SDB Popularity Ranking: 16423

Last name: Dubber

SDB Popularity ranking: 16423

This is a very rare English surname. It is however one which in medieval times was prominent enough to be a guild name, and hence one of great status. It derives from the French word dubbere or douber, and is believed to describe one who worked with gold. In the 14th century this had come to mean a bookbinder or illustrator, one use used gold leaf or paint in his work. The company of Dubbers being a guild, were allowed to take part in the processions which preceeded the famous Mystery Plays, in the festivals known as the York Pageants, Hugo Wistow, given as being a douber, being recorded in that city in 1379. Books had even greater importance in medieval times, and their preparation with elaborate illustrations and bindings, often took months, if not years. Bishop Latimer in circa 1535 refers to another bishop who was escorted by his dubber, clearly a person of great importance. Early examples of the surname recording include: Robert le Dubber in the Close Rolls of London in the year 1303, and Adam Dubbere in the history of the county of Somerset known as Kirkby's Quest, in the year 1328.

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