Last name: Britton

This interesting name does not mean anything to do with 'Britain' as in the British Isles of modern idiom, rather it is a national or ethnic name for someone from Brittany, France, a 'Breton'. In the 6th Century the Celtic speaking Bretons were driven to South West England (indeed the name Britton is frequently found around Bristol) by Anglo-Saxon invaders, and many Bretons came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. The name can be spelt in several different ways in the modern idiom, ranging from, Britain, Britten, Brittan, Brittin and Brittain to Briton and Britney. The surname has long been established in Staffordshire; William Bryttayne married Elizabeth Cook in Betley, on November 28th 1559, and John Brittain was christened in 1589, also in Betley. In London, the christening of Edward Brittain was recorded on November 17th 1630 at St. Mary Whitechapel, Stepney. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John de Bretagne (witness), which was dated 1291 in the Assize Rolls, Staffordshire, during the reign of King Edward 1, known as 'The Hammer of the Scots', 1272-1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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bruce btitton

Bruce Britton where did most Brittons immigrate from, I know my mom's side (Gorman) imigrated from Ireland and arrived in Delaware somewhere, but don't know much about my dads side any help would be appreciated

Patricia Britton

Our surname was a "mutation" of a Norwegian name, Brathen, and my grandfather and his uncles (not his own father, however) changed their names to sound more anglicized. That, as family lore has it, happened on the eve of WWI in Northern Wisconsin.

my last name is Britton. We are in Tennessee. There are not many relatives with my last name

also I know it doesn't really matter but I am African American


My great-grandfather's name was John Britton. He married my great-grandmother Quincy & they lived in Florida around the 1940's. At some point he moved Tennessee and left his family behind in Florida. He was still living in Tennessee when he passed away. Oh and I'm African American too. If he was a relative of yours contact me at

natalee thompson
Hi my maiden name is britton I live in australia the only thing I know is my grandfather was from wales any ideas how I can start looking?

Britton Genealogy & DNA Project
Do you have a male relative named Britton who would take a DNA cheek-swab test?

Lindsey Britton
Britton DNA Project & One-Name Study

The Britton International DNA Project
We have identified five Britton families with 16th or 17th century roots: Group 1, descendants of John Britton bc 1672/3, perhaps in the London area; Group 4, descendants and relatives of William Britton of Kelston, Somerset, disclaimed in 1623; Grou...

Ben Dowdle
My Grandma's Maiden name was Britton and she was from South Wales, Dinas Powys

My biological grandma on my dad's side is a Britton and I heavily don't think it's English in origin because my dad looks very viking or something so I bet Britton has Viking lineage and maybe a Celtic tribal group, but his other last name in him is Henderson which is clearly Scottish I do believe and Scottish are mixed anyway - not all are fully Celtic, however I do think my dad's Henderson surname is of a high Celtic blood quantum. Therefore I think my dad's entire side are both Celts and maybe some Viking.

Britton Genealogy & DNA Project
My Britton ancestors belong to Haplogroup I1 which includes Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Normans and other Germanic-speaking people who invaded England. The name Britton (early forms Brito & Breton) appeared in England shortly after the Conquest and often referred to the Breton followers of William I. If you want to know about your Britton line in the pre-genealogical period before anyone had a surname, then you need to find a male relative named Britton who can take a DNA cheek-swab test.

Lindsey Britton, Administrator of the Britton DNA Project & One-Name Study

The Britton International DNA Project
We have identified five Britton families with 16th or 17th century roots: Group 1, descendants of John Britton bc 1672/3, perhaps in the London area; Group 4, descendants and relatives of William Britton of Kelston, Somerset, disclaimed in 1623; Grou...

Dennis Lee Britton

I am interested in my lineage. What might I do to find out more.

Ryan Britton
I've traced my dads side to George Britton, son of Wilson and Jane Britton in the West Virginia, USA region in the early 1800's. I'm also connected to Thomas Britton, son of William and Anne Britton in the Virginia, USA region in the mid 1700's on my moms side. Has anyone else come across these family lines?

