Last name: Wyatt

This famous name is of mainly Anglo-Saxon origin, deriving from the medieval male personal name found as "Wiot, Wyot and Gyot", developed from the Olde English pre 7th Century given name "Wigheard", composed of the elements "wig", war, with "heard", hardy, brave, strong. After the Norman Conquest of 1066, and the subsequent introduction of Norman forms of the Old French personal names William (from the Germanic "wil", will, desire, with "helm", helmet, protection), and Guy or Why, Wi, (from the Germanic "wido", wood or wide), the existing English names Wiot, Wyot and Gyot were also frequently used as diminutive forms of the Norman names. Early recordings of the personal names include Wiot de Acham (1192, Lincolnshire), Gwiot (1203, Gloucestershire) and Wyot (1219, Yorkshire). The surname development since 1274 (see below) includes: Robert Wiot (1279, Bedfordshire); Thomas Guyot (1295, Essex); and Elias Wyete (1296, Sussex). Sir Thomas Wyatt (1502 - 1542), had various diplomatic posts in the service of Henry V111, and was an accomplished poet. His great-grandson, Sir Francis Wyatt, became the first Royal Governor of Virginia in 1624. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Wyot, which was dated 1274, in the "Hundred Rolls of Shropshire", during the reign of King Edward 1, known as "The Hammer of the Scots", 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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eccles edward davis wyatt

looking for ancesters

Andrea Wyatt

Columbus, ohio- by way of William Gerald Wyatt from Birmingham, Alabama. Son of Jesse Andrew Wyatt also from Alabama.

Toby Wyatt

All the way from Brighton, East Sussex. Hi all you other Wyatt's, we should all get together!

Christopher wyatt
From good ol' GA, love seeing everyone finding out there information

Rob Dixson
Who knows of a Clifford Wyatt who was in the US Navy stationed in Charlestown Ma. during the Korean War ???

Rob Dixson
he was in his early / mid twenties back then and was from down South.

Kevin Wyatt
This is Kevin Wyatt in Houston, TX, Grandson of Jack Donald Wyatt...descented of Sir Thomas Wyatt.


Same with me!! What's up cousin :) technically by birth right we own Allington Castle lol

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Joshua Soliz

I am in the direct line of the Wyatts & the kings of England, since my 2 times greatgrandmother, on my mother's side was Carrie Wyatt, & her dad was J.W. Wyatt.

Donald Wyatt
I wonder where my Wyatt family originated

Charity Wyatt-Mitchell
Hello Wyatts!! My great grandfather was Oscar Wyatt married to Merle Ellis and My grandfather is Noel Wyatt married to Kathryn Herdes. My father is Kenneth Wyatt married to Dorothy Conner and I have a sister, Shawn, and a brother, Chad. We are all in southern Illinois, Clay County...

B Wyatt
B Wyatt research, I can say that the ''Wyatt'' family from Ireland started coming across to the new world very early in history. Apparently, because of the decade long potato famine. .... Wyatt family in Ky had connections with frank james, which was jesse james brother. Frank james taught school near austin, ky. There was also a ''Steenbergen'' which was apart of the wyatt family that was a language interpreter for General George Washington. Also, the first Confederate soldier killed in the civil war was a Wyatt.

Donald Wyatt
that was probably me in my past life with my luck lmao

B Wyatt

** NOT Ireland, meant to say England

Danny Wyatt
My understanding from my cousin that keeps up with the wyatt family tree told me that there were 7 brothers and one sister that came across the big Supposedly on the Mayflower.

k wyatt
im a wyatt im in chattanooga tn don't really know much of my history but i would like to

Cindy Wyatt
Cynthia Wyatt father was Horace Henry Walpole Wyatt Adelaide S.A.

I'm a Wyatt in California, but from GA - though the family comes (most recently) from Tennessee. Shout out yo!

Tim Wyatt
I too

I'm from California myself

I was born a Wyatt til adopted by a Coker. My mothers name was Lori Ann Wyatt, her father was Carl and mother named Neoma. Don't know much other than that and they lived In NC.

Merilee Hartshorn
Hello. My maternal line is Wyatt. I am descendant of Rev. Haute Wyatt and his brother Sir Francis Wyatt the first British Royal Minister and Governor in 1622 Jamestown, Virginia Colony. British Royal descendant of King Edward I. My Mom has our genealogy going way back in history. If you are a Wyatt and your family can go back to 1600's in Virginia you are probably descendant of one of the 3 sons of REV. HAUTE Wyatt. Look up AllingtonCastle in Kent England. Hint. Good luck, cousins.


Hey I'm related to Rev. Haute Wiatt also!! What's up cousins! Our tree goes back to 1320 and I'm related to Sir Thomas Wyatt also!

