Last name: Watson

This is a famous Anglo-Scottish surname of great antiquity. Very popular in the north of England and the Border Country, it is one of the patronymic forms of the pre 7th century popular male personal name Watt, itself a development of the Anglo-Saxon personal name and later surname, Walter. This has the interesting translation of 'powerful warrior'. It is also claimed that the name was introduced into the British Isles by the Norman-French invaders after the Conquest of England in 1066, in the forms of Waltier and Wautier. Certainly in the medieval period of history the name generated a number of different spellings amongst them the short forms of Wat, Watt and Walt, and from these the patronymics Watts, Wattis, and the popular Watson. The surname in any form is first recorded in the Pipe Rolls of Devonshire in England in 1176 as Peganus Wat. In Scotland the earliest recording that we ccan find is that of as John Watson, who held lands in Edinburgh in 1392. Examples of later recordings taken from the early surviving registers of the diocese of Greater London include: the christening of Anne Watson on April 18th 1556, at St. Margaret's, Westminster; and the christening of Assabell Watson on May 16th 1561, at the church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury. One of the earliest emigrants to the Virginia Colony in New England was John Watson. He left London on the ship "Speedwell" on May 15th 1635, although his later history is now lost. The first recorded spelling of the family name is probably that of Richard Watson. This was dated 1324, in the Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield, in Yorkshire, and during the reign of King Edward 11nd of England, 1307 - 1327. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop," often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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glenn harris watson

whatzon.yes, what is on my mind?it would be a good thing for me ,and i am sure for other watsons of either scottish or scots irish desent,if we could find new info.on our clan.also clan douglas give us what we are owed . our chiefship.reason being there are a lot of watsons in the united states of america that are upset that your clan has the means to do so.also if there are any clansmen(watson)out there that are not aware of the marriage of the female line of clan watson with clan douglas,the people in question could very well and under scottish law,are able to do so,if they wish.this is all about solidarity, as i see it.but then i do not know the whole cha-cha.if you clan douglas shoud decide to do so.clan watson woud be foever blessed glenn h.watson

glenn harris watson mac watt, mac walters walterson mac wattie watters,Gaelic mac uait mac uaid mac bhaididh mac quaid mac quatt

hi its me glenn again i guess mayby you might wondering, how there got to be so many of i am not ready for the looney bin (at least not yet)that is just some of the different ways the surmame has been speld through the centuries god bless you all

Matt Watson

Hi Glenn! My name is Matt Watson and based upon your descriptions, I think we come from the same line! Can you send me the info you've collected on your family? The oldest known relative in my line is John Watson (1760-1840), who died in St. Clair County,AL. I also have Watson genetic matches who settled in Kentucky, Arkansas, and Missouri.

Robert Watson

As far back as I can get for my Watson's is James and Elizabeth of Ednam around the year 1794 and they died in the 1800's in Turnberry Twp Ontario Canada

glenn harris watson the watsons of saughton house (clan watson border reivers,desent

my older brother died,(may he rest in peace).i have a niece out there my brother bruces daughter, Nina, and my sister in law,Martha,clan watson.i would very much like to get in touch with them.bruce loved them so much.after they parted there was no one who could even get ciose to if you should ever read this please answer. with all our love mr.@mrs.glenn@barbara watson.

glenn harris watson

my name is glenn harris watson,scots irish, desent. on my fathers side. 2/3rds 2/3rds irish the rest is dutch on my mothers side.what i find interesting is that my broter bruce, his full name is bruce norman watson clan watson.god bless clan watson cheers! unexpectedly flourihsed.and let us not forget the mighty oak tree. god bless all! scots irish desent on my fathers side (the border reivers


Hi Glenn My Name Is April Leigh Watson. My father's name was Wallace Dale Watson and his father's name was Richard Monroe Watson. I was wondering if we may possibly be related. I am of Scots/ Irish and Cherokee decent. I was born and raised in Louisiana. If you could possibly help me with my ancestry I would be greatly appreciative

sheila Mattingly

I am sheila renee Watson. Father was Kenneth Burton Watson. Grandfather was gene Watson. My dad has Indian in him also. We are out of Kentucky.

glenn harris watson

my family is scots irish on my dads, side.on my mothers side 2|3rds irish@dutch.I find your comment interesting because my older brothers name is bruce norman watson.however he has passed on.all


I was born in east l.A.So living by the knive and dying by the knive came to me (scots irish desent)a given.So much so as a good bourbon whiskey.


