Last name: Ainsworth

This surname, of Anglo-Saxon origin, is a locational name from a place called Ainsworth in Lancashire, which is recorded as "Hainewrthe", circa 1200 in the Pipe Rolls of Lancashire, and as "Aynesworth" in the Assize Court Rolls of 1285. The placename is composed of the Olde English pre 7th Century personal name "Aegen", from "aegen" meaning own, plus "worth", a homestead; hence, "Aegen's homestead". The surname dates back to the early 14th Century (see below), and early recordings include John de Aynesworth, who appears in Baines "History of Lancashire" in 1370. Church Records list the christening of Richard Ainsworth on July 25th 1567, in Winwick, Lancashire. One Robert Ainsworth (1660 - 1743) was educated at Botton, and published a much acclaimed treatise on education in 1698; he also compiled a Latin-English dictionary in 1736. A Coat of Arms granted to an Ainsworth family of Spotland, Lancashire is red with three silver battleaxes. The Crest is a man at arms in complete armour holding his right hand arm extended a battleaxe all proper. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William de Aynesworth, which was dated 1332, in the "Lay Subsidy Rolls of Lancashire", during the reign of King Edward 111, known as "The Father of the Navy", 1327 - 1377. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Craig Ainsworth

I've setup an Ainsworth group where we can further learn about the surname we share

John Ainsworth

I am at least 4th generation Ainsworth from Australia , my grandfather was from the western suburbs of Sydney and I grew up Newcastle , and now live in Queensland ,seeking more info on how when we got to Australia

Robert Ainsworth

I am a 6th generation London Ainsworth. Yet to find out when we came south.

Haden Ainsworth

Haden Ainsworth from Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA!

Chase Ainsworth
I am an ainsworth and im form texas

Ben Ainsworth
My name is Ben Ainsworth, I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

Alexandra Ainsworth
I just wanted to say wow my name is Alexandra Ainsworth too! I live in Illinois

Alexandra Ainsworth
My name is Alexandra Ainsworth, my name, family comes from London and it is my maiden name. But I don´t have any connections to any Ainsworths, perhaps here might be some from London as well?

Sheila Ainsworth
I am Sheila Ainsworth, and my family were butchers in Hedon and Hull in the 1700s, and some went to America in the 1800s and become Mormons. I have been given to understand that the Yorkshhire Ainsworths originate in Keighley, Yorkshire

Maria Bell
I am an Ainsworth descendant of John Ainsworth b est 1784 Romford, Hornchurch Essex England is my gt gt gt grandfather and d reg'n 1873 age 89 District of Preston Lancashire . His wife was Mary Ann Butcher, 1 of their sons James b 1811 also in Romford, Hornchurch. , he m Agnes Jane Hayden 25.12.1841 in Sth Weald Essex had six children Agnes died and then m Elizabeth Balls 1.6.1857 in Stratford Middlesex had 8 children unfortunately Elizabeth also died. Sponsored by his Brother William who lived at Bathurst NSW James immigrated to Australia aboard ship "Lochee" in 1878 is my gt gt grandfather. I have more info on the Australian various branches of our family name, thanks to a few cousins but would like more info on John Ainsworth if anyone can shed light I wld be appreciative tks M. Bell

max ainsworth
i am also a decendant john ainsworth we have all birth death etc of the the three boys that came to australia. james john & issacs we have a book which was produced back in 1988 showing all the details for the boys plus back to 1537 on the uk, copies of wills etc from the uk & australia. would any of the info be of interest to you regards max

Max Ainsworth
hi maria bell need more info the email me

An Ainsworth (Angel)
:-) often quoted but not always true :-) there are some of us in Hertfordshire/ North London/ South Bedfordshire, our name is based on the "Angel" surname, family legend & records show it changed back and forth a number of times. Supposedly because the clergy said "no earthly being should be called an angel" how true this is who knows! but there are definite links between the Angels of Hertfordshire and the Ainsworths of Hertfordshire. My great great? grandfather was born as an Angel, married as an Ainsworth, then died as an Angel (what a strange statement to make!) There are a number of Charles / Charlottes in the Ainsworth family through the generation and some sources say Charlotte means the soul of an angel.

C R Jessop
Carol Roselyn (Ainsworth) Jessop from a large family in the Barnsley area of South Yorkshire England.

Jen Ainsworth
Alexandra et al, I can tell you that your families likely emigrated to the Americas from Liverpool, England - my hometown, on the west coast of the country, and surrounded by (although not technically in) Lancashire. At the major time of emigration to America from Europe, Liverpool was one of the final and most important points of call on the shipping route across the Atlantic. My father is Alan Ainsworth and my grandfather Tom Ainsworth, farmers from Lancashire turned inner-city Liverpool milkmen and then RAF pilots. My family moved away from the west coast to Lincolnshire in the east a few years ago, but we still have a lot of ties to the area.

G Tim Aynesworth
Names of Aynesworth/Ainsworth: who and when they went to America.

Denzell Ainsworth
Im am justt trying to find out what my name means.

Ashley Schardine
My maiden name also is Ashley Ainsworth. I live in the United States! So many Ainsworth's!

My name is Ashley Ainsworth I live in British Columbia BC my father and his father W.Ainsworth who served in WWII as a pilot have also lived here. I'm interested in my roots I can't seem to find out any information passed my grandfather since he was a quiet man and has now sadly passed away

I am G. Tim Aynesworth in Texas. My 4th GGF is Isaiah Hezekiah Aynesworth, born in 1797 to Charity. Do not know IHA's father.

I am Alexandra Ainsworth, married into the family though. My husbands lineage (now American) can be traced back to the family arriving via Nova Scotia, supposedly from England or Scotland. Unfortunately with travelling to the Americas so many generations ago, we have lost much of the information from "the old country"

I am Dan Ainsworth and I have seen both shields, with the axes and spades, in various places. The axe shield seems to be much more popular.

My surname is Ainsworth and I am related to a Richard Ainsworth (I'm not sure if it is the same one as the one above though) and I had another ancestor whom they named the blackburn mall and a street there after. However our coat of arms isn't red with three silver battleaxes it consists of three spades. :S Could someone explain?


I'm Megan Ainsworth from Australia!