson married a sarah martin from buckinghamshire england,trying to find more information about them

Garry England
Hi my last name is England and my mothers maiden name is Wilson I am from the Monroe county, Kentucky. I can tell you this the England name and the Wilson names are are very well respected names through out that part of the country. Some research has been done by a cousin of mine on the Wilson side and it appears from the research that an ancestor of mine by the name of John wilson signed the Declaration of Independence. I wish I knew more about he Wilson's and the England's but it is so time consuming and could be expensive. My most proud heritage is that I am a child of God and one day all of our qustions will be answered.

Gillian Lloyd
I am researching the family name Wilson - I know my grandfather Charles Douglas Wilson was born in 1905 and resided in the Eastern Cape (Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage), South Africa. Charles married Elizabeth Kempson. I believe Charles' father immigrated from Glasgow, Scotland. He had a bakery in Port Elizabeth in the early 1930's. Can someone please help me with any info they may have on this lineage of the Wilson family.

hazel grove
i am doing wilson of n.s. i got some but i need william wilson who married sarah ann moser in hfx,n.s. in 1845 can anyone can help me. hazel

Hello, Any information about a Wilson family from Cherokee County Oklahoma circa 1880's. My great-grandfather's name was Garner Wilson. He had several brothers with names starting with G, like Garfield, etc. All were supposed to be born in either Poteau or Proctor in East Oklahoma circa 1880.

my last name is wilson and i dont think im england

Antonio Wilson Lawson
Hi I'm a Wilson and a Lawson...But i'm Black.. Grandfathers name is Henry Wilson from Memphis, Tenn. I think the names Lawson and Wilson are related... can anyone help me prove this?

Shun Wilson
hi Antonio, how did Henry Wilson look?

Jacque Shaw
Jackson, New development on my Hiram G Wilson. He was born in South Carolina 1826. Still a Brick-Wall though.

Jacque Shaw
Duncan, My Wilson nationality has not been proven and Kentucky is where the Wilson name starts in 1826. Before that time we have a "BrickWall." The States involved are; Ky, Illinois, Ohio, Pa, Ks,Ar. Now My Griffith lineageis Welch. My Shaw lineage is Scottish. My Page lineage is French. There were many Wilson's in our school also. Think about this: Wilson Plantation, Alabama. After the freedom of Slaves. Many of them took the name of their former owners. They did not come from Scotland. Such as was the case with many slaves from other Plantations throughout the South.

Duncan Wilson
I hate this website. It claims that so many Scottish surnames are English and Irish when that is simply not the case. The owners of this website are Irish, perhaps they had a few too many when developing this website. Wilson is a SCOTTISH surname - I had about ten of them in my school in Aberdeen!

Many Scottish surnames originate from names that were originally patronyms. The use of patronyms died out in the Lowlands after the 15th century, as they became solidified as surnames. It was not until the 18th century that they were given up in the Gaelic-speaking Highlands. Earliest patronyms used in Scotland meaning "son": Latin filius; Welsh ap; Gaelic mac. See: Wikipedia Scottish surnames

Cameron Chalmers
The alternative spelling, specifically for people of Danish origin is 'sen', for swedish origin 'sson' are the conventions.

Cameron Chalmers ( Chalmers being Norman in origin and evident in Scotland)
The patronymic convention of names ending in 'son' is strictly scandinavian. These peoples came to the UK in the form of raids and had intermittent to consistent contact with the 'English' which itself is a very broad word ( people of england- in the time period 793AD right up until approximately 1000AD. ) Predominantly people with these names largely settled in east ( Danish )and north england and also scotland also the archipelagos of shetland and orkney. ( predominantly Norwegian) but definently some swedish and finnish as well.

Elsie Jane Wilson Miller
Hello all ye Wilson Cousins! My Wilson family migrated from Virginia through Floyd County Kentucky and settled in Lawrence County, Ohio. The patriarch of our family is John Culpeper Wilson from Henry County, Virginia who married Sarah Martin. Sons were Henry, Terray, and Patrick. I have a lot of documentation on sons,etc. but hit brick walls with regards to John. Our DNA shows family from British Isles. Death certificates etc point to Ireland. Any clue or IDEA appreciated. I'm glad I found you. Thank you in advance.