Clan Watson anglo-scottish-scots irish-ulster scots born fighting. Although I am a lover of all beautiful woman.Also i dont mind a good fight now and again.L.O.L... .P.S.My grand mother is Irish 2/3rds and Dutch.Maiden name is pierce. God bless. Glenn Harris Watson. My brother is Bruce Norman Watson. My sis is Sharon Dale Watson.(noel)god bless all those of clan Watson and affiliated


Hello clan Watson my ggg grandad haild from clan Watson. he was ,along with other clan members forced to Northern Ireland in the great plantation. he was what was called an undertaker.they settled in county Fermanaugh(not sure of the spelling). from their they left north Ireland for America. on the ship named the speedwell.were they got involved with prohibition.did quite well. and when the selling alcohol became leagle so did well that in fact we are still reaping the rewards god bless clan Watson

Tashawn Watson
Hello I am looking for anyones help. I was born to David james Watson a Marine and my mother was a nameless orphan. My grandmother/ her adopted mother named her Susan Carol Ramey. My mother was murdered when I was 10 and I was placed into states custody. I have no living relatives and I know hardly anything about who I am but I do know my last name is Watson and that has to hold some value. If any of you could assist me I would be forever greatful. God Bless my email is

Robert Watson

From where?

Grandparents and father from Alabama, just trying to find out how we got here. I live in Louisiana, and originally from Gretna, Louisiana

My father and relatives are from ALA. What part of ALA are your from?

My ' Asia
my name is myasia watson.

My name is verna watson , i was born in Kingston Jamaica. My father name is Ferdinand watson ,he had a brother name George and a sister name Lucille Morrison .He have several children. i am a love child . I would like to meet my sisters and brothers. I met one of my brother over fifty years ago, his name is Michael. I am now living in NYC over forthy years.

eve lynch

Egbert Theodore Watson (father William) born Jamaica about 1890, he had 2 sisters, Lilian and Agnes. He went to England in 1906 via America and married in London in 1911. Photo of St.Andrews Church Kingston may be a clue. Not much info on him unfortunately.

Hi Everyone, my name is Sandy Watson, wife of Marion Watson (a.k.a. Marion Michael). We are from Bethelridge, Casey County, KY. He is writing a book based in foundation of the Faith of Jesus Christ ~ he's a KODT (Key of David Testament). He has witnessed the Lord many times. In witnessing The Lord, he's also witnessed those things that are not of The Lord ~ that is is hard part for him. His testimony is unbelievable, but believable as well. I guess the Watsons are warriors, kind of stubborn at times too :) He's a veteran and a professional chemcial engineer (makes his own stuff :). Anyway, God bless you all, and thanks for being Christians for that eans more than anything in this world, at all times! :)


My name is jason watson I am a green berry watson desedant as far back as I've been his father was Nathaniel

Michelle Hart
Hi Everyone! My great grandma Collins passed away this past May. Although she was a wealth of information, I never found out about her mother, Mary Edna Watson,.side. Unfortunately my family tree only goes back to my great great and stops there. What i can tell you is she and my great great grandpa, Willie Colin McCain, had my great grandma in Cedar Key,.Florida.

