Last name: Adkins

This long-established surname derives from "Ad(e)", a pet form of the Hebrew given name Adam, meaning "red-earth" (possibly referring to the earth from which God formed the first man in the Old Testament), plus the Olde English pre 7th Century diminutive suffix "-kin". The "d" of "Ad(e)" was sharpened to "t" in certain areas as a result of dialectal influences, and the final "s" indicated the genitive, being a reduced form of "son of". One Adekin filius Turst was noted in the 1191 Pipe Rolls of Norfolk, and a John Adekyn appears in Records of the Estates of Crowland Abbey, Cambridgeshire, dated 1296. The patronymic development since 1327 (below) has included: John Adekynes (Warwickshire, 1332); Willelmus Adkynson (the Poll Tax Returns of Howdenshire, 1379); and Johannes Attekyson (Yorkshire, 1379). In the modern idiom the patronymic forms of the name range from Adkins, Atkins and Attkins, to Adkinson, Atkinson and Adkisson. On October 4th 1657, George, son of George and Susanna Adkins, was christened at St. Bride's, Fleet Street, London. Robert Adkins, noted in the "Dictionary of National Biography", was chaplain to Cromwell. A Coat of Arms granted to the Adkins family is an ermine shield with two azure lions rampant in chief, the Crest being a red lion rampant supporting a flagstaff and ropes proper, thereon a silver flag charged with a red cross. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Atkyns, which was dated 1327, in the "Subsidy Rolls of Worcestershire", during the reign of King Edward 11, known as "Edward of Caernafon", 1307 - 1327. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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ryan adkins
anyone else a adkins?

Colin Woody
My biological father is a Adkins, and i always wondered where the Adkins' came from???? im gonna take a shot in the dark and im gonna guess Ireland and England

It is totally English I believe or Anglo-Saxon in origin. 99% sure Adkins people are all over the U.S. West Virginia Tennesse and most other states. Originally from the eastern U.s. around virginia from way of England of course.

My last name is adkins. All of my dads family is from west virgina too. We are Irish.

Piettia Heifner Y orl
My grand grand grand grandfather was Levi Adkins he was pastor of Bethel Baptist church in Clinton Tn

Chaelsie Adkins
Having researched the origin of my last name through my family's history to extensive lengths, I have found it to be Anglo-Saxon. I have also found some evidence that a soldier (Sir Richard Adkins) during the Tudor Dynasty was sent to Ireland and married a woman there and had children with her, later bringing her back to live with him in England. I haven't been able to trace back to him on my family tree, though. From my family's tree, my great-great grandparents came over to Ellis Island sometime in the late 1890's from Birmingham, England. My great-grandparents were born in VA and NC, my grandparents were born in VA and now currently reside in NC, myself in Ohio.

scotty adkins
Im from west virginia, My father's name was Rass adkins, I have two half brothers or sisters that I have never met, but would like to. My grandfathers name was Charley adkins. I would love to contact members of my family, as I only have contact with my mother's side. Here is a list of my uncles and aunts, if anyone recongizes any, let me know. eva, charlie, julia, della, mamie, wetzel, harlen and james. email me @

Amy Adkins
I too am an Adkins I am from Ohio.My grandparents and great grandparents are from Rock House in Pike County Kentucky. If you have any family from there please get ahold of me

Makeena adkins
I'm from Indiana and a lot of my family is out there. I also have family down south

Austin Adkins
Descendent of James silus Adkins

Martin adkins

A London adkins here. We're south london bermondsey origin . Know here's some in North London too. Did you know the singer Adele is an Adkins too

Ann Roberts

My Grandmother was an Adkins, Caroline Jane, born in London 1886 lived in Woodford Essex. I live in Australia.

Mary J Adkins
I am from eastern Kentucky. In pike county. Most of my family is from here. My dad can take me only back to his great great great grandparents. But would love to know more. I have heard the last name Adkins is from UK and immigrants came here to the U.S. And that is how this last name got here.

Joanna Burrow
my dad was Henry Coleman Woodruff, son of Charles M. Woodruff and Urania Virginia Adkins Woodruff. Urania's father was James Coleman Adkins from around Danville, VA., I believe. If anyone is familiar with any of these names you can email me ....

Christine Adkins
My last name is Adkins, from my grandfather that was born and raised in Georgia, Richard L. Adkins. (I'm in El Paso, Texas.)

Gary Adkins
My forebears were from Suffolkshire, U.K. Migrated to what is now James River area in Virginia pre-revolutionary war. Then to W. Virginia. Sometime around the civil war, moved to KY then Mo. After the civil war, to western Ks.

Mary Adkins
My dad was Elmer Henry Adkins of Texas- notably Nocona, TX- father was Earnest or Ernest Adkins- we think he moved to Oklahoma- he left his wife Mamie Adkins shortly after my dad was born. Other family in Ca-

bailey adkins
my name is bailey adkins of south carolina and i come from a very large family

Judith Adkins O'Brien
William Henry Harrison Adkins 1848-1904 Kentucky, Death, WV. MARRIED, Sarah Francis Albright from WV. SEVERAL CHILDREN, JAMES WILLIAM ADKINS WAS MY GRAND FATHER 1880- 1960 WV. ORAL HHISTORY ON Wm .HH Adkins only, no parents, no siblings. Need your help. Know who his parents were not, but not who they were. I have been DNA tested.

Sue Clayton
My maiden name was Adkins. I'm a New Zealander - my grandfather John Jago Adkins was born in Birmingham. He is descended from silversmith's in London. Henry Adkins 1807-1882 married Elizabeth Jago 1807-1898 in London and had 9 sons and 4 daughters.

My grandfather was Elmer Clifton Adkins from Baltimore MD. He passed in 1963. I was too young to remember him.


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