My great great grandfather came from Canada with the surname Wyatt he was of Indian decent and took up residency in Charles City Va if anyone has any information please feel free to respond

R. Wyatt

Knoxville, TN here. Originally from Crossville. Great-grandfather was Hoarse J. Wyatt.

layfield, e
Hi, i,m a wyatt descendent. i don't know much about the name except that my ancestors were from georgia. the morgan county district. researching my roots. jazzy from california "Griff Wyatt"

RM Wyatt
Hello fellow Wyatts, does anyone have any info on wyatts from alabama area, clay county to be precise?

Eddy Wyatt
Hi i'm Eddy Wyatt from Spartanburg South carolina,

Sheena Wyatt
OMG WTH!!! I see my sister posted on here lol Nicole Wyatt. wow this is crazy. I guess all of your guys are my family:-). Black White Asian Indian etc, etc, wtc, woo hoo, we need a big a$$ family reunion lol. Well i see where you came from and this is soooooooooooo crazy yo. I LOVE IT!!!!

nicole wyatt
Hello my long lost cuzzins lol my name is Nicole Wyatt Fromm Charles city county Virginia this is so amazing my sister & i was trying to learn about our back ground our grandfather name was Theodore Roosevelt Wyatt & don't nobody know what his race is is. We just know that we are a very huge family that branched out everywhere but any way hit me up on Facebook it will be great to learn more about our family name truly

andrea wyatt
hey there fellow world wide wyatts from Melbourne Australia !!

Bill Wyatt
Hello Andrea, I have two first cousins who are from Melbourne, on my mother's side, so last name is Tait, but I named my second daughter, Andrea, here in Texas, thus y'all have the same name. I was wondering if I had come across her comment, until I saw that you were from Victoria. Have never been to Melbourne, although I did make it to Sydney.

Have been doing Wyatt family history research for 30 years - let's say this is a big family! The area most interested in is Buckland St. Mary, Somerset, England ... albeit, the Wyatt folk did spread out ... and I have information world-wide. Anyone out there have information on "old" Wyatt folk in Somerset or Devon, England? Mid-1600s. Would love to hear from you.

Anne Wyatt
Can't go back to the mid1600s but was interested in your posting.My husband's family have graves in the cemetryUffculme Somerset .(Elizabeth and William Wyatt and 3 of their children)Their son Charles (my husbands great grandfather) moved to Yorkshire looking for work.

Christopher Wyatt
Hi Thelma. It's seems as though you know a lot about the Wyatt family history. I know we all come from different backgrounds but would you be able to tell me where our last name might be originated from? I'm definitely not very good at this nor do I have the money to spend on finding out where I'm from. I have done a little research and I did see that the name originated in Ireland. If that sounds close please let me know. Thank you Thelma and may the Wyatt name live on for many years to come!

Adam Wyatt
hello other wyatts wow big tree here is the thing tho there are three wyatt families one from Scotland one in UK one in the old Germanic time. so your going to have to go in depth in research to find your tree

Hello fellow Wyatt's! My name is Simon and from Auckland, New Zealand. Proud to be a WYATT!!! We rock!

John Wyatt
Hi Simon, do you know a John Wyatt from New Zealand, father David,, Im John Wyatt in Canada father Albert

Shelley Crawford

Hello John, where are you in Canada. My family has been trying to find any information on our father, his name is also John Albert Wyatt. We are in Ontario. He can't find a birth certificate and without it he can't get his OHIP (Ontario Health Inc. Card). He is 80 now and ill. He was raised in an orphanage. We would take any information if you have any. Thank you. Shelley.

Christopher Wyatt
Yes we do! This site is excellent

Anne Hall
My mother's maiden name was Wyatt. My father's was Hall. My maternal great grand's was Montgomery. I like being of Welsch descent. I think I am going to attempt an in-depth research project on both sides of my family tree.

crystal wyatt
hi all the other wyatt's i'm from California i don't know much of my blood line other then my dad was born in salum,new jersey and my grandfather's name is Kenneth Wyatt i don't know the middle name.. hope that helps a bit for some one looking up the family blood lines if you find out that your blood line may lead connect with mine please give me a heads up i would love to know more about my dads side of the family i cant seem to get much about them from him.

Christopher Wyatt
Hey Crystal. I'm form California myself but live in another state now. Just curious if you have any info on the Wyatt family name? Please let me know if you do.