My ggrandfather, George Watson was married to Elizabeth Hill. They were both born and raised in Butler and Warren county, Ohio. George's father was Jacob D. Watson who married Rachel Cross. Both were born in Warren County, Ohio. Jacob's father, was James Watson who married Ann Duterrow. James Watson was born in Ireland and Ann Duterrow was born in Pennsylvania. Ann Duterroew's father was Jacob Duterrow(?). James Watson is found living with the Bailey's for many years in 1860-1900 US census records. I am interested in finding out more and willing to share my records. If these names/areas are familiar to anyone, please contact me so that we may further analyze. My email is:

Audrey Wigley
Daughter of John King Watson, son of John King Watson, son of Harry Reid Watson, son of Benjamin Watson, son of John Watson, son of William Watson, son of Major Thomas Watson and wife Ellen Easton, daughter of Thomas Easton and wife Grace (Of Aberdeen, Scotland). Major Watson was a Civil Engineer in charge of building the Caledonian Canal (Scotland). Anyone help on any of this? Can't find him in records but have handwritten letter from his Grand daughter telling of all this

i'm reseaching your reletive robert alexander watson for my dead scientist project can have some facts

Esau Rhymes who lived in early !830's married Ann Saundess in !
Can you Find anything on the above

Michael lee watson
Hi watsons, im michael watson trying to find out family tree. My dad lawrence sanford watson jr. My grandpa lawrence sanford watson. We all lived in dayton ohio. They have both passed away. My grandpa was married to zola byrd watson any help or relatives around ? Would like to go back as far as i can. I am 44. Never done fam tree b4. Anyone got anything thanks. Email@

Sandie Watson Vanasse
Hi, Sandie Watson here, I am the daughter of Arnold Hugh Watson who was born in Grangetown,Teesside UK in the year 1929. He had several brothers and sisters Reginald,William,Charles,Derek,Kenneth,Robert and Jean. All but my dad and Kenneth and Reginald emigrated to Canada. My fraternal grandfather passed away when my dad was only 8 so, I don't know too much about my Watson ancestry. All I do know is that we hail from Scotland and are therefore Anglo/Scottish. I believe we are part of the MacWattie clan and another clan I cannot remember. We are all redheads with pale skin and freckles,so I guess we do have some Celtic in us and possibly even Viking. I was born and raised in Middlesbrough,Teesside, in the North East of the UK. I now reside in Rhode Island USA. I would be interested to know if any Watson here might possibly related and could shed some light on further ancestry.I have tried Ancester websites without much success.I seemed to fair much better with my mom's side of the family. Oh! the one thing my dad did tell me is that his mother is ancestrally related to Pirate Penn of Cornwall,and my search has led me to believe it is William Penn who founded Pennsylvania.But that is a whole other story!

Loyd E. Watson
My name is Loyd E. Watson my father was William Franklin Watson he was born in Illinois. His father was William Milligan Watson who was born in Alabama to Coleman Carlisle Watson who was born in South Carolina and that is as far back as we know for sure. Coleman moved to Illinois after the war between the states. My DNA does not match any Watson so I am unable to claim any clan relationship.

Jimmy watson
Hello Watsons, Jimmy watson here from Oklahoma. Does anyone have relationship to an Alexander Watson from Aberdine Scott. I believe he was a stone mason who came to the U.S. and lived in the St.Louis MO. area.

carlos watson
My name is Carlos Watson a cuban jamaican descendent my father Charles Robert Watson was born on sept 13 1900 in Canewood Fowland,Hope Bay, jamaica son of David he went to Santiago de Cuba on march 19 1921 he never came back to Ja my mom was a cuban i m looking my roots in Jam but i cant found it could you help me? my mail is

Hi Carlos, Reenie Watson from Jamaica W.I. MY Watson family is from St.Mary, Jamaica


Hi Reenie, my family is from St. Mary-- Fraser Wood I believe.


Hi Carlos, My family is also from St. Mary and my Grandfathers name was David too.

Watson's kin to the Toone line in VA??? any out there?

Egbert Theodore Watson, born in Jamaica abt 1887. Went to , London abt 1906, married Alice Rowat abt 1911 in London. He had 2 sisters, Lilian and Agnes (I think), his father's name was William, railway engineer. Any info would be nice.

