Last name: Wright

Recorded in several spellings including the popular Wright, as well as the much rarer forms of Wrighte, Wraight, Wraighte, Wreight, Wrate, and patronymics Wrightson and Wrixon, this is an early English surname. It is occupational and was used to describe a maker of machinery or objects, mostly in wood. The derivation is from the Olde English pre 7th century word 'wyrhta' meaning a craftsman, itself from the verb 'wyrcan', meaning to work or construct as in wheelwright, cartwright, millwright and wainwright. When 'wyrhta' was used on its own, it often referred to a builder of windmills or watermills. Perhaps not surprisingly this is one of the first occupational surnames to be recorded, and early examples include Robert Wricht of Shropshire in 1274 and Thomas le Wrighte of Derbyshire in 1327. Later examples of the surname recording include Joan Wright and Richard Trevesse who were married on May 29th 1552, at the church of St. Lawrence Jewry, in the city of London, whilst one of the earliest settlers in the New England colonies of America was Jeffery Wright, aged 18 years. He left from the Port of London aboard the ship "Truelove" bound for the Bermuda Island in June 1635. Probably the best known bearers of the name are the Wright brothers, Wilbur (1867 - 1912), and his brother Orville (1871 - 1948), the U.S. aviation pioneers, who designed and flew the first powered aircraft (1903). The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Patere le Writh. This was dated 1214, in the tax rolls known as the "Feet of Fines" for the county of Sussex. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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kira wright
hello im related to the wright brothers imlooking for a meaningfor my name but it isnt found in the internet im doing this for a english asignment.

Roniqua Wright
Hello from the Wright's in the Bahamas

William Wright
Greetings from the Wrights of southern California. And salutations to my kin from Georgia

Josephina Wright
Mrs & Mr Wright from London & Jamaica!

Lanee Wright
From Lanee' Wright In North Carolina!

Travis wright
Yo I'm travis wright from clover sc

Alice Wright
Married to a Wright who's family emigrated to New York from England in early 1900's. Yes, we are always right!

Nikola wright
Nikki wright from Canterbury uk!! :-)

Steven Wright
Hello from the wrights of paisley And the richardsonsof elderslie

Tatiuna Wright
hello from meeeeeeeeeeeee !!!! All the way from Mississippi (: 15 Yearssss OLD ...

Donald Wright
I am a descendant of John Whitbread who was the first Wright, who helped Sir William Wallace defeat the English.

Sandy Shamp Snook
I am the grand daughter of Flossy Wright Shamp looking for Flossy's father and what happened to him.

anne wright
Im from Chadwell-st-mary, Essex UK and my family have been in this area for many generation.

J wright

From the OH

Keith Wright

From Bourbonnais, IL

Rebecca Wright

Rebecca Wright, daughter of Fay and Gene Wright of St Charles, Missouri USA Hey, Family!!!!!!!!

Joel Wright

Williamstown, WV murica

jared wright

hey if any of you are family out there just saying hey

jared wright

I am from Pineville missouri

robert wright

Hi my name is Robert wright, my dad was gordon william wright and I am wondering if any of my dads relitives are out there anywhere's

robert wright

Robert Wright I am wondering if any of my father's relitives are out there anywhere his name was Gordon William Wright born in aberdeen scotland

William Kantzler

Some of the Wrights were also Germans who changed their surname... my great great grandfather's family moved to the US in the late 1800s from Germany. His birth name was Karl Richter. He changed his name to Carl Wright to avoid anti-German sentiment in the WWI era. His younger brother, who was born here, changed his name as well.

A T Wright

Wrights from jamaica

Connor Wright

I don't even know who I am related to haha

lola wright
my last name is from a coles man my last name is from a colse man ( wright)

yolo wright

Veronica Robins
My Aunt Adeline Betty Bob Ferea wright (wright by marriage) married Floyd Lloyd or Lynn wright had three children and later gave them up to an Aunt of Mr. Wrights was told never to come back. She later remarried had another daughter no one knew of children until she passed. Now we have been searching for years. Any information would love?

Sean C. Wright
Descend from John Wright b. abt 1785 Frederick County,Va. Y-DNA R-L21 indicates Scotland to Ireland to US migration

paul wright new zealand
would you have family from thomas wright born 1818 AMBROSDEN OXFORDSHIRE married Rachel Knapton 1843 in Bicester in your family tree if os i would love to hear from you

Terri lee wright Hamm.
My grandpa John Henry wright from Alabama migrated to Bradenton Florida. I live in Stuart va. Wonder if Any of these weights up here if related to me

Sam wright
Descendent of phoebe and Solomon wright of Bedford Va. Children Joel, Jubal, Minis migrated to Missouri in 1850's. Looking for relatives.

Nicole Wright
this is my last name

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