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Last name: Bilofsky

SDB Popularity ranking: 40467

Bilofsky and Bilovsky are believed to be originally a Russian - Polish - Slavic surname of probably locational origins. If so it derives from the Slavic word ''byel'' meaning white or just possibly the Germanic ''bil'' meaning a sword - with the suffix ''-ski'' or ''-sky.'' This originally described a person associated with a particular place, and hence was equivalent to the English ''of'' as in Robin of Locksley, one of the many alias''s of outlaw Robin Hood in the 12th century. Later it became similar to the German ''von'' or the French ''de'' and described a person of gentry status. In the first place this was probably true, the name holder being the lord of the estate or place to which the name referred. With this name there would have had to be a place called Bil or Byel or at least something similar, and whilst this may be so, we have not been able to identify what may well be a ''lost'' village, or probably a very small one, if it still exists at all. ''Lost'' villages sometimes occurred when a local land owner for whatever reason, had the land ''cleared.'' This was usually to increase agricultural capacity. When this happened the displaced persons would have to move, sometimes to the nearest city, or often abroad. In so doing they would take as their surname the only one they knew - that of their village or land lord. Hence the spread of the name, and - perhaps some slight retribution for the loss of the original homes.

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