William R. Britton
Born in Suffolk, virginia March 21, 1931.Live in Talladega, Alabama.Retired from DOJ. Graduate of Va. Tech 1957, began in 1950(Slow mind plus a couple of years in the Army.

stephanie comalander
I have. My dad's birth dad's MOTHER was Macie Britton, daughter of Robert A Britton and so forth...

Another Britton here from originaly from Bromley England

Another Britton here from London father from Belfast

Hey, I'm related to the Brittons through my paternal grandmother....traced it all the way back to 1430 with Ralph Britton (sp?)....trying to trace further, but this particular race of people actually came from the Vikings further back....historically speaking, that is.

Sgt Raymond L. Britt, USMC, OAMAAM
Stephanie, You are so correct when you stated this name can be traced back to the Vikings from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. I've traced them back to the year 600 AD.

stephanie comalander
would you be willing to email me the information you have concerning back to 600 AD? I can't get past 1430... my email is

Stephanie Comalander
Stephanie, sorry for the delay in a response. Go to Stampford Brett Village, Somerset, England on the Internet. Sampford Brett Village has a Brett Family Tree of antiquity, which begins with Walter Brito and Sir Angser Brito. Go to either or and using these names of antiquity, to start your search backwards. I also have additional relatives within other lines, that have taken me all the way back to Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and Norway as well. They were of course, Vikings! There were nine Britos listed on the Battle Abbey Roll pertaining to the principals that fought with the Duke of Normandy at the Battle of Hastings in the year 1066. Walter Brito and Sir Angser Brito are the ones I believe I followed. I would give you the details as you requested, but I have not entered all my of data within a computer. I have over 15000 pages of Brett information that equals to about over 60,000 names. That is my problem in meeting with your request. But as I say, Sir Walter Brito, and Sir Angser Brito is how I found the information on the Internet. There is a Brett DNA project, that has more information on each of the nine Britos that fought at the Battle of Hastings as well. And, Sir Walter Brito was given the lands around Bridgewater, Somerset England, as well as other Britos were given land to, by the Duke of Normandy, as they were principals of that Battle. And by the way, the first Bretts that came to the New World with the surname of Brett were three people, all related. One was Mary Brett Isham, born around 1603 in England, William Brett, and another William Brett. One of the Williams was the brother, i believe of Mary, but the other William Brett was the progenitor of the Brett surname up in Massachusetts. This William fought long and hard to have the town he help found, named Bridgewater. And guess where he came from, or at least members of his family? Bridgewater, Somerset, England. He was also kin to the Countess of Bridgewater, and his family also were related to Sir Alexander Brett of Somerset County, one Whitestaunton Manor of Chard, Somerset, England of Bridgewater in England. This Sir Alexander Brett was killed in battle in France. Whitestaunton Manor, Chard, England, now on the market after 10 years of renovation, was given to the Britos by the Duke. That property today is well worth over $12,000,000.00 American dollars. You wouldn't have some pocket change in that amount, would you, that I could borrow? I would love to get this property back into the Brett/Britt hands, as the property, after 1066 remained within the Brett Family hands for several hundred years You can see the property today, on the Internet, by typing: Whitestauton Manor, Chard, Somerset, England, into your Internet Browser. It is a red diamond, with 83 acres, as well as another refurbished home for servants or guests. Beautiful Manor..

My mothers maiden name was Brittain. We have traced it to Wales with James Brittain and back to Johann Bretteyne. DNA test of mt mitochondria came back with 72 Europe West, trace of Scandinavian and Great Britain. This would show us where our mothers were about 10,000 years ago. I believe that they were from Brittany and had some Norman or Viking linage. All the evidence points in this direction.

im in NJ

Hey Brittons I'm a Britton from Ohio I couldn't tell you much other then I know my family has the Irish and German roots.

Cassandra Britton
Another Britton here, from Nebraska. I'm afraid I can't add much, because we've limited information past my Great-Grandfather. My mother is researching, primarily her side of the family, but also my father's. I would do more, but due to health reasons am limited in how much I can help. Interesting to think where things could rumor has it that there's a hint of Irish &/or Scottish (no mention of English) in the history (lots of recent German blood mixed in here in this branch).

claire britton lane
My maiden name was britton my family all lived in staplehill bristol

Leigh Britton
Hi Claire, My Britton family also lived in staplehill, William Graham Britton moved up to Coventry with his brother Fred who was deaf when they were in there early 20s.