Hi my name is Cherry Stanley Watson is my dad i don't know much about him only that he is about 58 years old and lives in Pitsea if any of u know him please could you help me out by emailing me on this address any other infomation would be much appreciated because i am trying to get in contact with him because i would like to meet him.

Joanne watson
My name is Joanne Watson from London uk my dad John Watson and his dad George Watson that's all I know. However I have a big family all in the Watson clan

Lucy Watson
Hi everyone, My name is Lucy Watson, father was Desmond Watson, grandfather was Albert Lesley Watson etc. We are from Norfolk, England and I'm looking for any info to add to my family tree. I've gotten as far back as my 12th great grandfather but I don't have info on aunts, uncles, cousins, or other family members. Anyone have any ideas, please email me at Thanks!!!

Sandie Watson Vanasse
Hi Lucy, Oddly enough my mom's name was Lucy Watson,she was married to an Arnold Hugh Watson from the NE of England.I don't think we are directly related however

Dorothy Watson Wilson
hi , I am Dorothy watson Wilson - my Great Grandfather was Interior tax officer for Scotland , in 1880s and our family came from Lieth/Edinburgh , related to Smiths/ Fyffes and my Grandfather James was married to Sara Von Bulow, always a James too ! My Family began George Watson school in Edinburgh , My father came to canada in 1903 I believe , where he married Janet Ramsay ( a name well documented !)I long to know any family ties , having no cousins due to WWI and II. I believe the family was in Antiquarian Books too .

Marilyn Watson
Hi Dorothy, Can you verify with records that you are connected to George Watson College?

I have a wineglass given to my sister whenshe visited the college and made known the relationship years ago . My grandmother Sara Beloe is buried in Calgart AB . I have only recently been on these pages again, as mynephew has tons of Downie photos of the Royals in Scotland , another link !

Robert Benjamin Watson
I am Robert Benjamin Watson. I go by Ben as is the tradition. All males of the direct Watson lineage go by their middle names. Is their anybody else with this tradition or similiar ones?

Keith Watson
Interesting tradition. In my "Watson" family, the "first born son of the first born son" always had his father's first name as his middle name. Crazy, no?

glenn harris watson

my father used his middle name as his first name and so did his fathers name was melvin (dale) watson his dads name was harris (dale)watson. my name is glenn harris watson. so in keeping in tradition,my older brother bruce norman watson 1st born son of a 1st born son of a 1st born son.his name was norman bruce watson clan watson (the border reivers branch) cheers!

Staci Webb
My maternal grandmother was a Watson. Our line traces back to James Mulvany Watson and Ellizabeth Gott who married and migrated to King George Island in 1664.

Bonnie Watson
Hi Stacey, I'm a Watson from the same line, i.e. James Mulvaney and Elizabeth Gott. I wonder how we're related? What was your maternal G-ma's name? I'm a direct descendant of James Mulvaney thru the male line. My dad was James Richard and his father was James Edward I believe. After that was Albert. Bonnie

Staci Webb
My grandmother was a Watson. Her father was Henry Watson and her mother Evie Watson. My grandmother was Vivian Pauline Watson. Here sisters, Jewel, Ethel, Nellie, and her brothers, James, Henry, and there were others I do not know. I think one brother was Arthur. They migrated to Calif during the dust bowl from Longview, TX when my grandmother was a little girl.

Ken for Wade Watson
Bonnie and Staci, I too come from this line, I believe. I've had both y-67 and family finder tests done and my sister has done the mtdna test. I've been able to go back to Louisiana in the late 1700's and on to Texas in the mid 1800's. Some family names that married and moved together are: Bundick, Cargile, Leatherman, Pruitt, Graves, Cornelius, any of these names ring any bells in your tree?? Ken

Ken for Wade Watson
Please e-mail me at as I may lose my way back to this site. Thanks for understanding. Ken

Amy Ward
I come from this line also on my grandmother's side. My grandmother's father was a Watson and her mother a Renfrow. Was James Mulvany Watson from Dundee?

Staci Webb
Yes, as far as I can find they were from Angus/Dundee.