I am looking for Isaac Wilson. He was either born in Scotland or Virginia. He had a son John Mcgrew Wilson born 1801, Family records say Hamilton Co. Ohio but census records shows he was born in Kentucky. John married Hannah Brewster Hubbard in 1824. He was a traveling minister eventually settling in Iowa. The family description of Isaac is...a huge man that could lift two men at one time. From what I have been told the Wilson line isn't the same as Woodrow Wilson,. Any help would be appreciated.

kimberly little

I'm looking for info on the same Isaac Wilson. Have you had any luck?

Jacque Shaw
Jackson, excuse the mistakes, this is not my comutor. LOL

Jacque Shaw
Hello Jackson, My lineage is Wilson/Carlock from Tn,Ky,Illinois and Ohio. There were two Wilson sisters who married two Carlock brothers. My line is proben through the Daughters of the American Revolution. Hope to hear from you. Your Wilsn line could be my "Brickwall." Hiram G Wilson b. 1826 TN. I cannot find any family before this GGGrandfather. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jackson Carlock
Hi my name's Jackson Carlock but it is weird- my mother was a Wilson! You are right- Carlock is either Irish/Scottish Gaelic from Mac Thearlaich, meaning "son of Charles", or from the German name Gerlag. My family were Gerlags from Dresden and changed their surname to Carlock. Wilson was brought by Viking-Norse settlers in northern England and Scotland, like the Orkney and/or Shetland Islands. I am 100% German, however, as my mother's Wilson name was Prussian/German and came from Wilhelmsen, which is also anglicized as Williams or Williamson. Anyway, greetings from South Carolina, Jackson.

J Shaw
Hello again Jackson, I am curious about your Wilson/Carlock family genealogy. My Carlock is proven but the Wilson starting at 1826 when Hiram G Wilson GGGrandfather, was born in Tennessee. After he mustard out of the civil war 1862, at Vicksburg, Miss., He apparently had relatives in Crittenden Co, Marion, Ky. I am finding a Margaret G. Clark, in his genealogy. She may be an aunt or grandparent. (not sure). Really would like to break this brick wall. Last resote, mailing Ft Lauderdale War Dept., War Archives. This may give me the answer. I have done this before and had good results with the Carlock genealogy. Your family should realize that if your are in the Carlock lineage, they have options open for the National Daughters of The American Revolution. Proving 3 generations back will connect. Men: Sons of The Revolution. They should contact their local DAR Chapter for information. JC

jennifer wilson
i have no clue of my wilson hertage! what i do know is my great grand father was george pink wilson or pink george wilson he was married to cassie. they lived in oklahoma but george was born in texas i think? so any info would help!! any body have info

() Wilson
my last name is wilson but my dad is mostly aboriginal, wonder how that happened.

Jacque Shaw
Hello, My Brickwall: Hiram G Wilson, b N C., civil war soldier, Illinois. Pickneyville. Looking for Parents of Hiram G Wilson. Do any of you "Wilson Families" have a Hiram G Wilson, Elizabeth Ann Woodside, b Ky., parents of: David King Wilson (civil war soldier) b 1847 Ky. d Cherokee Co., Kansas, buried at Council Corners Cemetery. David King Wilson m Samantha "Mattie" Carlock, at Erie, Ks. Neosho Co. (Osage Mission). P.S: Carlock (Gerlag/Swiss German) name changed after arriving to the Colonies of America. Others: Carrick, McCarrick, Karrick, Mac Carlock, Garlick Garlock, Cearlock and many more versions of this name. Gerlag routing from Hidelburg, Germany, Holland then America. Others went to Ireland, Scotland (Margaret Carrick). Look up Robert The Bruce, King of Scotland. Would appreciate information and will share. Thank you and Blessings.

I want to first start by saying I don't know where I'm from I just know where I am...and does anyone else feel like everyone is startiing out posting their comment like they're in a AA meeting. Sorry, that was just humorous to me. Well I have to say I find it very interesting to read all of these comments. It brings me joy in many ways. 1st to see people so interested in discovering their background, 2ndly I amused by the arguments some have in regards to their feelings toward others research. I will be quite honest...there is no tellin' where we have come from could be Scotland, Ireland, England or some other place that has a heavy population of the last name Wilson. What's very upseting about all of this is many of us are searching these websites looking for a sense of belonging and identity or some thing that we can be proud of. Well, I don't know about you all but it doesn't matter where my family or name originated from...I am an American. That's where "I" am from. I am here in this country because my family generations back wanted something better for their childrens future, and for that I am very grateful. Sure it would be nice to know more about my generation, of course, because it is apart of me(and why I'm here), but I'm not going spend the rest of my life questioning or waste my money in research in hopes for some fulfillment. True fulfilment is found in God alone, so this is it. Just felt I would share with the rest of you guys. Be Blessed.

