Last name: Womack

This very unusual name appears to be of Northern and probably Lincolnshire origins. Found in the early spellings as Woomack, Wommock, Womacke etc.. The name is particularly associated with the villages of Wragby, Near Pontefract (Yorkshire) and Worlaby by Brigg in Lincolnshire. The origin is topographical and derives from the Old English pre 7th Century female name "Wulerun" plus "Ac" meaning "oak tree", in other words the dweller by the oad(s) of Wulfrun, the prominent oak trees were often used as the local meeting place of the "tribes". The examples of the name recordings include Thomas Woomack of Wragby, on December 15th 1622, whilst by 1674, the spelling in Womack, another Thomas being recorded as Thomas Womack also at Wragby on June 2nd of that year. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Whomac, which was dated February 18th 1584, a christening witness at St. Peter's, Torkcey, Lincolnshire, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1, "Good Queen Bess", 1558 - 1603. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Lonita Womack

Im from illinois. I have family in 6 states that i know of

Lonita Womack

Im from Illinois. I know i have family in kentucky, Indiana, tennessee, Alambama, mississippi, and so on.

Joe Wommack

I would like to add the fact that my Dads brother spelled his last name with 1(ONE) M........James Womack

Hunter Womack

Huh thats funny thats my dad and my grandpa's name

Joe Wommack

Very interesting to search and see what is in your last name,opens up a lot of questions. My set of Wommack's are from NC and Va areas,I have found them to be all around the world.

Kenneth Womack

@Joe family is from Virginia area as well. Halifax County to be exact. Around South Boston area

Richard Womack

Hey Kenneth my Family of Womack's come from Halifax in VA as well. I live in Kenbridge VA right now.

Hunter Womack

I was always told it was Scottish or English but that could have been my grandmothers side of the family.

James Womack

Dude is that u its ur cousin

Jacob Womack
My dads side of the family is from Oklahoma, and there still there and have been for years...

My great grandmother is a womack and shes from Arkansas. Live in CA.

Chase Womack
I did not know that there was other womacks around the world. I thought we were only in England, alabama, Texas ,and Tennessee.

Gill Womack-Telford
All my family are from Norfolk, although I have found family in Australia so they have travelled. There are no boys to carry our name on, which is why I double barrelled it with my husbands name so that my sons can carry it on.

Janet Womack
Funny, I was always told that my branch of the Womacks were Scottish immigrants.

Sam Womack
There are 85+ different spellings of the Name Womack. I have found it in quite a few countries; some probably as emissaries. The most prevalent locations have been Norfolk and Yourkshire in England. The earliest I have found the name ia about 1442, William Wamuke, Son William 1470, and so on. Everyone seems to want to get off on a family crest. Only one was ever awarded, that to Bishop Lawrence Womack, and as fas as his will goes, he had no children to pass it on to - and never had a son as far as history goes [tho some claim he had one named Edward].

Karen Womack
We were told (although it was never 100%) that our last name was German. Lot's of Womack's in TN as well as Wamack's and Womac's.

Kimberly womack
i was told my last name was german,it's funny that i had a feeling that it wasn't true.i always knew i had some kind of british history.

Chadae Womack
i am very interested in knowing my family background& it is very hard to find the truth on where the last name Womack comes from and our family tree... very would like to know!

Patrick Whitaker
Further to my earlier comment, I should mention that my Great Grandfather was Charles William Whitaker of Royston, Yorkshire, married to Mary Elizabeth Simpson, daughter of William Simpson, married to Sarah Womack, also of Royston. I am able to trace my family back via the generations living in Wragby, then Warmfield and, finally Royston, all very close together with close ties to Wakefield as well, my own father having been born in that City.

Patrick Whitaker
You mention that the earliest recordings of the Womack name was Thomas Womack who was baptised 15 Dec 1622 in Wragby, Yorkshire. You make no mention of his father, Richard Womack, married to Marye Wynck 14 Dec 1619 or of his siblings: Jana, baptised 16 Dec 1620, Maria, Baptised 11 Jun 1626 and William, baptised 17 Aug 1634. Richard Womack, married to Marye Wynck, was my eighth Great Grandfather.

Amy Womack
I was told by family that the Womack name came from Holland and were weavers the came over to the looms in Yorkshire which ties in a little with the above.

Alfred Womack
It is an English name as far as I know. My father is from Oklahoma and his grandfather Womack was from Tennessee.

shannon womack from Tennessee
where abouts inTennessee

Nicole Womack
Im African American and the last name Womack is the name of the south and I have always known that my last name was of English origin.

Lisa Womack
My family always told me that our last name was Swedish

Daniel Womack
I like the idea of a history behind my nomenclature but my family always told me the name was Polish. Looking on may either prove or disprove this theory.