Hi leigh my uncle was called fred and my dads mum and dad were called Sarah and athur

My dad had brothers called sam, athur, fred, george and a sister called darthy

My dads name was william john britton

My greetings Richard (here, everybody call me the same name -Ricardo- in spanish) so, Have a nice day and thank you for your wellcome...

Richard Cairns
Et tu, Britos !!

Ricardo Dufferstahl
Practicando español Richard? you call me ET? haha no problem, greetings.

Richard Cairns
Sorry Ricardo - no, I wasnt calling you ET - Et tu Brute is a phrase from the Shakespeare play Julius Caesar and I was using it as a play on words - it means "you too brute" or in your case "you too Britos" hehe. There's a lot of Brittons and derivatives on this site - nice of you to join the happy throng

Hi all of you Brethon/Brito/Britto/Bruton/Britton family! If any of you would desire, please type: Brethon/Brito/Briton/Bruton/Breton Medieval Pedigree into your Internet Browser, and you will see whose seed you may have come from, down through the ages. Please enjoy, and since we are now arriving into the Christmas Season, all have a wonderful and Merry Christmas and related other names for Christmas of your faiths. Sgt Raymond L. Britt, USMC OAMAAM

dylan britton
from australia

Ricardo Dufferstahl
Hi everybody! I heard that someone called John Arthur Britton arrived to Argentina about 17...(I don´t remember exactly), and the record offices was change to: BRITOS, they came to the province of Cordoba -center of the country-. My complete name: Ricardo Rubén BRITOS. I never study english in private schools or institutes, just the basic knowledge given to me at public school, but -even with my mistakes- is easy for me to talk, understand, and write in english. For more than 10 years I was an administrative assistant for -english speaker bosses- from usa. Greettings to all my family (I consider it that way) overlook my gramatical mistakes please... I don´t use english for many years.

Raymond L. Britt
Ricardo, my man, you were hitting on all cylinders, pulling all the weight up hill! Other words, English was perfect!

Barbara J. Britton

My Grandfather Wm Britton came from West Virginia and settled in Chicago, IL. Always thought my last name was English until I looked it up and found out it is French.

James Britton
I would like to hear from other Brittons with family or origins in Essex/Suffolk region or Faversham/Sittingbourne, Kent area.

Would Sir Edward Brett from Kent be included, because down through the ages, the Brito name changed down to Brett or Britt in modern times. Walter Brito, and any other Brett's and Britt's from the southwestern part of England, will probably be related. The Britt's and the Brett's helped the Duke of Normandy to crush the Britain Army of the new king in 1066. The Duke is now called King William I, or better known as William the Conqueror. See the Doomsday Book of England See the Battle of Hastings, England Learn about who the new King knighted on horseback right at the Battle of Hasting Learn what Britt received 250,000 acres of land situated around the property claimed to be the site of the Battle of Hastings. Sgt Raymond L. Britt, USMC OAMAAM Decorated Vietnam War Veteran Cold War Veteran Deputy Sheriff Selected Wisconsin State Trooper Police Worker

Brian Kindred Britton
I have family from devon staffordshire also from Ireland in the USA !st West Virginia & Kentucky moved to idaho around thirtys .thers a family name its Marion kindred have you heard of this would love to know were came from i see you were a USMC MY Brother died in core. Do you have a lot of fighters in family we all Boxed kick boxed wrestled black belt Jiu-jitsu Gracie style hunters fishing car & Motor bike racing & love family

