SDB Popularity Ranking: 22785

Last name: Fattorini

SDB Popularity ranking: 22785

Recorded as Fattore, Fattori, Fattorelli and Fattorini, this is an Italian status name, which is also occasionally recorded in England. One of quite a large group, the surname originally described an estate or land agent, one who acted on behalf of royalty or nobility. These status names include Scalco, Marescalco, Maniscalchi, all describe a superintendant of feasts, festivals and weddings, whilst Castaldo, Gastalso, Castoldi mean a steward, and Ciamberlini, a chamberlain. Altogether there are some fifty such "titles" down to Cocchiaro, a doorman. Italian surnames are amongst the most difficult in the world to research, partly because Italian as a language is quite new only being "invented" in the 19th century. Before that every state in the loose Italian federation, of which there were usually twelve, spoke their own variant language. In addition as most states were very poor, all attention was given to survival and very little to record keeping! Early examples of recordings include Giovanna Fattori at Giorano Sicoli, L'Aguila, on December 19th 1632, and Gioacchino Fattorini, at Napoli, on October 31st 1904.

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