SDB Popularity Ranking: 1677

Last name: Carrick

SDB Popularity ranking: 1677

This is a very early Scottish locational surname. Recorded in the modern spellings of Carreck and Carrick, it originates from a district called Carrick in the county of Ayrshire. The place name derives from the ancient pre 10th century Gaelic word "carraig" meaning "a rock". The surname is one of the first ever recorded in Scotland, and certainly in its early days was of knightly noble status, with its nameholders playing a significant role in the medieval administration of the country. In these early times a number of alternative spellings of the surname were recorded. Amongst these were Sir Rolland de Karryk, who was a chief juror in the year 1260, and later his son Hector de Carrike, who in 1296 married the daughter of Samuel Mackan, chief of the clan MacKan (now MacCann or McCann). In the same year Duncan de Carrike of the town of "Berewyke", (Berwick), rendered homage to the shortlived government of Scotland known as "The Interregnum" . This was an early attempt to impose a republic on the country, and it was superceeded by the famous king, Robert, The Bruce, in 1306. Other recordings are those of John of Carryk in 1335. He was the Secretary to King David ll of Scotland, who reigned from 1329 to 1371. Another John Carryk was appointed the Envoy to the King of England, Edward 111, in 1360. He may also be the same John Carryk who, in 1372 was appointed canon of Glasgow. The name as Mac Carrick is also found in the Irish Provinces of Ulster and Connacht. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Duncan Karryc, which was dated 1224. He was a witness to a charter by the Earl of Lennox, during the reign of King Alexander ll, of Scotland, 1214 - 1249.

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