SDB Popularity Ranking: 29829

Last name: Gilloran

SDB Popularity ranking: 29829

Originally Mac giolla Luaithrinn, this is a Gaelic surname of Irish origins. Now spelt Killoran in County Sligo, and Gilloran in County Roscommon, it is one of the many Irish surnames directly associated with a saint. The surname translates as the son (mac) of the follower (giolla) of St Luiagh, a 7th century holy man who later was made a saint. It is said that most Irish surnames commencing in the modern form with Kill, as with this name, as well as Killop, Killough, Killghrey, and Kilmartin for instance, all formerly commenced with Gil. Petty's census of Ireland in the year 1659 showed that this clan then known as Gillelorin, and were prominent in the barony of Gorren, County Sligo. Some members it would seem, still remain there to this day. Amongst the very earliest emigrants to leave Ireland at the commencement of the dreadful Potato Famine of 1846 - 1851, was Patrick Kiloran. Aged twenty five, he left from Sligo on the ship "Henry Clay of Liverpool" on April 15th 1846, bound for the port of New York.

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