Cherry Six
Hi Brian, I do have family in West Virginia, through a William Brett family from what is now known as Sampford Brett, county Somerset, England. Believe he was born around 1635. He was kin to Sir Edward Brett of Stafford, county Kent, England. I am from Virginia, originally born in North Carolina, but moved to Virginia, where the first Brett (Mary Brett-Isham) was the first Brett that came to Virginia and settled first in James City (Jamestown), Virginia, and then removed to the western part of Virginia, and became involved with the aristocrats, like George Washington, 1st president of these states. He would later become related to the Brett family through the family of Mary Isham, related to Martha Washington and her family by marriage. This William Brett, born around 1635 also had relatives from Sampford Brett, county Somerset, England, as Walter Brito (name changed to Brett). Walter and one of his sons fought with William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings and made knights. For the next couple of hundred years or so, 28 Brett knights would do battle and protect the little village of Sampford, county Somerset, England. As a result, the little village changed its name to Sampford Brett, in honor of those Brett knights that protected them. You asked if I had any fighters within my family. The only fighters in my family was me, as I was the only male. I entered the Corps out of necessity and for something deep within. Maybe it was to be like those 28 related knights that had a common bond to community and to see it presevere. I at least got the chance to do my share in the Corps. Spent seven years in the Corps during the Vietnam War. Did my fighting with an M-60 machine gun, and survived. I did wrestle with the community kids, however, in high school.

Mike Britton
Researching Britton's in Yorkshire-around Tadcaster and Selby and small villages around these towns.Always interested in making contact with others

Dr. Lindsey Britton
If you are researching your Britton ancestry, I encourage you to join the Britton Project. Did you know, for example, that most Brittons are not related to each other at all? Although the name may be the same, most Brittons do not share a common male-line ancestor. In fact, since its inception in 2004, the Britton Project has identified almost 30 different Britton families, each with its own unique DNA signature that distinguishes it from every other Britton family in the world. Only DNA testing can achieve this level of certainty. Where there is more than one Britton family living in an area from early times, it can be almost impossible to separate them except through genetic testing. The test will also tell you whether you descend from Vikings or Celts or one of the other groups found in the British Isles. The test is quick, easy, and painless----a cotton cheek swab is used to collect the DNA sample. If you are interested or have questions, I will be happy to answer them. Lindsey

I am extremely interested in taking this test! My mother's bloodline comes from Norwegian blood. I truly want to find out if my father's bloodline is a Viking blood as well. How do I go about taking this test?

my mother and I are Brittons but i dont know much about our family. i would like to know more about this project please email me some info.

John Clark
If you can trace your Britton's back to Bitton, chances are you can go all the way back to Ralph Brithan of London in 1430

Leigh Britton
I can my 4th Great grandfather was a William Britton from Bitton.

Dr. Lindsey Britton
We have tested two representatives of the Brittons from Bitton in the Britton Project. Lindsey

Cherry Six
John, I'm sure people can do better than that with all the people of England. I've gone back as far as 950 or so, and looking for more.

Marcus Britton
Yes there are lots of us here in Bristol.

Cherry Six
Marcus, I'm a British immigrant from Isle of Wight Count in America by the name of John Britt, Jr., born around 1650. John Sr was born in England, probably from the South West of Bristol. Would you care to communicate about what each of us knows. For me, I can say take a look at the Blog of Sir Ansger Brito, from Sampford Brett, county Sumerset, England. Look at their Family Tree, within the Blog, and you will see my ancestors of about six generations. Through these years these relatives produced 28 knights, where the oldest came in 1066 to assist the Duke of Normandy. Many knights were made and received deserving high positions within the Conquer's way of government. Hope you take up the offer.

I'm Stephen Britton Canadian-born English(Mom and Dad)- great to read that Britton is a fairly common name in Bristol -where my Dad and his family are from and reside...Go Rovers!

Nicole Allain
were you birn in brampton ontario? Were you adopted? If so please email me at

My uncle george britton moved to canada years ago

Christine Britton
My last name is Britton and I read that they came over with William the Conqueror and he gave them lands in the north of Yorkshire . I don't know whether or not I am related to them but My family has so far been traced back to 1767 and living in Yorkshire .

Mike Britton
Hi Christine, There are several Britton family groups in yorkshire.My Britton family appear back as far as late 1690's in Tadcaster.I have been researching my Britton family for 25 years. Maybe there is a connection?