Quenton Watson
i too come from the Mulvany line as far as i can gather. ive traced it back to him but cant go any further. would love to know more!

Judy Tomlin
My grandmother was Margaret Jane Peters (1875-1965). Her mother was Rebecca Jane Watson (c.1842 - c.1881). Her father was Joseph Watson born He was born c. 1815 in Yorkshire or Gainsborough area and his mother's name was Maria and he came to America around 1830. They were married in Saratoga, New York in 1836. His wife was born in Hovington, Yorkshire, England and immigrated with her parents in 1817, Ellen Sigsworth. His great granddaughter told us he came over with his father, but his father fell overboard and was lost at sea. His mother had stayed in England, and she later remarried. He was taken under the wing of a family friend by the name of Hatfield. His family came from a town, I believe, also named Hatfield and near where he came from.

harry watson

This line of Staci Webb's of the Watsons is the same as mine; also for Quenton Watson. Are they still researching? I am. my email is Thanks, Harry Watson

Hi my name Jacqueline, I am related to the Watson's somewhere a long the line. My great great grandmother's name before she married was Maryann Watson, she then married a James Young, but I can't get any ferther back with the Watson She was born in 1825 in Sunderland Tyne & Wear England. On her marriage certificate it says her father's name was Michael. If they is anyone out there who knows or who is related to me, I will look forward to hearing from you. This on my dad's side of the family.

Michael Watson
We have a "Watson" reunion at the foot of "Watsons Mountain" at Hell's Holler (Hollow) just north of Blue Ridge Georgia the 4th Sunday of August each year. The name of the Church is "Hipps Chapel. Most of the Watson's are burried in the Church cemetary. The oldest Watson grave is from the late 1700's. The elders that attend the reunion are a great source of information about the Watson history. The stories I've been told are very heart warming and show the determination and enduring Watson Spirit.

Jan Watson
I saw your post today and was hoping you could send me any further information? I live in Murfreesboro, TN. I would like to try and make this reunion. I am trying to do our family tree could use any insights from the elders there. Thank you. JAN

Sam Watson
Wow. This is a fine account of how we have spread! I am Sam Watson from York in northern England, very near Wakefield, which I didnt know was an early source of our name! I live in Cairo at the monent. I have Irish and Welsh ancestry, though not in the Watson line, which we have lost track of after tracing it to the English West Country - I think..... my family knows more than I do. I am told (by the Royal College of Heraldry!) that Watson is a sept of the Buchanan clan, who had lands to the NW of Loch Lomond in the Highlands, and that we are entitled to wear the Buchanan tartan and call ourselves Highlanders. James is a family name with us, it has been handed down over the generations (it is my middle name) and William James Watson was a Royal Marine who fought in the Crimea - my g g g grandfather I think? On this eve of Burns Night raise a glass to us all - "though mountains divide us, and a waste of seas, still the blood is strong, the heart is Highland, and we, in dreams, behold the Hebrides"

Alana Watson
Hi Sam, I too come from the Watson/Buchanan family! I live in BC Canada and my mother is of First Nations heritage while my father ken Watson is born to Charles A. Watson and Kathleen R. Maxted. Our family book is listed!!! We could be related.. It's an amazing story and interesting to see where we all originated!!!have fun and take care to all the Watson Clans!!!

My Name is natalie watson and im from the north of england (newcastle) this says that its a famous anglo-scottish surname but my dad said that we had irish in our family :/ hmm

Julian Wang
can you tell me surname " Seneca" is belonging which nationality? pls

Sam Watson
Julian - I guess you know Seneca was a Roman philosopher?

