SDB Popularity Ranking: 21435

Last name: Terrington

SDB Popularity ranking: 21435

This is an English locational surname. It originates from the pretty village even today, of Terrington in North Yorkshire, near to the town of Malton. The place name Terrington is believed to be pagan, and to relate to the Olde English pre 7th century word 'tiefran' meaning to practice sorcery. If this is so then the name may translate as the place (-ton) of the people (-ing) who were sorcerers! As they say 'a likely tale', but anything is possible with surnames or place names. Terrington lies in an area which was in the front line of the defences against the marauding Vikings, and it is likely that they used all manner of methods to dissuade the invaders from attacking. A bit or 'sorcery' would no doubt have come in quite handy. It would also seem that in the 17th century or thereabouts, sheep farming was introduced into the area to replace arable farming, and in consequence many tenants had to leave to find work elsewhere. This accounts for the wide dispertion of the name into industrial places such as Leeds and Hull. Examples of the early recordings include Bartholymew Terryngton of Leconfield in East Yorkshire, on January 28th 1617, and Francis Terrington, who married Susan Parker at St Peters Leeds, on February 3rd 1640.

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