SDB Popularity Ranking: 25434

Last name: Woolger

SDB Popularity ranking: 25434

Recorded in various spellings including Woolgar, Woolger, Woolager, and probably others, this is an Olde English surname. It derives from the pre 6th century personal name "Wulfgar" meaning wolf-spear, a particularly popular name for a boy. This was presumably in the hope that he would live upto the name, and become a mighty warrior or hunter. Oddly at this time in history some fifteen hundred years ago, girls often had very similar warlike names of which Hildeguard is an example. This is also a name which in parts of Europe continues to enjoy some popularity today. It translates as "battle-protector"! Not surprisingly Wulfgar occurs several times but in the shortened spelling of Wigar or Vigar, in the famous Domesday Book of 1086. These were personal names, there were no hereditary surnames as we would recognize them today, before about the year 1200. The first true surname recording may be that of Teobald Wulgar. He is recorded in the register of Ramsey Abbey, Huntingdon, in the year 1252. This was during the long reign of King Henry 111rd of England, 1216 - 1272.

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