Lawrence Watson
I was wondering if anyone had any information on the Watson family that lived in and around Devonport, Devon, England?

kadian bailey-watson
hi all, my name is kadian bailey-watson. i am married to dave watson. his dad is james watson who is from portland in jamaica but now resides in st elizabeth.

stella honeycutt
A Florence McPhetridge married a Jame's Watson if interested

Ange W
Hi, I"m interested in knowing more about the Watsons from Jamaica and if anyone can help me please email

Jennifer Watson
my name is Jennifer Watson. I have family all over Canada. My dad's name is John and his Parents names are John aka(Jack) and Margaret they were born in Winnipeg. My grandpa's parents John is from Banffshire, Scottland and his wife's name is Emily is from Buckie, Scottland. Their childern's names Jean, Jack, and Don. I f any of these names seem familiar to you please e-mail me at

wayne watson
Wayne Nichols Watson III here Durham N.C. have family in North Carolina and Richmond, Virginia great great grandparents Nichols - Watsons we are every where

Lindsay Watson

I know this is a old post, but my fathers name is Wayne Watson, as is my brother. We are from the Baltimore, Maryland area.

Lindsay Watson

My fathers name is Wayne Watson, as is my brother. I know it's an old post tho.

My name is Jean Watson and I am originally from Jamaica West Indies. I migrated here over 40 years ago. My mother's name was Delores Watson and her mother and father's name were Luther and Myrtle Watson from St. Elizabeth in Jamaica. They later moved to Petersville, Westmoreland to raise a family of 15 children. It would be great to find out some more information about my great grand parents and when did the Watson family started to move to the west indies. thank you for your help.

Hi Jean, I am a Jamaican, I am Reenie Watson. MY father C. Watson (deceased) is from St. Mary. I might be related to the Watsons clan from St.Elizabeth too. lol

Alex Watson
My family are from St Elizabeth, Jamaica. Many Watson's there. My mum's name is Pauline...middle name Delores, from Park Mountain, Santa Cruz area of St Elizabeth. I know her father's name was Theodore Watson.

Valorie W

My Watson family originate in St.Elizabeth, Jamaica. My grandfather Abraham Watson was born there. He moved to St.Thomas, where my dad was born. Abraham also spent time in Cuba (had 2 children there) and Panama.

jim watson
my name is Jim Watson from Bangor northern Ireland,my GGGGrandfather was James Watson he Married Catherine McMackey abt 1822.They had eleven children they lived in Gortin Co Tyrone.If you think your related please get in touch

Doreen Watson-Read nee WAtson
i have a whole group of family watsons born and bred in nottinghamshire and have lived there for over 100yrs

Rowena Watson Gibson
Im looking for information about Levi Watson--he was my g-g-g-grandfather--I was told he came from Scotland--he lived in Ma. and came to Vermont around 1805--he had 3 sons-Moses, John. and Benjamin--the sons are all buried in Peacham, Vermont

Michael Watson
My name is Michael Watson Gandfather-Alonzo Watson 1896-1957 Fannin Co. Ga. G Gradfather-Rufus Watson 1844-1919 Cherokee Co.NC GG Grandfather-George William Watson Rutherford Co. NC GGG Grandfather- Adam Hyden Watson 1764-1841 Rutherford Co. NC. GGGG Grandfather- David Watson 1706-1785 Tyrone Co. Ireland GGGGG Grandfather-Samual Hugh Watson 1684-? Tyrone Co. Ireland.

Grace Watson
This is very intersting finding out the history of my surname

lol you have my daughters name , im kenneth daniel watson

donna knowlton
hello! my name is donna knowlton. my great grandfather was named SAMUEL WATSON. he came to colorado in the late 1800's with his brother james and operated a freighting business. they hauled big equipement to the different mines in the surrounding mountains by horse and wagon. they came from the shenandoah valley in virginia along with friends. samuels mother's name was jemima walker, but i've read a monograph where RACHEL BOEHEN was mentioned as his father's wife. I'm stuck. any help will be appreciated. thanks donna

Tamara Lynne Watson
My Watson family is from the shenadoah valley with also includes West Virginia and Virginia call me maybe we have the same family tree call or email i have tons of things as well as a Watson Family bible printed in 1845 with lots of names 304-274-1521

Janice Williams
I am trying to find any info on a Paschal Watson born in Bedford, Virginia. I don't know if this is part of your family. I would't appreciate any help on this.

