SDB Popularity Ranking: 21601

Last name: Hansana

SDB Popularity ranking: 21601

Recorded as Hansana, Hanzana, Hantzana, and possibly others, this is a puzzling surname. It is recorded across the USA, but only in tiny numbers. It is Number 119,490 or thereabouts on the US surname list, with a total of some 125 recorded holders (2009). By comparison Smith is No 1, and has 2.5 million current holders. Hansana appears to have at least three areas of origin. These are Europe - France and Austria, although our researches have failed to confirm any conjoined recordings in either country. There are many recordings for Hans, the Germanic form of John (The chosen one), and some for Ana or Anna (God has favoured me). The second area is Central America, and specifically Mexico, as it is said that 'hansana' is a word which appears on the wall of a Maya temple in Mexico. If so this would date the word, but not the surname to before the year 1619, when the Spanish conquered the Maya people. However we have been unable to find any similar surname recordings in Mexico or the surrounding countries. Thirdly a way of judging the possible origin of a surname is to check the first or given names of any recordings. An analysis of the known USA holders shows that about half have traditional western names such as Robert, John, Julian etc whilst the other half have given names which are mainly from Asia, and specifically countries such as Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. These countries made up French-Indo China until 1954. Is this the French Connection? Unfortunately records from those countries up to recently are either inadequate, or have probably been destroyed in the various wars of the past sixty years.

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