Last name: Young

This interesting surname is of Anglo-Saxon pre 7th century origin, and as such is one of the earliest known origins. The derivation is from the word 'geong', which developed into the Middle English 'yunge or yonge', and literally means 'The young one'. Curiously children of the same sex in a medieval family were often given the same name, and to differentiate them a byname would be created and given (usually) to the younger bearers of the name baptismal name! The word was also used as a nickname for one who was 'young in heart', or appeared young, as in the example below. The surname is first recorded in the late 13th century, and from this developed the modern spelling forms which include Young, Younge, Youngs, Yong , Yonge and Ong(e). Early recordings include that of Wilferd seo Iunge, (Wilfred the son of Young) in the 744 a.d. Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, although this is not as a surname, whilst Richard le Yunge of Lichfield, Staffordshire, in 1301, strongly suggests a descriptive nickname which may not have become hereditary. Later recordings taken from the church registers include the marriage of Edmond Young and Katharyn Wendover on September 14th 1568, at Sudbury, and the christening of George, son of William and Frances Young on October 17th 1652 at St. James, Clerkenwell, London. One of the earliest settlers in the colonies of 'New England' was Nathaniell Young, who sailed from the Port of London, aboard the the ship 'Constance', bound for 'Virginea' on October 15th 1635. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Walter Yonge, which was dated 1296 in the Subsidy Rolls of Sussex, during the reign of King Edward 1, known as 'The Hammer of the Scots', 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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J Young

My family came from Scotland to Ireland and onto Canada in 1794 - half the fam stayed in Canada and half to the US and fought against each other in the war of 1812.

laura young

umm wow my last nameis Young hmmm wasnt what i was expecting !!!

Junior Young

I'm German, French, British, Norwegian, Originally with the German spelling Jung, changed to young in America.

Simon Young

I have English, Scott, German and Irish in me but I don't know which country the Young comes from. People tend to think my parents must be English-born because the name Simon Patrick Young sounds very British or Irish, but I'm many generations American... my parents thought Simon was a cute and different name for a boy with Patrick as a strong masculine middle name

Brian Young

Simon, the last name Young occurs from a German family who got exported to Russia.


My father was a Young he came from the west of Scotland, Bothwellhaugh, Lanarksire, but the family originated in Louden, Ayrshire

Claire Michele Young

My surname is Young - Living in South Africa but have family in Sheffield who I'd love to find out more about. My great grandfather's name is Bernard Young. Other family names include Smelter Young and Baldwin Young. My Father is Peter Charles Bernard Young and my Grandfather was Charles Joseph Crawford Young.

David Marshall

I'm anglo-irish, and had always assumed my grandfather's family (he was George Young) were from Antrim and maybe Down. But extensive well documented research by my sister has traced his ancestry back to Derbyshire, Rutland and Nottinghamshire. The earliest record being for one Guy Young born in Radcliffe on Trent in 1764.

Louise YOUNG
I recently married a Young, I am interested about its origins mainly because my husband has very little family

Brian Young

Louise i assure you use Youngs have never you know... been short on family my e-mail is :

Dannii Young
Interesting. My family name is Young, but the origins are from Dingwall here in Scotland, which was a Viking settlement.

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lesley,,,,,,,, my surname is young friends call me youngy, ones who like me call me good looking youngy,,,,,,,,,,my brother was nicknamed yoyo nice and funny derivative of young

My fathers surname is young and my family and I live in australia. I think i'm 5th generation australian.

My surname is young my Grandfather is called John Henry Young my Grandmother is called Joan Wake my mother is called Diane Young and I'm am called Emily-Rose Young xx plz comment if u know meee

Robert Young
My 5th great grandfather and his 6 siblings' emigration from Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1725 is recounted in a book entitled :"Our Young Family in America."

Mary Young
My family is Scottish, Welsh, and English for the most part. My great great grandparents met each other when they were on a boat going to the US.


I had a relative who sailed to the US. I am a 'Young' from Wales with English and Scottish relatives. ;-)

Derek Young
Supposedly I am a direct descendant of the Nathaniell Young mentioned here. There are multiple Nathaniel Youngs in my family tree and most of my ancestors lived in Carroll and Patrick counties, VA until the late 1800s. At that time they moved into NW North Carolina and remain there to this day.

Carmen Jessup

I am descended from Nathaniel Young who was married in 1733 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Baltimore-- all his children were baptised there. The family moved to Burke County, North Carolinain the mid-1700's. I am searching for pre-1733 information on Nathaniel.

Stephen Young

My paternal grandfather (James Henry Young) was born and raised around Ashville, NC.

James Young
My dad is from Scotland.

Sujoy Young
I am searching my grand parents.... in British

Brandy Young
I am a Young and my grandfather is from Maryland I believe

D young
Me too. I am Damond Maurice young named after Maurice young out of Waldorf md

Lyle Young
I am of Aboriginal, English and Scottish origin. Originally born in Warren Central West NSW

Brandon young
i too am a young..Brandon young ...with relatives all over they say i am european looking but with a french heritage my father william young born in lavalle quebec along with his mother my grandma carol young interested to see search results on there heritage of Young's before our time considering it predate before the 7th century

Gregory k young
I am also proud to know that I was told my ancestors are from Scotland!

mitchell johnston
my mams maiden name is young, i'm from cumbria uk


My maiden name is Young and my grandfather, Harford Leon Young, is from Maryland. His family is supposedly from the south in the states and from England or Scotland. Not sure which but am trying to find out.

Jeffery young

My name is Jeffery Young, originally my Dad is US and my Mom is Chinese, but people say that i am looks like Korean. So my family belong to a Young United Chi-rean.

My family name is young but grandparents were german

Claire Michele Young
My surname is Young - we reside in South Africa but my grandfathers father is from England. Would just love to find my relatives over there. Pity I don't have more information.

jason young
my surname is young we think ours comes from china i am 6th generation australian dating back to 1850s

My surname is Young, but it is from my German ancestors who spelt is Deyoung. The 'De' was dropped for simplicity when they migrated to Scotland.

My dad was adopted and his name would have been Young, but now it's Foster

glenda craft
My maiden name is young and I believe my grandfather Edward Stewart young was Scottish ..I would love to know if any research is available for me ! I have no idea where to start as my fathers family were not close and i have no documentation.

My maiden name was Young and I traced my ancestors back to 1656 in Ringwood Hampshire England

my last name is young, and im the slaves of my family mustve been owned my english colonists

john young
Not necessarily. Slaves took on the names of overseers, owners and area which the plantation was in, etc.

my mothers name is young but her fam is from germany. huh...

Jared Young
could be an anglicized version of the German name Jung.

John Young

Or maybe her German family had English roots....

I am a Young and my family is from Virginia! Thats so crazy so maybe.

My name is Mary Sharp
My Mother's maiden name was Young and all her family with the exception of her were born in North Carolina. She was born in Virginia.

wow I did not now this