Karen Henderson
I myself am from Canada. My grandmother (Wyatt) came over after WW2 to be with my grandfather on the war bride ships. They had 2 children Garry and Linda (my mom).They lived in Ontario, in London and Lucknow. My grandmothers married name was Koyle. I hope I can help my mom find out more about her roots and maybe even reintroduce her to relatives she has long lost through lack of communication.

shane wyatt
same with my grand parents they cam over in ww2 to quebec

Christopher Wyatt
Wow! I'm 32 now and my dad is a Wyatt. His name is Larry and has a twin sister named Linda. The names were close but not quite. The Wyatt legacy will live on forever

My Mom is a Wyatt. Her ancestors came from Fredonia, KY, to Texas in the mid-1800s

andrew houlden
mum's maiden name is also Wyatt, i wonder how many of you I am distantly related to.... lol

Karen Henderson
My Great-grandfather was Arthur Wyatt ..I know he had 3 daughters..Ruby-Ellen(my grandmother) Kathleen and Rose as well as a son named John and a step son named Connor Cox. He died from a brain aneurism. My Great grandmothers name was Hilda.. but I have no idea of her maiden name. I would love to find out more about my roots .. My great grandfather and great grandmother lived in london england and that is where my grandmother was raised. My grandmother has passed and my mother has no contact or way to know of how to get a hold of any family over there to understand more of our roots. My grandmother passed quite a few years back now but it would be nice to connect with family over in England. My great aunt Kathleen had 2 sets of boy/girl twins and all I know of my great aunt Rose is she married a man named John. Anyways.. I would love to know the history of the Wyatt name.

Barbara Wyatt Dorley
My maiden name is Wyatt. Carole from above is my first cousin. Her mother and my father were brother and sister. My dad's name was Royal Wyatt, from Boston Massachusetts.

Mum's maiden name was Wyatt, from New England, USA. Hello all you relatives.

Brandon Wyatt
I'm born in NZ but my family is from england, anyone know anyone related to Alan Wyatt, from Birmingham Please email me

Kris Wyatt
My name is Kris Wyatt I want to know more of my family name. I'm African American . My email is its a funny email I know lol. Plse hot me up someone who has info.

Chauncey, do you know what part of the American south? I'm from GA and my surname is Wyatt. Just curious...

i meant family tree lol

my cousin did a family im the direct descendant of Thomas Wyatt the elder and the younger as well but im african american through and through wyatts settled in the american south in the 1600's

Gaby Wyatt
same here! hey loosely related cuz!

Margaret Stretch (nee Wyatt)
Well how fascinating that the surname wyatt is so global this a hi from some of the new zealand wyatts

Heyy other wyatt people!! We really have a cool surname:') hellooo to all the US Wyatt's out there!! It's funny to think we all have the same surname!:)

Just added a new wyatt to the world: baby wyatt was born 1/1/11. I used it as a first name. I heard the french origins describe the name as meanin "little warrior"

Michael Wyatt
My name is and forever will be Wyatt reppin' Ga.

wyatt williams
My mom's maiden name is Wyatt and it's also my first name.

Kirwin Wyatt
Hahaha. Hey family from afar. I'm a Wyatt from South Africa! Join me on Facebook :-)

im a wyatt too

Kiara Shanise Wyatt
Hey Wyatts LOL this is very weird!!

Hello to all you Wyatt's in the USA from a UK Wyatt!

Earle Wyatt
hey Dan i am Earle William Wyatt from New Zealand now living in Australia my grandfather Francis Edwin Wyatt migrated to NZ about 1945 was in merchant navy WW2

Bill Wyatt
Hello Earle, I am William Earle Wyatt from Texas. Curiously, my mother was a World War II bride from Sydney, Australia. I was named for my Australian grandfather William and my American grandmother's brother, a Dallas police detective Earl Jordan. My mother added the final "e" to my middle name, as it appeared more British. I went by my middle name until the age of 20, when I went to Mexico as a university student. They couldn't pronounce it, so I switched to Bill. I've been Bill Wyatt ever since. Small world!

R Bawanan Merzoian
Bill Wyatt, This is Rita Bawanan from Modesto, CA, saying hi. Saw the 'liza w/aZ' program and thought about Mexico. Let's catch up.

Bill Wyatt
Hey Rita! I just saw your response! Great to hear from you. It is a small world. I still have that embroidery you made me in 1974, displayed in my home. I'm at

Steven Wyatt
Hello. I am the grandson of Clarence Kendall Wyatt. He was born in 1895 in West Virginia. His dad was born in Virginia. I am actively trying to find our own Wyatt Family History book done by my great aunt Margarete. She has our line traced exactly to the Haute line. I hope to find it soon and then post our line generation by generation. She done this deep research, (paid a ton of money back in the mid 1970s to complete it). So, "Hello fellow Wyatts!" :)

hello other wyatts

Milton Paul Wyatt

Born in Ark in 1927 and have traced my line back to Samuel Wyatt & Rebecca Bennett, both born around 1750 but can't find their parents. I would like to know if anyone out there can help me.They both died in Knox Co., Kentucky, 1835 & 1842. My e-mail address is