Christine Britton
Hi Mike , I have just seen your reply . John Britton born in 1767 wa a Tallow Chandler . The Britton family around Pocklington and Malton mostly ran their own businesses or were employed by the Railway in various places such as Nidd , Patley Bridge , Pocklington . John Thomas Britton , born in 1822 was a "pioneer" of Methodism in Malton .

Isabela Britton
My last name is Britton, I am 20 and live in California, I have never met anyone else with this last name. In my family there is only my father, his brother and my brother left. I have no cousins so It's up to my brother to pass on this great last name. My father doesn't know anything about our family except that we are of irish decent. I wish I knew more about my family history, it's great to know there are other Brittons out there.

Jim Britton
Interesting- my sister's name is also Isabela Britton and she lives in CA. She was born in England.

Brian kindred Britton
Im Brian kindred Britton looking for other Brittons threw my dad he told me we are Irish german English Me and my son are last males in family always wanted to know of family story and of any body with middle named kindred or kendred if have any info please let me no A

Cherry Six
Isabella, a name for a Queen! Throughout the years in England, and forced to go to other countries, when people entered other countries they changed their names to be identified with the location they were living. Britton therefore means a britton from Brittany, France and Great Britain. There are a whole lot of people out in England and America, with a name that has changed down through the years. Pick up a telephone or city directory, and I am sure you may have a relative living right down the street. Bret, Brit, Brito, Britto, Bretagne, Briton, Britton, Breton, Bretton, etc, all represent's the name of Brett or Britt today. It seems way back when, in the 6th century, the Celts of Brittany, made a fast exit from England, when the Saxon's took over. They went to Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Germany, and last, good old Brittany, France. Suggest you look up some of the names in those place.

Cherry Six
And when your dad passes away, as we all must do, and you haven't found any further relatives, let your fingers do your talking and contact me. I'll assist you if I can to come up with other relatives within a very short time.

Dr. Lindsey Britton
We have some Irish Brittons in the project, too. Lindsey

Kirk Britton
I know that my family line came to America from Sligo, Ireland near the turn of 19th century. The story is that things were getting bad there and my great grandfather was hit with a rock as a small child during the unrest. That was when the family decided to leave Ireland.

Stuart Britton
My Name is Britton too, and I come from Bristol also. My Nan lived in Brislington, my Grandfather died before I was born, he was a engineer at BAC in Filton, until 1942, when he had a moter bike accident. That's about all I know, wish I could find out more......

John Clark
Your grandfather wasn't called Percy, at all?

Dr. Lindsey Britton
My suggestion would be a DNA test to see whether you match one of the Britton families we have already tested from the Bristol area. Lindsey

Jo Henderson
My father was Hugh Britton from Glasgow sisters Hannah, Sadie and Jean and brothers Adam, Struan and Bill he was born in 1918 and I believe his brother Struan lived in Australia - I would really love to hear from any of my cousins.

James Britton
I can't recall the source but read, that for enlisting as mercenaries in the 1066 invasion, William rewarded Celtic tribes from Brittany with land grants in Essex these were followed by other bretons during the 100 years war. Is there any confirmation of this? My family came from Essex/Suffolk then moved to Kent in 1860's (Faversham).

Cherry Six
James, my Britton, That would be a firmative, yes. The King William I, did grant lands to the men of valor and courage that came with him to kick the crap out of the Britain Army and the new King Harold. The new king of only two or three months of Britain, caught an arrow through one of his eyes and died almost instantaneously. King William I gave one of the Brito's 250,000 acres of land, for his leadership, valor and deep courage by leading his warriors into the mix of a superior number of the enemy, and coming out the victor.

Syd Britton
My surname is Britton but I'm stuck... I don't know what kind of blood would that be.

brian britton
The Britton are part of royal Irish clan party also English roots & German roots you can look up code of arms hope this helped brian

That would be blue, until it reaches oxygen, then it will turn red, just like any other mammal's blood.

Bobbie Lister
My maiden name is Britton and i'm from Oklahoma. I've always been told i was from Irish descend..