Blair Wilson
I only insult people's personal research when they make bold claims, probably because it somehow makes them feel superior. People need to realise, that the majority of their family were no more than farmers, peasants or simply soldiers. People are quick to assume (or hope) that there family were some form of nobility. Fact is, any surname with "Son" at the end is either English, Scottish (in rare cases) or Scandinavian. Most people (sadly, Americans) who find out their relatives are from Ireland/Scotland tend to claim they're from those countries, when their birth certificate says otherwise. I'm Scottish born and bred, my ancestors are simply just that. My bloodline is just something that personally fascinates me. For example, the reason for my religion and being loyal to the crown is something that's been a part of my family for centuries, seeing as my ancestors have died fighting for the crown I stay loyal. Is it because I can't think for myself and I feel the need to keep a family tradition strong? Probably. The Wilson surname is a famous one, people are fiercely proud to bear the name. People love it when they come across a fellow Wilson, and people don't like seeing another Wilson disgrace the name.

If someone likes history and family history or may take an interest in it I dont see why people would poke fun of them for it. I would be willing to bet every European if not every human being has some nobility in their genes. Its just interesting to trace ones surname back to where it came from. I would find far more interest in that than I do in Evangelical pride that's for sure.

It isn't about searching for nobility. It is searching for understanding of who you are and what forces made you the way you are. We all go back to the same common origins. As an Australian, I know that we take pride in finding a convict ancestor. Despite common belief such ancestors are rare and only performed minor crimes such as stealing during a time of incredible poverty.

Carson Wilson
I know that my lineage can be directly traced to the Norman family derived from William "The Conqueror," which traces back into the Nordic countries of the time. It's pretty safe to say, unless your distant kin were natives before the Roman invasions of Brittania, if your last name is Wilson, you more than likely have a large amount of Norse or Danish heritage. I don't necessary dispute that this last name has English origins, just that it wasn't English as we know it. These "English" people would have been speaking Old Norse, Old English, Early French or some derivative thereof, more along the lines of the Anglo-Saxon invaders shortly before the collapse of the Roman Empire into the Viking era. After all, William the Bastard was of a noble line of Viking warlords converted Christian, back to Rollo (Robert I of Normandy) and before.

Lawrence Wilson
Lawrence Wilson Anyone know of any relatives to Earnest Wilson or Thomas Wilson born in Scotland around 1901 to 1910 ?

Maureen Rothwell

Thomas Wilson born 1907-1996 the brother of my grandfather Robert Wilson Galashiels Scotland

Thanks Marge - our Wilson are not interconnected during this period. Thanks for sharing. If I see connections for you I will tell you.

Steve, I 19m so sorry I haven 19t emailed. When I had a good look at our family tree I realized that there wasn 19t a great deal about the Wilson 19s, it has more about the other branches of the family. The first Wilson I can trace in my direct line is Captain Henry Wilson, born Bradford England 1817, died Southend, England 1891. We don 19t know the date of his arrival in Cape Town but he was the first Port Captain of Cape Town. He married Anne Buncher Parke in Rondebosch Church, Cape Town. She was born in England and her lineage is quite illustrious. Charles and Anne retired in England after leaving the Cape and spending a few years in Australia. Their sons were Charles Wilson 1847-1905, Harry Wilson 1852-1922 and James Wilson (no info) All remained in South Africa. Captain Henry 19s eldest son, Charles Wilson had sons Charles Wilson 1881-1958, Park Wilson b.1889, Eric Wilson 1892-1969 and Philip Wilson 1897-1957. One of his daughters (I think he had 7 daughters) was Gertrude Wilson 1895-1943 and she was my grandmother. I don 19t know if any of the above Wilson 19s is in your direct line? If they are I can send you my cousins email address in Australia to get access to the family tree.

