SDB Popularity Ranking: 35029

Last name: Cherrison

SDB Popularity ranking: 35029

This is a very rare surname. Recorded by the International Genealogical Index in the surname spellings of Charossin, Charrason, Charisson, Cherrison and others, it has two possible origins. The first is French, and outside of France often Huguenot protestant. As such it is first recorded in the surviving church registers of the city of London, England, during the Stuart period. A typical example being Charles Charrasson and his wife the former Eve Lamy, at the church known as La Patente French church, Spitalfields, in the city of London, on December 1st 1692, and Charles Charrison at St Pancras Old Church, on Novemebr 3rd 1861. However a much earlier recording in Elizabethan times is that of Jacomyne Cherison. She married Anthonye Williamson at St Dionis Backchurch, also city of London, on May 11th 1561. This recording would suggest that the spelling as Cherison or Cherisson does not derive from the French, but is a rare patronymic of the Medieval English surname Cherry or Cherrie. Another example, this time from the 18th century, is found in the county of Devon, when Esther Cherrison married Bernard Hartley at the parish church of Stoke Damerel, now part of the city of Plymouth, on February 20th 1739.

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