SDB Popularity Ranking: 9131

Last name: Trevorrow

SDB Popularity ranking: 9131

Normally recorded as Trevorrow, but occasionally over the centuries as Trevoro, Trevorroe, Trevorro, Trevorow, and possibly others, this is a Cornish, or arguably Celtic and Old English, surname. It is locational, from a place called Trevorrow, first recorded as Treworvou in the year 1299. This place, now seemingly 'lost,' was apparently in the district known as Ludvan, near the town of Penzance. There seems to be some disagreement over the actual meaning of Treworvou or Trevorrow, but most likely and logical is the farmhouse or small settlement (tre), by the road way, although other explanations are possible. Cornwall is a unique area for its locational surnames. These are relatively popular in England and Scotland outside of the Borders or the Highlands, but are exceedingly rare in other Gaelic or Celtic regions (Wales, Ireland, and Brittany) which are overwhelmingly patronymics. The surname is also rare outside of Cornwall, indeed Cornish surnames seem to travel with great reluctance. This one has been well recorded over several centuries at Ludgvan, Lelant, and relatively more recently, St Ives. Examples of these early recordings taken at random from surviving church registers include Edmonde Trevorow who was christened at Ludgvan on March 17th 1592, Henry Trevorrow who married Elizabeth Bennets at Uny Lelant, on June 15th 1696, and Jane Trevorrow, the daughter of John Trevorrow, who was christened at St Ives on July 30th 1757.

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