Gertrude Wilson
I have a Gertrude Wilson in my family tree. Married to a Miller. Is this the same as yours? Sharon

Sorry about late reply. Our Gertrude Wilson married Melo Martin (Martinovich)

Maureen Rothwell

My mother was Gertrude Helen Wilson, she married Mario Massetti Her father Robert Wilson was born in Galashiels Scotland 1893

many thanks Steve :)

Steve Wilson
Rory, check out the Myheritage site, i know mine only has 240 people on but i have 2 different wilson families in the tree already, there are guys on there with over 100 000 people in their tree, very worth a browse. If Marje is the same Marje from the site, her page is very worth a look too... Marje, you where gonna mail me? :)

Wilson from Northern Ireland to Cape Colony 1818. I am trying to find the parents or siblings of Dr William Wilson who travelled from Lindonderry to Cape Town on the brig HOPE. He settled in Paarl, married, had a son, died shortly afterwards. Some indications are that he came from the Tamlacht-O-Crilly area and that his father was involved with a flax mill. Any leads welcome -he is reported to have a brother Alexander and a sister Mary.

Ok thanks. If I can help with your search please let me know - I will be in Bloemfontein roundabout June for a few weeks. Best wishes.

Steve Wilson
Hi Rory, unfortunately the branch of the tree that reconnects up to wilson again is via the shawe side, which come from the bath side which is on my moms, my dads wilson side are from the free state area and i am still trying to track them down, who knows, maybe the tree does a circle, unfortunately i am restricted to 250 names still, but i hope to get thats sorted

Steve, Curious about your Shawe family. My Shaw family are Scot-English. Shawe is another way of spelling Shaw plus Shah. My Shaw family migrated in 1909 to Ellis Island, N.York. Still considered babies in the USA. I also have\Shaw-Wilson lineage starting 1847 to present day.

Steve, I haven't been able to find your page on myheritage. I have quite alot of info about the Wilson family who arrived in South Africa in the 1800's. Do you perhaps have an email address where I can contact you?

Steve Wilson
I'm trying to source more info for my family, Wilson in South Africa, I am building a page on , anyone with any info please look up my page?

Rory Kroon
Hi Steve - if you are related to Gideon Wilson who passed away last year then we are related and would do well to pool our info. According to MyHeritage we are 4th cousins once removed ;)

Trying to find family of William Douglas Wilson born in 1886 who sailed to Durban, South Africa. Anyone know of a Pat & Stan Wilson who visited the Wilson Family in Durban around 1980?

Dorothy Hollings
Does anybody know of the origins of WILSON WILSON of England born 1515 ?Father of Hamond born 1565.

Noel wilson
Hi I'm looking fo info ona william wilson, who lived in scanlansland kilkenny ireland early-mid 1800s. had at least one son John.

Hi,It sounds like all the Wilson's were named William and had sons called John. My dad was John Wilson and his father was William Douglas Wilson born in 1886 but not in Ireland. So not much hope but think it's strange all the John and William obviously a strong family name. Who knows we could all be cousins.

For those going on about whether it is a Scottish or English name the 1891 census records 30,528 Wilson families in Scotland, 11,698 or 38% of them in Lanarkshire, and 107,942 Wilson families in England, 23,046 or 21% of them in Yorkshire. Make of it what you will.

brenda lamb

does your stuart name conect to thomas wilson and janet stuart

Laura Wilson
I am looking for any information on William B Wilson, military records show he was born in Tenn, others show Kentucky. He was born around 1823 and died in the Civil War at Camp Nelson Aug 4, 1863. He married Lucinda M Chandler in Nov of 1852. The only children I can find for them is James Thomas Wilson(My Great Grandfather) and Elenor G Wilson, born 1856. If anyone can help me, I have searched everywhere for anything on William B and have hit dead ends and brick walls. Thanks

Laura, Interesting that we have the same problem with the Wilson line. My Hiram G Wilson b 1826 shows Tenn., and a civil war Roster in Illinois, says born 1826 in South Carolina. He married Elizabeth A Woodside 1847 in Kentucky. Died 1865 and lies in Illinois. They had one son; David King Wilson, my G-Grandfather. I researched "Lost Children of Tenn." 1830 Book. He was not lost or orphaned. I have never found his parents which are unknown and siblings unknown. I do have an Uncle Robert Chandler who died in Arkansas, early 1940's.

