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Overview is a free online database, that tries to provide the most likely origins for a surname. Launched in 2006, the SurnameDB team remains committed to fostering current relationships and to building new partnerships with advertisers and affiliates in order to remain a 100% free history source.

Audience is visited by hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every month. The community is 58% female, with a lot of young adults in the audience (unusual for the genealogy sector) who are actively in search of new products, services and information related to family and history.

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Advertising Specifications accepts most IAB approved ad unit types and sizes which can be found on the Interactive Advertising Bureau website. The most common ad units include:

  • mrec: 300 x 250
  • leaderboard: 728 x 90

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Google Adwords: You want to test advertising and want your ads online right away.

  • Sign in to your AdWords account.
  • Click the Tools and Analysis drop-down menu and select Placement Tool
  • Enter "" under "website", click Search and available inventory will appear.
  • Select the checkboxes next to each placement you'd like to add and click Add to account drop-down menu and select "My placement ideas"
  • Choose a campaign and ad group where you'd like to add your placements and click Save and continue

Sponsorship Partners: If you have a special requirements, such as a requirement to use your own ad server. Sponsorship partners enjoy:

  • account managers who constantly monitors ad performance, provides analysis and suggests ad modifications
  • ad targeting based on key demographics and geography
  • specify frequency, rate limiting and other parameters
  • guaranteed reach and impression packages available

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