SDB Popularity Ranking: 13697

Last name: Bensusan

SDB Popularity ranking: 13697

This is a most extraordinary surname of presumably Hebrew origins, but one which certainly in its early days in the British Isles, is recorded in Christian churches. We can say that it was probably first recorded in England in 1788 when Clara Bensusan, the daughter of Samuel L. Bensusan was christened at the church of St John the Baptist in the city of London. A later recording apparently from Pallots Marriage Index of 1780 - 1837 is that in 1824 of Susa Bensusan who married Moise Busnach at the famous church of St Mary le Bone, Marylebone, in the city of London, whilst on the 9th of May 1877, Ruth Bensusan, the daughter of Jacob Samuel Levi Bensusan was baptised at what we think was the London Synagogue. There are various other Victorian recordings which would imply the same. The surname is reasonably well recorded in the United States, and seems to have first appeared there in about 1840. The given name Susan, is ancient and originally from the city of Chousan in Persia, this surname may therefore be locational in origin from Chousan. The prefix Ben is apparently used in a similar way to the Gaelic Mac, and if so this surname is in effect tribal and a patronymic or just possibly a metronymic, meaning the "son of Susan".

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