And your ancestors probably came from County Sligo, Ireland, where most of the Britt's settled, in Ireland, after being drummed (ran) out of England, during the Saxon take over. Others ran to France, while some ran to what is now known as Germany.

Cherry Six
Most Irish Brett's (including all different spellings), comes from around Sligo, Ireland.

Woo more brittons im from stourbridge near birmingham

I was a Britton before marriage. We live in Tennessee but I believe my great great grandparents may have come from Scotland. My dream is to visit Scotland and Ireland :)

Cherry Six
Prior to the Brett's (all spellings) living in Ireland, they were from England until around the 3d or 4th century. When the Saxon invasion started, many moved to different countries, as Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain. Today, the name Brito is prevalent in Portugal, due to many members changing their names to Brito, as in Brito, Portugal. Many places are so named there in Portugal. Through the ages, the long names from other countries with titles, were changed to more simple names as Brett, Britt. Today the most common form in America is Britt. When the Britains went to France, they changed their names to Aubigny (locational), where they settled for several hundred years in Aubigny, France. When the Aubigny's returned to England with William I (Duke of Normandy), their names were then changed back to Brito.

Leigh Britton
My name is Britton, and have traced my ancestors back to Bristol, Cordwainers they were, mainly round Staple hill...

Ken Britton
My name is Britton and presently live in Co. Waterford, Ireland. My family originate from Cork City. My ancestors originally came from England. I have a copy of the Britton family tree which was completed for my late uncle by an English Heritage Investigation company. It shows in detail, giving document numbers, the family tree connecting the family directly back to Henry III. My uncle did also come across a Thomas Britton (I have a photo of a painting of him. The painting is somewhere in London). Thomas Britton was a composer of music and had his own music hall in London in the 18th century. My uncle did say that he was related to the family. I have some of the history of this man but have not been able to connect him to the family. My uncle did mention that Thomas Britton moved from Bristol to London. I however have found some Brittons in New Ross in Co. Wexford, Ireland in the 1349 and the Britton family were still in Co. Wexford in 1541. If anyone has done any work on the family I would be interested in talking to them.

Bill Britton
Hi Ken from the Brittons in Tipperary Have been here since about year 1250

I would say you're getting pretty old by now!

Richard Cairns
Dear Ken, I am a direct ancestor of the Britton/Chinnery family from Co. Donegal. Mary Chinnery married Dr. John Britton in Ballyshannon in 1830 and had a daughter Ellen Chinnery who was my gggmother. If your ancestral information has any links to this family I would be most grateful to hear from you. I already have extensive information on the Chinnery side but nothing further on the Britton side of the family.

Richard Cairns
Dear Ken, I am a direct ancestor of the Britton/Chinnery family from Co. Donegal. Mary Chinnery married Dr. John Britton in Ballyshannon in 1830 and had a daughter Ellen Chinnery who was my gggmother. If your ancestral information has any links to this family I would be most grateful to hear from you. I already have extensive information on the Chinnery side but nothing further on the Britton side of the family. I am a direct ancestor of the Britton/Chinnery family from Co. Donegal. Mary Chinnery married Dr. John Britton in Ballyshannon in 1830 and had a daughter Ellen Chinnery who was my gggmother. If your ancestral information has any links to this family I would be most grateful to hear from you. I already have extensive information on the Chinnery side but nothing further on the Britton side of the family. I am a direct ancestor of Britton/Chiinery family from Co. Donegal. Mary Chinnery married Dr. John Britton in Ballyshannon in 1830 and had a daughter Ellen Chinnery who was my gggmother. If your ancestral information has any links to this family I would be most grateful to hear from you.

Ken Britton
Hi Richard, my father always said that we were related to the well-known Britton surfing family from Donegal. That is as much as I know. Regards, Ken Britton


Richard, The 1851 Census for Weeley in Essex shows Brittons and Sarah& Henry Chinnery in the same household? Regards, John Britton

G Britton
Ken, I live in the U.S. My paternal line ancestor, Patrick M. Britton (b. 1840), arrived in New York in 1863. I know from official records that he came from Cork, built a home and started a blacksmith business in Brooklyn. His wife's name was Johanna Finn, and their first son was named Matthew. If any of this meshes with your line, I would love to know. Regards, Gerard


Hint! In your Internet Browser, why don't you type in the words: origin and meaning of the surname Britton This should give you an indication where to start looking. Hint: You have a long venture ahead of you!