Shirley Rickett
I am looking for the parents of LeRoy Wilson,b. 1860 and his wife Nancy Ellen Taylor, b. 1864 from Scott County, Tennessee. I'm attempting to find the generation that emigrated from England, Scotland or Ireland. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lee Roy Wilson
I am interested in finding any information on Thomas Bartow Wilson ho lived in Pharr texas (my grandfather) one of my Great grandfathers came over on a boat and landed in georgia if any anyone info on them please contact me

Martha Reddout
Thomas Bartow Wilson - I have a Thomas B Wilson, son of Elisha E Wilson and Matilda F Whaley. let me know if this is the same you are looking for.

Lee Roy Wilson
yes i got unto i knew he was my gggrandfather if you have any info on sarah emma davis as far as her parents i would be grateful i was told by my dad that she was full blooded cherokee indian and i found heron the dawes papers

Liana Rossouw
I am looking for my family. I am Liana Rossouw great grand-daugther of William Huge Wilson. Want to know who and how to South Africa?

HI Liana, I am related to a number of William Hugh Wilsons and my great-aunt was married to a Rossouw. You can email me at

Does anyone have information Captain Henry Wilson married to Anne Buncher Parke left England for South Africa in 1819? Trying to find names of his father and mother.

Shirley Rickett
If you go back 60 generations the relatives are so many one can hardly count them. The strongest voice I hear and read dictates that Wilson is a Scandinavian name, thus the Vikings. ("John's son, Anders son, James son"). If we account for mingling, then we have British, Celtic, Scots, and probably some Indio genes in our DNA. There is no pure blood or one nation or one ethnic identity. Forget that! We are Homo Sapiens with a time code and a host of identities in our DNA that dates back to the first humans on two legs.

James Powers
Many Americans have Anglicized surnames. For one to say they are descended from English/British or Irish colonists is not always true. If you have a family record..going back to those countries then the case is sovled. However I have an ancestor with the surname Wilson. However they came from the Swedish speaking area of Finland it turns out. The surname Wilson in Swedish is Wilhelmsson. It has the same meaning 'Son of William' however it is from a different country. As for my current surname..Powers. Iv been told its Welsh..Irish and English. Its oldest origins are found in England. Im not to sure though where abouts in the British Islands? The surname is mostly found in Watersford for England or Wales I have not a clue? Devonshire is where the oldest record of the name is but I highly doubt I am descended from some Knight or Baron. I doubt anyone on here is for that matter. It would be cool if that where the case!

George Wilson
I may know rougly of the origins of Powers. It may be the Anglicised version of "Powys" which is a rather large area of Wales, as some people used their surname as a local area in which they lived. There is, though, a Wilson family that emerged out of Scotland which they are linked with the "Gunn" family, which originated from obvioulsy Scandinavia in which they left for Scotland. The majority of Wilsons come from England.. there's loads in Ireland & Northern Ireland due to colonialism. Thought I'd mention that you could easily be descended from a Knight as are a lot of people seeing as there was a lot of them.. but you could be related to a Baron as a lot of Barons in England lost their status or were killed or their nobility removed.. I doubt I was of any help but I hope was. The area that I live in England, though, is next to the Welsh border, it used to be a part of "Powys" hundreds of years ago, and the Charlton Family (Who was loyal to the throne) are descendents of Powys Royalty.. never know, some of them may have moved to America. I do know a few people with the Powers surname though.. 1 being Irish. Surnames are way too patchy to know the exact origins though.

Scott Geouge
i have a few questions about the wilson name,my great-great grandfather was a John Wilson from what is now Yancey County North Carolina i know from handed down letters and newspaper articles that he was hanged in the town square in Burnsville N.C. the year was 1890 to the best i can remember,my great aunt passed away in May and she was the last direct decendant from him any informarion would be very helpful and appreciated u can e-mail me @ if have any questions or information thank you

Jon Wilson
Wilson is probably like Middleton and derived in multiple places at multiple times. Many different folks writing here are probably correct. In addition there was the Ellis Island problem where if a clerk could not understand the name of an immigrant the changed it to something they could spell. I'll add the origin of Wilson being derived from the Germanic Wulfsen. I'm an American Wilson with known ancestry back to colonial days. They have lived in the Scots-Irish part of the Eastern USA all of that time. They probably came fled the Ulster Plantation like their neighbors. My Y-chromosome DNA is common in germanic areas of Europe.

