SDB Popularity Ranking: 21671

Last name: Sjollema

SDB Popularity ranking: 21671

This is a surname of Dutch Friesland origins, and it is in that province that almost all early recordings are to be found. Like many Dutch surnames from this region it has Scandanavian and specifically Swedish -Viking origins, deriving from the ancient pre 7th century word 'sae' meaning sea. However spelt it is residential and describes a person who lived by a sea shore or lake side. The more typical form of the name in the Netherlands is as Van Zee or Van der Zee, whilst in Norway and Denmark it is Soe, and in Sweden Sjolin, Sjoden, and compounds such as Sjoholm meaning 'sea island' or Sjostrand meaning 'sea shore'. Early examples of the surname recording taken from surviving church registers of The Netherlands include Dirk Sjollema who married Geesje Both at Steenwijk, Overijessel, on June 3rd 1796, and Johannes Sjollema , a christening witness to his son Eesge, at Grouw, Friesland, on April 16th 1814.

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