Benn Britton
My Grandfather Britton came to Adelaide, Australia from Glasgow, Scotland.


Stacey Cartwright
My name was Britton and my family and myself are from featherstone in west Yorkshire it's unbelievable how many of us there are.

My mothers name was britton and her fathers family were from Dublin and then moved to Enniskillen.

thomas britton
my name is britton from dumbarton scotland

Lisa B.
i am named Britton and i've only ever met 1 other person besides my father with this surname :(

You have just about as many relatives in this world, as Abraham had, like the grains of sand on a beach. Congratulations, and start looking for those relatives.

W.B. Collins
my Mother is a Britton. We live in South Carolina

sophia mckoy
my grandfather is a britton. they are are from mullins sc and bennetsville.

We are named BRITTON and from the North of Ireland

Peter Britton
That wouldn't be from enniskillen county femanagh would it? My father Albert Britton was the youngest of six sons so there should be a lot of us around! Regards Peter Britton

Peter.My great grandfather was Joseph Britton of enniskillen born 1846 died 1910 married a mary jo mcpherson. do you have any simular information. your possible cousin murray.

Also where are you now . I am in kamloops b.c Canada. you can email me at thx for any help

Joan Gate (nee Britton)
My surname was Britton, and my ancestral family came from the heart of Yorkshire. Local historians believe that the name originates from the ancient British camp near Monk Bretton, and this was the original spelling of the name, the variants, Britton or Brittain, appearing by the end of the 17th Century in Yorkshire.

my husband just found out he was adopted in 1973 in chicago and we found out his real name was Britton,(which had been changed) we are trying to trace the origin thanks for your help.

As above, please type into your Internet Browser: origin and meaning of the surname Britton This should be a start, but please let me warn you, you have so many relatives in this world, you will never be able to find them all, because they are so numerous, like Abraham's children of this world, like the grains of sand on a beach.

Hi Joan , I wonder if your ancestors are the same as mine . I'm Christine Britton and mine were mostly from Pocklington , Malton, Harrogate, Leeds areas. I have got as far back as 1767.

Jon Britton
I'm a Britton and I'm from Cardiff - but yes, I've traced my Britton ancestry to Bristol. In fact, a place near Bristol called 'Bitton' (I assume this is a coincidence!)

Tom Britton
We have the same name Tom. I come from Hull. Not sure If I've had relatives from Bristol.

tom britton
my name is britton, i live in scarborough, but the britton side of my family come from bristol

im a Britton from Bristol too!

I do hope all of the above information I have posted, helps the lot of all of you! Sgt Raymond L. Britt, USMC OAMAAM Decorated Vietnam Veteran Cold War Veteran Deputy Sheriff Selected Wisconsin State Trooper Police Worker

Cherry Six
To all the Brett and Britt families from America, tracing their lineage back. The links to 600 AD to our ancestors are many on the web. One has to understand, however, that when people way back when went to other countries, these people changed their names to be that of locational, taking the name of a geographic feature near where they lived. When the English Brett and Britt families were forced out of England by the Saxon invasion, the majority of our family members went to Aubigny, France. Some assumed the name of Aubigny, Albini, Alibini, and other different spellings for Aubigny. Suggestion, look up each and every Albini you can from the Brito family tree listed on the site of Sampford Brett, county Somerset, England. From this list I was able to trace all the way back to the year around 600 AD. When I started looking up and tracing the trees online, it took me all of 15 or 20 minutes to go from around 1066 AD, to 600 AD, with many descendants from each family that lived through the turbulent times of England. Sir Edward Brett, uncle to Mary Brett that married William Isham, was the first Brett to come to live in Virginia, where they settled in Goochland County, Virginia, becoming family members of the famous and aristocratic family of the Randolphs. You will be surprised at how many Royalty are mentioned, as well as U S presidents the Brett and Britt families are related to that goes back to Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.