George Wilson
Trying w/out luck to track paternal grandfather's family tree. His name- William Brian Wilson, said to have been Scot/Irish & immediate family was from Delaware, USA, He was a Merchant Marine & lived in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Died 8/13/1962 @ 66 years of age. Was married to Katherine (nee DeLuca). Would anyone have any information to share?

George Wilson; from England.
They would've most likely came from Scotland. A lot of Scots moved to Novia Scotia, but they could've easily been English.. finding 1 relative from Scotland doesn't prove anything; a lot of Scots move to England as a lot of English move to Scotland. You'd have to order the stuff on-line which costs quite a bit, I'm not too sure about asking your doctor about it though. You'd be given a haplogroup, which gives you a rough idea about your families origins; but don't forget your family tree is HUGE and you could easily have family from throughout Europe.

Doug Wilson
If only the name Wilson had a simple origin. The good news is - you're all right! It seems, from DNA research, that it has multiple origins. Check the website link below for evidencve of this in the Wilson surname project at Join the project to learn more about your own origns. Myself, I find a Danish Viking ancestry with an I1 haplotype. Unfortunately, I find myself in the minority in the Wilson project - full of R1 and R2 (Celtic) types. So far there appears to be a Danish-Orkney Island-Scotland path for my origins. I match closely with Lawsons, Stewarts, Douglasses and other Lowland Scottish families. I have yet to find a close Wilson match in the study, however. So if any of you Wilsons think you may have a similar origin to the Wilsons in Scandinavia, Orkney-Shetland, or Scotland, please join and keep me company so I don't conclude I was adopted! :-)

James Powers
I suppose I would partially fall under this haha. Although my ancestors were Wilsons from Swedish-Finland [the part where Swedish colonist lived in from the viking age].

John Wilson
John Wilson: My Y-DNA halpotype is I2a, also a minority for the Wilson name. My family origin (supposedly) is London, England 1600.

Thomas Wilson
I stumbled across your post and thought I would chime in. I am Thomas Wilson and I have picked up where my father left off to find the origin of our name. I have a document recording a passage from a Port in Norway of John Thomas Wilson in 1826. I am having some difficulty beyond that point but you are correct, Wilson's do come from Scandinavia. The problem I am having is that I do not believe the American spelling of the name is correct. I have spent some time now trying to figure that out.

Your details interest me as my father was John Thompson Wilson. He's dad was William Douglas Wilson. I have very little knowledge except that Wiliam Douglas Wilson left UK for South Africa. Now I am here in the UK and wanting to find some family.

Dean E. Wilson
My Wilson ancestor no doubt come from Scotland. In the Wilson DNA project I have kit 2676 as a I2b1. I match with a McKinstry on the FamilyTree DNA & with a McNeight on the I match exactly with the first 12 SPS. In the internet they all did reside at the Presbyterian Congregation of Ballynahinch, County Down, Ireland. They no doubt left to settle in Western N.C. Scott-Irish people. My GGG Grandfather is James Wilson, who lived in Jones Co., N.C. Have a picture of his son Zachariah Davis Wilson who has a nose just like mine. He wrote a diary for about 10 months in Illinois. He signed his name Willson. Glad I had the DNA test to find this out. Hope to someday make a connection.

Rhonda Wilson Bowman
How does one go about getting a DNA test. I am a Wilson from Souteast Ky. Some of the Wilsons here are Albino, White headed Wilsons. I don't know much about my Wilson ancestors.

Rhonda, My Wilson-Woodside families are from Ky. We have very lite-blonde's in the family. Interesting to know. Our Wilson family came from Scotland to Ireland then to the America 1835. Fulton and Mary Wilson. They were in Tennessee then to Illinois where they stayed. They were farmers and fought in the civil war. After the war some of the grandchildren migrated on to Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas. The Shaw-Wilson line settled in Kansas. The Shaw family came from Scotland. John Shaw is the name given to a son in every generation. The nick-name for John is "Jack." Therefore there are John or Jack in each family. The Wilson line was in Crittenden Co.,Ky., then went to Perry and Fulton Co., Illinois. Check your local library for a computor with a direct hook-up to Ancestry-Com. Obtain a library card and research on their system free.