Janet Clark
Paschal Watson died in Daviess Co. MO in 1850. I have info.

Janice Williams
I would love to share info with you. Please email me directly at

My grandfather was Alan William Wilson Watson and he was a descendant of the tartan weaver William Wilson Watson of Scotland hailing from the clan Buchanan from Loch Lomond in Scotland. Not sure if this helps anyone with history and all but thought i would let people know. He resided in England until he passed away in the 1960's (i think). I know he and my grandmother divorced and he remarried but that is about all i know.

My name is Lisa Watson and I am from queensland Australia. I am trying to trace my family history and am having no luck. My mum is not forthcoming about the details concerning my father. His name is Brad Stanley Watson born 1965 in NSW. I know his father and him are both Torres Strait Islanders. The Islands to the north of Queensland in the Torres Strait. Go figure! Thought it might be interesting for you all to know there are some Watsons in Australia!

JodyAnn Watson
Hi lisa, i am JodyAnn Watson and i am from jamaica..maybe we are related..i now live in new jersey..


Valorie W

My name is Valorie Watson, living in London. I have been told that the Watson's of St Elizabeth, Jamaica, are my family. My grandfather, Abraham Watson was born there, but spent time in St. Thomas (where my dad was born) and in Cuba and possibly Panama, too.

Tamara Lynne Watson
My name is Tamara watson my son is Haiden Douglas Watson My father is Fredrick Stephen Watson his father was Josiah Douglas Watson and Josiahs father was Bates Siler Watson Bates Siler Watson's father was Thomas J.Watson born 1775 before that I have no record he had no other family by that name makes me think of a migration to usa All of the Watsons above listed are from Virginia/West Virginia I know this from West Virginia Census records and there is a Watson cemetery located in MIddleway West Virginia Does any of these names sound Familiar??? I had heard that Thomas J.Watsons parents were William and Rebecca Watson from England I was always told my family was scotch/irish Would love to know more

Kevin Hinkle
My mother is a Watson from West Virginia. Her 2nd great grandfather was born in approx. 1817 in England and came to the U.S. before 1850. He lived in the Charles Town, WV area. I recently located his gravestone there. I would love to know more about where he came from in England.

Tamara Lynne Watson
All my family is fron charlestown/middleway west virginia but at the time was before civil war and was still Virginia thats neat to know that Hinkle may be a noble branch of my family tree :) call me if you would like to talk and not just you but anyone who is a watson call me cause the Watson side here stops at my son 304-274-1521

glenn harris watson
my name is glenn harris watson when my father was laid to rest two of his fathers brothers showed up,when asked thier nationality i was told with i detected a wee bit of pride scotts grandfather worked for m.g.m. movie studios in culver city ca.on sound effects he was awarded for his work on the movie oklahoma and was in on the technicoler inventing. so go figure hah.he was called pops watson around the studio.take care all watsons.

Our family has the Watson shield but a modified crest. The scroll says "Non Palma Sine Cruce" which apparently means "No Palms Without a Cross". The assumption is that it dates back to the crusades

Very interesting. I always thought the Watson name was Scottish but my ancestors were supposidely from a place in Yorkshire, England called Monk Fryston.

Deborah Watson
As Watson is a very popular surname in the UK it would be impossible to trace your lineage simply by looking for old records of families named Watson, endless speculation regarding the origins of the name by enthusiastic amateurs also serves little purpose either.

Barry Watson
My Watson family were from Bengeworth next to Evesham in Worcestershire. The earliest recorded member of the family Thomas Watson the son of John was born in 1491 in Evesham.

Syl Shawcross
Ahah!!! John Watson D.D. great grandfather to the admiral of the fleet who died in Calcutta and who takes up a large part of a niche at Westminister... I'm interested in what you have on the earlier watsons I have John Watson who was b. 1697 Bengeworth but his parents etc... Have you anything?

fiona watson
My watsons come from west yorkshire round about the city of wakefield .Traced back to 1800 in Wakefied its self .Then to towns a few miles away as they moved for better job .