Last name: Kennedy

This is an anglicized form of an Olde Gaelic (Scots and Irish) personal/nickname 'cinneidigh or cinneide', a compound of the elements 'cinn' meaning 'head', plus 'eide' translating variously as 'grim' or 'helmeted'. Cinneide was the nephew of Brian Boru, High King of Ireland (1002 - 1014), and the surname O Cinneide (the Gaelic prefix 'O' indicating 'male descendant of') came into being in Ireland in the 11th Century. The 'Annals of the Four Masters' record an O Cinneide, Lord of Tipperary in 1159. The first recorded Scottish name bearer appears to be Gilbert Mac Kenedi who witnessed a charter in Melrose circa 1165 - 1170. (The prefix 'mac' means 'son of'). The Scottish Kennedys are by remote origin Irish Gaels. In 1296 one, Alexander Kennedy was canon of Glasgow. Duncan Kennedy, provost of Aberdeen, 1321 - 1322 was the first recorded of the name in the north east. The Kennedy's held the lands of Kermuck (Aberdeenshire) for generations. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Henry Kennedy or Mac Kenede, which was dated 1185 - Leader of a rebellion in Galloway, during the reign of King William, The Lion of Scotland, 1165 - 1214. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Joseph Kennedy

Best name ever

takari kennedy

i think kennedy is a natrual last name for a person

Laura D. Kennedy

Mine are the Irish ones. :) I can't trace my family properly though. We went to the fancy library in Derry, but it said most of the records were burned in a fire in Belfast, so we can only go back around 3 generations...

John W. Kennedy
Try having my name! Traced my family ancestry back to Jesse Kennedy. Born in 1783 and married to Rose Cary, born in 1775. Both records are from Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Judith Kennedy
Judith Marjorie Kennedy My grandfather's name was John F. Kennedy and his brother was Robert.. Definitely from Scotland and not Ireland and emigrated to New Zealand in the 19th century.. Interesting?

Josh Kennedy

I swear we are related. My family immigrated from Scotland to New Zealand in the 19th century and then later to australia.

I live in ireland and my late grandand even looked like the late jfk, wish i knew if we were related. we've only been able to track back to our great,great grandparents shame!

Ethan Kennedy
I have bein trying to find the Origen aaaaahhhhh it's so anoying

paul K
calling all the surname scroll worth it - for the basci info etc???

Colby Kennedy
hello fellow kennedys!

Noeleen Kennedy
Same here James. My great grandfather and JFKs grandfather all came from the same area. Dont think we are related though

james powell kennedy
I'm not actually related to him but just about everyone asked.

james powell kennedy
I don't know about anyone else but I got sh*t all the way through college about being related to JFK and all the other Kennedys who were famous for one reason or another.

Peter Kennedy
As Kennedy's we know we carry a name that has achieved greatness, I have met Kennedy's in Scotland and as far away as Australia and Western Canada where I live and there is one thing we have in common, We are proud of our name, I hope other people are just as proud, and that way they will live an exemplary life and achieve much.

charlie kennedy
In Bill Bryson's book, "The Mother Tongue" he makes a reference to Kennedy translating to "ugly head". I guess "helmeted head" is a little nicer.

John Kennedy
Reading this makes a lot of sense to me, dad was from Greenock, Scotland and always said he thought the family came from Ireland, He traced his Scottish family back to around the 12th Century but could never get any further back.

Charles Kennedy
Looking for James Kennedy ca. 1795-1805 from Tipperary Co. Ireland married Katherine Reynolds, home unknown. They came to America ca. 1831 by way of Canada then eventually to Ohio, and westward from there. There were six boys, two girls in the family or maybe more girls, not sure. I have six James Kennedy records of birth but do not know James' father or mother's names which prevents claiming one of those six recordings. Maybe some other Kennedys can help in tracking James/Katherine Kennedy for my family history.

Ciara Kennedy
The name derives from two different families the Scottish Clan and The Irish Kennedy Family

Amanda Kennedy
... and I thought our family was Scots, being as how we go back 5 generations in Scotland! Oh well... I'll have to start spelling it whiskey instead of whisky!

tara kennedy
well I defenly have irish hitting me in every directon of familys

Dermot Kennedy
Kennedy's rule, u get famous Kennedy's all over the world ie. president kennedy and the Kennedy's in Neighbours lol