SDB Popularity Ranking: 9232

Last name: Flockhart

SDB Popularity ranking: 9232

Recorded as Flockhart in Edinburgh, but originally a form of the early Fife surname Fflocker or Flucker, this is a surname of Scottish medieval origins. It is first recorded in the year 1275 making it one of the first hereditary surnames of Scotland when John Flocker was recorded at Newhaven, near Edinburgh in 1275. The name is believed to be Frisian in origin from the surnames Folker or Folcker, meaning "People-army". In England the equivalent spelling is Fulcher, and nameholders are generally found in East Anglia, an area settled by many Frisians in the 6th century. In Scotland other examples of the surname recording showing the development over the centuries include Dominus Floker who was appointed master of the Hospital of Polmade juxta Ruglen in 1316, whilst Michael Fluker was the vicar of Kirkcaldy in 1448. Ninian Flooker is recorded at St Andrews in 1680 whilst at about the same time John Fluckart is recorded in Edinburgh (1679). Amongst the famous name holders was Robert Flockhart (1777 - 1857). He was known as Daddy Flockhart, and apparently a preacher of some style, who preferred the street to the pulpit, whilst Ron Flockhart was a famous racing driver in the 1950's.

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