Scott Wilson
Looking for information. The oldest ties we can find are of JOHN WILSON (born @ 1700) at a farm called Lindley in Fixby, Parish of Halifax, West Yorkshire. Subsequent generations came to Canada in the spring of 1841 aboard "The Leander, " finally landing in Port Hope, Ontario, June 2.

It's an English surname no doubt about it, there isn't no "son" in Celtic surnames, and this "it was Anglicized" crap is an over exaggerated excuse to deny an obvious heavy diaspora to Celtic countries from England.

the surname wilson can have more than one origin. the germanic people of the past had more in common language wise than the western european countries do now. it is possible that the surname wilson developed seperately in serveral countries as the name will or william was common to all the germanic/nordic countries as was the word 'son'. the surname wilson also occurs in mainland europe, such as willsen, wilsenach etc... another surname that developed like the surname wilson would be johnson. johnson in english and jonsson in sweden probably never shared a common ancester. the thing is you can only track your past so far. the surname you hold today is only a fraction of what makes you what you are. what about your mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers surnames and their great grandmother's surnames etc etc... you'd have to take that all into consideration to discover your genetic past, not the mere surname your hold now.

Rikki Wilson
The surname "Wilson" has Norwegian origins. English, Scottish, and northern Irish. Patronymic from the personal name Will, a very common medieval short form of William. Few have not heard of the legendary prowess of the Vikings. This fierce sea-faring race acquired settlements in the 9th century at the northern tip of Scotland. It was from this group that the family name WILSON emerges. Professional researchers found the origin of this surname WILSON by referring to such documents as the Viking Sagas, the Orkneyinga Sagas, the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, the Inquisitor and translations of local manuscripts, parish records, baptismal, and tax records. The first record of the name WILSON was found in Berwickshire where they had been seated from very ancient times. In ancient times it was not uncommon for a person to be born with one spelling of his name, married with another, and yet another to appear on his headstone. Amongst the spellings recorded were, Wilson, Willson, Wilsone, Wilson, Wilson. The family name WILSON emerged as a Scottish Clan or family in this territory of Berwick. They were descended from Will Gunn, and in a minor conflict with the Chief, moved the family to the southeast coast of Scotland. By virtue of the family's relation- ship to Will Gunn, they were of Viking origin descending from the Earls (or jarls) of Orkney, who settled in Scotland about 895 A.D. The Earls of Orkney were originally from Norway, of the royal Norwegian Vikings who were banished from Norway and settled in northern Scotland.

david clapham
my partner is wison and definatly scotish with coat of arms and kilt pattern but ho knows where any ones ancesters came from no point getting upset over a name as we are all beileved to have come from africa just my opinion no advers coments

Joe Wilson
Looking for information on Wilson's from parts of Mississippi - Morris Burge Wilson is my grandfather's name and trying to track that back, his father was John Burge Wilson

try n.s. canada

dean wilson
its an old english name meaning the the son of will (wills son )

The surname Wilson is first recorded in England as Willeson in 1324. The name is derived from a patronymic form of Will, a popular medieval name. William very popular in the English language after the Norman conquest of England in 1066. See: Wikipedia Wilson
The early Nordic Wilsons were descended from a Danish Prince of the Royal House of Norway. The name occurs in the Viking Sagas and the Orkneyinga Sagas. The Wilson family is also found in the Domesday Book.

Joe Wilson
Well I certainly am NOT Scottish or English and my last name is Wilson. So, where did it come from? Im also Dtuch...maybe from that?

Marje Zerf
Does anyone have knowledge of the forefathers or relatives of Henry Wilson or his wife Annie nee Parks from Petersfield, Hampshire, England. They emigrated to South Africa in the 19th century and their son Charles was born in SA in 1847.

Bob Bromley
Hi Your Henry Wilson + Annie Parks will be shown on 1851 England census ,Which was only a "Head-Count" of persons in England at the time If you can find out when they married +when they emigrated to S.A , give me details I may help Regards Bob

Lisa Hellen Bates
I know Wilson Family history in Kansas, USA if anyone is interested.

J Shaw
Lisa, Shaw area of Kansas, USA. I am researching Kansas Wilson's and have reached a "Brick-Wall."