SDB Popularity Ranking: 17459

Last name: McWaters

SDB Popularity ranking: 17459

Recorded as MacWat, MacWatt, Makwat, McWat, McWatt, M'Wat, McWaters, McWatters, McWattie, M'Quat and possibly others, this is a Scottish clan surname. It derives from the Norman-French name Walter, and as the clan is believed to have originated in the famous 'Border Country' with England, it is not surprising that early recordings are found in the town of Dumfries. It is also quite likely that the first chief was a Norman-Frenchman called Walter or Wat for short, clan names in general originating from the first chief. In later centuries the name was to be found much further north in the Highlands and the Moray Firth, so it is even possible that there were two chiefs both called Wat or Walter. Early examples of the surname recording include John Makwatty of Angus in 1446, the brothers Donald and Gilbert Makwat who were special couriers or heralds to the king of Scotland in 1455, whilst Symon M'Wat was a laird of Bute in 1491. The name appears far north at Dornoch in 1603 when the spelling was the exotic M'Kwatt, whilst also in the same town a man called David Rose also known as David M'Watt, was apperently mudered in 1693.

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